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Interactive Videos – The Way for a Business to Get Noticed

published on: 26.07.2021 last updated on: 26.11.2021

The way a business is found on the internet relies upon digital marketing techniques. A business will stand out, not because of its neon sign, but because of its position in search lists.

Also, it will be about how engaging their website is when it comes to attracting consumers to products and having them come back for more. So, as a business, what can you do to make your website more engaging to customers? Well, you can opt to include an interactive video.

Let us use this space to find out more about interactive videos, such as how they work, attract customers, and more importantly, sell more products.

What is an Interactive Video and How Does it Work?

What is an Interactive Video and How Does it Work?An interactive video allows internet users and consumers to become part of the viewing experience when a product is demonstrated online. Viewers can become highly engaged in an interactive video because they are controlling it themselves through clicking, scrolling, hovering, dragging, and the use of buttons and keystrokes.

Examples of Interactive Videos

Examples of Interactive Videos

The different types of interactive videos you can have include branched stories, hot spots, and interactive video quizzes.

Branched stores allow the viewer to choose the adventure. You can guide a viewer into exploring different aspects of a product by having them click on links. It hands control to the viewer to find out the information they want to know, rather than the alternative of bombarding them with all the information from the start.

Hotspots will create visual interest by grabbing the attention of the viewer. 

Interactive quizzes will make for a more active viewing experience and also test that the viewer has taken in the information.

Feedback can be asked for via interactive videos. While you still have the consumer involved, they can tell you what is good and not so good about your product or services. This is invaluable information to help you know what the customer wants.

You can have links that allow a potential customer to buy a product while a promotional video is still playing. After all, once you have that viewer’s attention, the last thing you want to do is lose it before that all-important sale has been made.

How Do Interactive Videos Attract Customers?

How Do Interactive Videos Attract Customers?

As a moving image, interactive videos will grab more of a viewer’s attention than just plain text or still photographs of a product. They then go a step further by keeping the attention of the viewer until which time a sale is made. A viewer that enjoys the buying experience will come back for more. So, you might say that a customer’s attention is kept for longer than just for the first time they make that buying choice while watching an interactive video. 

How do interactive Videos Sell Products?

Interactive videos work from a selling point of view because they compel and captivate their audiences. They draw them into buying the products they are still deciding about. With an interactive video, a business can engage its audience for longer. Long enough to inform them of all the best features of a product. It is a more convincing selling technique than just blocks of text about a product or strategically taken photographs.

An interactive video will make an advertising campaign memorable and so talked about with lots of other people beyond its initial viewer. This will ultimately sell more products.

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The Final Thoughts 

A business is noticed when interactive videos are used because they allow a consumer to become part of the buying experience. They can become the director of their viewing experience. The viewer can be more entertained by what they are watching because they are only watching the parts of the video that they want to.

By creating a memorable experience, the viewer will then desire to come back for more and revisit the same website time and time again, so they can look for the next interactive video to make their buying experience more enjoyable.

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