More Ad Partners Of Google Can Access Its Generative AI Tools

Google Rolls Out New Generative AI Tools In Beta: Makes Them Available To More Ad Partners



In May 2023, Google announced it was coming up with generative AI features for the ads on this search engine platform. A recent announcement from Google says that these generative AI tools will now be available to its more ad partners. In other words, Google has rolled out these generative AI tools in beta for all the US-based users of Performance Max. 

On May 23, this year, Google originally made the announcements about these generative AI tools at the Marketing Live Event. These tools are to perform the following functions.

  • Creating a background for visual advertisements
  • Text creation for advertisements based on your website
  • Removal of background
  • Assessing search queries and making customized advertisements based on them

With the recent advancements and announcements, Google is now trying to make the scope and use of these tools bigger and better. Marketers or companies can now use these tools to create the required images and texts for their campaigns. The operations also will be much easier, and everything will be done with just a few clicks. 

In the November 7 update, Google asks you to “Get creative with generative AI in Performance Max.” 

On making and scaling visual and text elements for your ads with a few clicks, Google says,

Asset variety is a key ingredient for a successful Performance Max campaign. You’ve told us that creating and scaling assets can be one of the hardest parts of building and optimizing a cross-channel campaign. Now, you’ll be able to generate new text and image assets for your campaign in just a few clicks. With the help of your knowledge and expertise, Google AI will generate assets that help you reach customers across all of Google’s performance inventory and formats. Performance Max will also take performance data into consideration when suggesting or generating certain assets for your campaigns to help your ads perform well.

Google further assures that if you are a Performance Max user, you will be able to use all the imagery available in the Merchant Center. So, you will now be able to give your various products a seasonal push.

Most importantly, with the new features, especially the “Google-specific text variations,” your ads will be visible to the right people in applications. 

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