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Can You Personalise A Rented Office?

published on: 05.07.2023 last updated on: 26.02.2024

The space where you work has to be suitable for you.

One person may want a quiet, no-restriction space with little decoration. Another person may only flourish and be inspired in a space designed to encourage creativity, with color, pattern, and even plants surrounding them. No matter what your needs are, the finest furniture store in Toronto has it all for you.

The important point is that you need to be able to alter your work environment so that it is best for you – whether that applies to the whole space or just your work desk. So, can you personalize a rented office?

What Is Customized Office Space? 

Personalized workspaces refer to adaptable workplace environments that let teams include branding, rearrange the layouts and opt for furniture that aligns with their requirements. Unlike conventional offices having basic furniture and less scope of flexibility, these are much more advanced. In a personalized office space, everything is perfect, from the furniture to the fittings.

Reasons To Customize Your Rented Office

Believe it or not, restrictive or discouraging spaces might take a toll on the workers’ ethics and mindset. A customized workspace lets you curate a dynamic environment for your brand to thrive. Still not convinced? Here are some more reasons to personalize your rented office space: 


At present, brands demand flexible workspaces that can work well in every situation. From holding meetings to taking private calls- allow your employees to do everything in a single day. Your personalized office space might include the following:

  • Quiet pods as well as booths for conducting private chats
  • Open-plan and communal zones dedicated to teamwork
  • Collapsible and moveable ergonomic furniture. 

Satisfaction Among Employees

When somebody thinks of an official workplace, they imagine grey and white cubicles with mundane walls. However, with personalized office space, one can get the opportunity of creating a welcoming atmosphere for the employees. What’s better than giving them a space to work where they can enjoy working? 

A Perfect Opportunity For Branding

Thirdly, office personalization, especially when it’s a rented one, provides an ideal branding opportunity. The simplest definition of a branded workspace is how they focus on little detail as well as professionalism. On-brand workspaces usually foster a sense of pride and unity among the employees. 

A Dynamic Space 

A big benefit of office personalization is the chance to design your personal dynamic space. A lot of modern office designs prefer a layered and creative approach. They usually prioritize creating break-out areas and communal spaces over conventional offices. 

Enhanced Work Culture

A healthy workplace culture is critical for hiring and retaining the right set of employees. Younger employees are encouraged to work better when they get a lively space. While designing the space, you must always prioritize the needs and well-being of employees.

Yes or No?

Unfortunately, the answer is that it depends. The landowner or building owner you rent from has ultimate control over what is done to their property. Whether or not you can modify the space and by how much will be in your contract. Fortunately, there are normally ways you can negotiate with the property owner.

For instance, if you have a long-term lease and will be in the property for a while, you are much more likely to get permission to paint walls and replace the flooring. It’s extremely unlikely that you could go so far as to alter walls, window positions, and plumbing – but it’s always worth discussing.

Smaller personalization methods like altering your work set-up – changes that don’t alter the fabric of the building – will normally be allowed. Of course, if you go with a short-term rental from places like The Workplace Company, there will be much less personalization needed as you can choose the type of office you require from their range of options.

property owner

Types of Personalisation Allowed

If your landlord is not sympathetic to allowing you to alter your office how you need to, you will need to think more abstractly to create the space you want. Short-term lets will normally restrict how much you can alter so that it is ready for the next person when your lease ends, but bringing in extra equipment, furniture, and decoration is allowed. If you want to remove any old furniture or bulky items from the office, you may want to think about a dumpster rental to fit these in. Dumpsters come in a variety of sizes, and you may be wondering what projects need this size dumpster? A 30-yard dumpster is a great solution for furniture removal in the office, but also, if your landlord does allow larger renovations then this would also be suitable for a large project like this.

Fake Walls

You could bring in panels for fake walls and decorate these. If the current flooring is not a favorable walking path or doesn’t match the current aesthetic of wall panels you’re eyeing, maybe customizing it with LVT flooring will suit your preference. Besides, your objective is the comfort of everyone for a healthy and convenient workspace.

A Plethora Of Furniture

If you only rent a room, you can bring in the range and style of furniture that suits you best. That might be an individual desk you want, or it could be a lockable cabinet-style bookcase. Of course, the downside with this type of office is that you need to pay for additional furniture to fill the space, and you will need to arrange for transport to install and remove it when your lease is up.

Re-Paint The Walls

If you aren’t allowed to paint the walls, talk to the leaseholder to see if they are willing to refresh the paint before you move in. Even if they are not, they might be willing to let you paint in an agreed neutral tone.

Inducing Greenery

Bringing in plants is an excellent way to personalize your space. The type that people enjoy is very personal to them and can easily change how a room looks. You can also bring in fake plants so that you don’t need to worry about care if you often travel on business, and you can move them easily if you need to. Don’t forget, too, that scent can greatly impact how a space feels – if you want your rented office to feel more comfortable and unique to you, bring in a diffuser.

Wrap Up

So, that was all about personalizing a rented office space. Make sure to implement the above-mentioned tips and bring the best out of your limited workspace. 

Don’t forget to include your company’s branding, storage as well as tech options. Impress your clients, employees, and team with your creative side.

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