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4 Easy Tips to Share PowerPoint Presentations Effectively



PowerPoint presentations have become one of the key communication tools we use for our jobs, education, and even personal projects. With remote work and virtual meetings becoming commonplace, presentations are often shared digitally with diverse, widespread audiences.

That’s why distributing your deck effectively is essential for making the right impact. In this article, we’ll show you how to share a PowerPoint presentation so your audience can easily access well-designed, professional slides.

1. First of all, check the formatting

Before we get down to the intricacies of PPT sharing, it’s crucial to discuss presentation formatting. Once you’re done creating your deck, you should carefully ensure that font sizes are readable, text contrasts nicely against the background, and slide layouts are consistent. Fix any issues to provide a polished, professional look.

This step often gets overlooked but can make or break how your deck is received. For instance, if the text is too small or blends into the background, your key points will get lost. Inconsistent formatting reflects poorly on your message and looks sloppy. Audiences are less likely to focus on great content if they are distracted by problems in your layout.

2. Convert PowerPoint to PDF

PDF files are more universally accessible and maintain the original formatting, fonts, and layout of the presentation, ensuring it looks the same on any device or operating system. That’s why it’s common practice to convert PPTX to PDF for sharing. To do this, you can export your presentation as a PDF or use an online PDF converter if you want to use more advanced features.

There are plenty of other good reasons to convert PowerPoint to PDF. These documents work well with screen reading software, making your presentation more accessible to people with disabilities. On top of that, they tend to have smaller file sizes compared to PPTX files, making them easier to share, upload, and store. And if that’s not enough, they’re also perfect for printing. Of course, when you convert PowerPoint to PDF, remember that these files cannot display animations and visual effects.

3. Turn your presentation into a video

Another great way to share PowerPoint online is to convert PPTX to video. There are two ways to do it. You can make a screen recording, narrating the deck as you go through the slides. Or you can export your presentation as a video by clicking File > Export and selecting Create a Video. Then, choose the optimal video quality and duration for each slide. That’s it!

Sharing presentations in video format has plenty of benefits, the biggest being multimedia engagement. With video, you can record narration and add dynamic visuals to capture the audience’s attention. You can also add closed captions and audio descriptions to make the presentation more inclusive for people with hearing or visual impairments, as well as dyslexia.

4. Use cloud storage for easy access

Why limit your presentation to a single device? By using cloud storage services, such as Google Drive or Dropbox, you can easily share PowerPoint presentation with others and ensure it’s accessible from any device.

This option also allows for real-time updates. When you modify your PowerPoint, changes sync across connected users so everyone accesses the most up-to-date version. And if you ever need an old version, most cloud storage solutions will allow you to restore it. Plus, there’s no need to download files since anyone can access them online.

Final thoughts

Now you understand how to share a PowerPoint in a more efficient way to convey your message and leave a positive impression. With all the tools available today to share decks, there is no excuse for hard-to-read slides or incompatible file types getting in the way of clear communication. So, whether you choose to convert PowerPoint to PDF or do a screen recording, make sure you deliver a well-formatted and professional presentation that accurately conveys your ideas and expertise.

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