LinkedIn Comes Up With Latest Updates For Newsletters With Improvement In Creation & Customization Tools

LinkedIn Comes Up With Latest Updates For Newsletters With Improvement In Creation & Customization Tools



The year 2023 has been a year of massive growth for LinkedIn Newsletters. If we do a year-over-year comparison, we will see that the subscriptions have become triple this year. This evolution in the Newsletters has significantly contributed to the growth of the overall subscription of the LinkedIn platform. Today, this platform has more than 500 million subscribers.

So, LinkedIn’s strategy regarding Newsletters has been working great so far. Now, LinkedIn has the latest update for Newsletters. The update includes improvements in the creation and customization tools. As you can understand, these tools will make the creation process of the Newsletters easier. You will also be able to customize the Newsletters easily.

The first change to happen is in this latest update in the duplicate draft template. This will help LinkedIn users make the process of using Newsletters easier. They can now emulate the template they used for the previous newsletter. Therefore, it will offer them a better scope for standardization and consistency. 

The duplication of the template will also help writers save time while writing newsletters and articles. They don’t need to start from scratches anymore. 

Along with the duplication of the format, LinkedIn has also come up with evolved newsletter analytics. These analytics include the demographics of your audience and performance notes.

The latest update brought by LinkedIn Newsletters says, 

As more people turn to newsletters to learn and connect, it’s even more important for authors to understand who their audience is and how their content is resonating. To help, we’re introducing newsletter-specific analytics, showing deeper insights on audience demographics and content performance.

Available to both individual authors and Pages with newsletters, we’ll show you how content consumption is trending over time, the audience you’re reaching with subscriber demographics, and advice for how to optimize for new audience growth.

Writers on LinkedIn will also get to see a preview of the content they have created. Thus, they can be sure about the quality and layout of their content before publishing.

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