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Mobile E-commerce Trends: Adapting Small Businesses For Smartphones

published on: 18.12.2023 last updated on: 17.02.2024

Consumer buying behavior has undergone significant changes over the years, and mobile e-commerce will continue to flourish in the future. Mobile commerce currently controls 73% of the global e-commerce market share, a significant increase from the 59% observed back in 2017. In the last six months alone, 79% of mobile users have made online purchases using their mobile devices.

As an e-commerce store owner, you must stay updated on the latest mobile commerce trends. Whether you use Shopify or another platform to sell online, you cannot neglect mobile consumers. In the year 2023, the following e-commerce trends will dominate.

Discover the evolving landscape of mobile e-commerce, where adapting to smartphone users is crucial. Embrace strategies like social media integration and augmented reality to enhance user engagement and satisfaction. To streamline your operations, consider integrating efficient Shopify shipping apps, ensuring a smooth and reliable delivery process for your customers.

1. Integration with Social Media

You should integrate your eCommerce platforms with popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. This will help you reach a wider audience and drive sales through social media channels.

According to eMarketer, social commerce is expected to grow three times faster than traditional e-commerce.  It is projected to reach $1.2 trillion by 2025, increasing from $492 billion in 2021. Nearly 50% of adults in the United States have already made purchases through social media. People rely on their favorite platforms for product discovery and recommendations, making social media an essential part of eCommerce. Embracing integrated solutions that enable you to sell products directly through social media will unlock new opportunities for sales success and customer engagement.

2. One-Click Ordering

By shifting to mobile apps for shopping, you can simplify the checkout process in 2023. To process transactions on your e-commerce store, you typically need the following information from customers: their name, credit card number, credit card expiration date, card verification number, shipping address, billing address, and email address. Entering this information manually every time a customer wants to make a purchase online is both tedious and highly inconvenient, especially on the small screen of a mobile device.

If your app doesn’t support fast payment, is outdated, or goes against the trend, there’s a greater chance that users will use iPhone Cleaner on it. Any user can run the iPhone cleanup app and get rid of junk. Whether your app will be on the phone cleaner list depends on whether it follows the trends. To ensure that your phone app for small businesses remains competitive, analyze the trends and implement those that correspond to the idea and image of the business.

3. Augmented Reality

AR is set to become the next big thing in mobile e-commerce. By 2025, experts predict revenue of $198 billion. One standout aspect of AR is virtual try-on, which effectively reduces returns and boosts customer satisfaction. It’s an essential feature you can’t miss out on!

Now, you have the incredible ability to virtually “try on” clothes, eyewear, makeup, and more without leaving home. This awesome experience lets you easily visualize how products will look at you, resulting in fewer returns. Not only does it save businesses from return processing hassles, but it also leaves you happier and more satisfied.

4. AI Personalizations

The recommendation engines serve as the heart of personalization. These clever algorithms thoroughly analyze large amounts of data, including your browsing history, purchasing habits, and even behavior. They then offer you product suggestions that you are highly likely to love. It’s like having a smart virtual personal shopper who truly understands your unique style and preferences.

As a business owner, incorporating AI in this way can significantly boost your sales by increasing the chances of recommending complementary products that you are more likely to be interested in. Chatbots and virtual assistants powered by AI are now available to provide round-the-clock support, ensuring you always have someone to turn to when you have questions and making your shopping experience extra convenient.

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5. Focus on Sustainability and Social Responsibility

To stay relevant, small businesses need to address rising consumer concerns regarding sustainability and social responsibility. This requires them to adopt sustainable practices and offer environmentally friendly and socially responsible products. According to Accenture’s survey, 62% of consumers worldwide expect companies to take a stance on relevant issues like sustainability and transparency.


Do you think now is the time to adapt business to smartphones? 90% of large companies have already decided to do this, and not just because of guesswork. A good app combined with e-commerce trends can increase your sales, increase user reach, build trust, and make your offer more competitive.

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