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How You Can Improve Engagement Through Gamification Marketing

published on: 14.07.2023 last updated on: 16.08.2023

Gamification marketing is a strategy for improving engagement and getting consumers more excited about your message. It can be applied across channels, including digital, digital out-of-home, mobile, and activations.

Gamification marketing incorporates game elements into your marketing campaign. There are many different ways to implement gamification, and we’re going to take a look at the different types of gamification you can pursue in your campaign, plus the benefits of gamification in marketing across channels.

What is Gamification?

In marketing, gamification is generally defined as a kind of strategy involving the use of the game mechanical in that of the non-gaming context. At the same time it helps boosts the conversation rates. It is one of the predominant strategies that find usage across the digital marketing industry. If you use gaming in marketing campaigns, everyone will get access to it. 

Different Forms Of Gamification Markets

Over the year, gamification has been one of the most important steps in contemporary marketing. However, there are around five distinctive kinds of Gamification marketing. 


Transmedia is all about taking one of the main media properties and extending it into different mediums. This technique of gamification marketing is in extensive use, mainly in the film industry. 


Brandification consists of in-game advertising for real-world products. One can use it to create brand awareness. They look like promotional videos, messages, and video games world. Through technique found use in the 80s. But the latest case of gratification comes from Elon Musk. 

Different Gamification Strategies In Gamification Marketing

Marketing is all about strategies, which is no different from Gamification Marketing. Based on studies, you have some of the key processes in gamification marketing, and they include: 

1. Loyalty And Rewards Program

Loyalty And Rewards Program

Loyalty and rewards programs are tailored to your most active customer and those who could be your most active customers with a little nudge in the right direction.

According to one study, existing customers are 50% more likely to try new products and spend 31% more than new customers on average. Campaigns directed at existing customers are great value for your money.

One of the simplest ways to gamify loyalty is through a points system. Create ways for customers to unlock bigger discounts, special offers, or exclusive products through frequent engagement and spending. A great gamification system gives customers a goal that they want to reach to reap the rewards.

2. Website Games

Website games are a quick and easy way to get more engagement from your digital marketing efforts. Games can be as simple or as complex as you want, starting with features as straightforward as a “spin the wheel” or scratch card game that pops up as customers click through products or learn more about your brand.

Successful website games offer discounts, special offers, and value-adds like free shipping in exchange for data and engagement. Website games should be easy, consumers should always win something, and it should be easy to quit and get back to whatever else they were doing if they’re not interested.

3. Achievement-Based Games

Unlocking achievements releases a sense of satisfaction in the brain. It’s the same psychology that makes leveling up or progressing in video games so satisfying. At the same time, the achievement levels, completion bars, virtual badges, and leaderboards are the same tools as video games. You can use it to keep players engaged, and applying them to marketing is a super-effective way to encourage engagement.

One of the best examples of achievement-based gaming is Duolingo, an educational app used to help people learn languages. Duolingo has leaned into the use of minigames, competitions, streaks, and achievements to huge success, blurring the line between gaming and learning.

4. Gamification In Activations

Gamification In Activations

Gamification isn’t restricted to digital and mobile campaigns. It can also be a key component of in-person activations thanks to the evolution of portable digital billboards.

Today’s digital billboards incorporate touch and gesture control, even in units built for outdoor use. Brands and marketers can turn to digital billboard companies for a wide range of classic arcade games, games of chance, sports-themed games, or even custom-designed interactive experiences that will leave a big impression.

The Use Of Gamification In Digital Marketing

Gamification can indeed be a great tool in digital marketing. You can make use of it in different ways. The ultimate objective behind using it is to create brand awareness, advertise new products, improve sharing on social media, and more. 

Boosting Engagement Online 

The gamified content needs participation. This is how it becomes an important tool to boost user engagement. Consequently, the engagement in customers increases manyfold. Another way through which you can optimize gamification is the use of limited-time content. 

Collection Of User Data 

You can incentivize the users to give their personal information. It makes the advertisement for your business easier with the help of gamified content. You can use the poles, the quiz, and the survey to use gamification data collection to enhance your marketing campaigns effectively. 

Marketing Research 

One of the most effective uses of tracking the behavior of users is using gamification. You can make use of it to implement your marketing strategy. For example, a restaurant chain conducted a survey on the things that makes the burger so popular. Thereafter they altered the name of their chain as the House of Burger. The core objective is to promote a lightly conducted marketing campaign. 

New Product Advertisement

The brands are trying their best to generate hype around a product. You can make use of the KFC’s Shrimp Attack Mobile game. The  Japanese released the skin of the Fruit Ninja. It allows users to earn points. All you have to do is slice the shrimp while evading the drumsticks. Now the key part, is the customers got the real life discounts on the Ebi Puri based on the scoring in that game. 

Putting The Discussion To The Close

Gamification Marketing is extremely important from the point of view of contemporary marketing. Yes it can transform an activation into an experience. With the right hardware, you can use gamification strategies anywhere. Use gamification to drive engagement across platforms. It’s a powerful strategy for engaging new and existing consumers.

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