The Ultimate Guide To Snapchat Stickers: How To Create And Use Them For Your Marketing Campaign

published on: 11.11.2022 last updated on: 11.03.2023

If you use a cool sticker for Snapchat stories, you already know what we are talking about. But unfortunately, most people have this notion that Snapchat is one of those social media platforms which target mostly 2o-somethings and teenagers. But what most people forget is that this mobile-only application has over 300 million regular users. 

Naturally, if you are a brand catering to these 300 million daily users, then how can you not consider this platform for advertising? And the best part about this platform is its unique approach – the whole 24-hour stories thing was first available on Snapchat before becoming popular on both Instagram and Facebook. 

The beauty of putting up stories on Snapchat is only exuded due to the simple fact that all users can easily customize their stories. You can choose from several stickers or even create a few yourselves to give a distinct vibe to your content – if you are a brand, this can work wonders for you! 

So why don’t you scroll down and find out how you can not just create but also use Snapchat stickers to your advantage? 

Sticker For Snapchat Stories: All That You Need To Know About Snapchat Stickers

Creating the perfect sticker for Snapchat stories does sound easy. But first, what are Snapchat stickers? Why is it important that brands use them? And what are the different types of Snapchat stickers available, in case you want to try out the existing ones?

Yes, we had the same questions – now we can help you out! All you have to do is just scroll down and check out all that you need to know about stickers on Snapchat before you can start creating these for your benefit! 

So What Are Snapchat Stickers?

The stickers on Snapchat refer to images that you can simply add to your ‘snaps’ or photographs, or even videos, while sharing the same on the platform. These are graphics that either user has developed or these were simply available on the platform. In fact, there are different varieties of such stickers you can select from, including emojis, Bitmojis, and GIFs. 

Why Should You Use Snapchat Stickers?

sticker for Snapchat

A long time before social media even came into existence, users have been utilizing different stickers in order to communicate. In fact, the stickers on Snapchat express creativity, thoughts, and even the personality of the user. 

Moreover, there are several cost-effective and fun stickers that have helped out both small and big companies to obtain new clients and even start digital conversations revolving around the same brands. 

Stickers on social media exist for creating a similar effect. For instance, the Support Small Business stickers on Instagram have been created to develop an emotional connection with users. Similarly, users using Facebook Messenger utilize nearly 400 million different stickers in a single day. 

If these examples weren’t enough, Kim Kardashian even came up with her very own Kimoji, which easily grossed over a million dollars the minute it was launched. From exciting GIFS and Bitmojis to simple 2D images, the stickers for Snapchat stories are segregated into different categories.

If you aren’t still convinced, it’s time to check out some hard facts. 

  • Did you know that around 48% of 25 to 15-year-old digital users in the United States are also Snapchat users?
  • What does this mean? Snapchat is one platform that makes your brand relatively more accessible for a demographic that’s young – and isn’t so much influence within a younger demographic attractive? 

So, naturally, you must be wondering how to get started with using the perfect sticker for Snapchat stories! But before that, let’s check out the different varieties of these stickers. 

Types Of Snapchat Stickers:

sticker for Snapchat

If you have used snap stickers in the past, you would know that the sticker drawer on Snapchat categories all the stickers depending on their types. In fact, you can even change the categories by swiping on the given sticker icons. 

The different kinds of snap stickers are as follows,

1. Recent Searches:

Your recent searches refer to the category of Snapchat stickers you have utilized recently. If you are an active Snapchat user, then you might be using more than one sticker for Snapchat – in that case, your recent searches will have more stickers, while if you aren’t active, then your recent search will reflect results from the last time you were online. 

2. Suggested Stickers:

Your suggested stickers on Snapchat refer to the category, which is entirely based on the time and location of your snaps. The category is also inclusive of stickers displaying recent information such as location, time, or temperature. Additionally, these stickers also include GIFs, animated images, Bitmojis, and your standard 2D & 3D images. 

4. Bitmoji Stickers:

Your Bitmoji is your digital avatar, basically a sort of virtual image of the concerned user – you can customize these from the head to the toe. Additionally, these bitmoji stickers can be static, animated, or even in 3D. 

4. Cameo:

Similar to your photo stand-in, a Cameo sticker on Snapchat is basically your selfie, only in the animated form. The best part? You can even create these with other users. Moreover, the purpose of Cameo stickers is to develop a unique sticker – unique stickers can help you to connect with other users. 

5. Emojis:

Emojis are pretty standard at this point. These are your ordinary icons available everywhere, even in-built inside your smartphones and different other platforms. 

6. Customized Stickers:

Coming to customized stickers enables users to develop different customized stickers by just cutting out objects from their snaps. Then the cut-out objects save themselves automatically as a sticker for Snapchat, which you can most definitely reuse anytime in the future. 

Using The Perfect Sticker For Snapchat Stories: How To Create And Use Snapchat Stickers 

So here we are, and you can’t help but wonder how to make a sticker on Snapchat! Don’t worry – if you have managed to stick around for so long, it’s best that you keep reading to find out how you can create the perfect sticker for Snapchat. 

Creating The Perfect Sticker For Snapchat Stories: How to Create Snap Stickers?

Without wasting any time, let’s find out how you can create your own Snapchat stickers. 

Creating A Customized Sticker On Snapchat:

Here’s what you need to do to create custom stickers on Snapchat!

  • First, tap on the ‘🔘’ located at the bottom of the screen and take the snap.
  • Click on ‘✂️’ located on your screen towards the right.
  • Now use those fingers for outlining objects which can be turned into stickers. This will easily eliminate all that unwanted background. 
  • Once you have lifted your finger from the page, your nao will be automatically cut out. 
  • Simply save your new sticker under the ‘✂️’

Creating A Bitmoji:

The process mentioned above will help you come up with customized stickers on Snapchat. But what about creating a Cameo and Bitmoji? 

Here’s what you can do to create a Bitmoji on Snapchat!

  • Start by visiting your Sticker Drawer and then click on ‘Create My Avatar.’
  • Then move on to customizing your digital avatar by clicking on the menu located at the bottom of your screen. 
  • Here, you can select an outfit for your avatar. At the same time, you can also select your avatar’s face, body type, and hair. 
  • Once you are done customizing your avatar, click on ‘Save.’ 
  • If you tap on your avatar again, you will be able to check out your avatar in various poses. 

Creating A Cameo Sticker:

So now you know how to create customized stickers and Bitmojis on Snapchat, but what about Cameo stickers? 

Here’s how you can create a Cameo sticker for Snapchat!

  • Visit the Sticker drawer on your Snapchat and scroll towards the right.
  • You will find the – tap on the same, and your selfie mirror will instantly open.
  • While taking the selfie, you need to follow the basic instructions provided by Snapchat. 
  • If you choose the 👥icon, the platform will allow you to opt for taking a selfie with other users. 
  • If you like the selfie, tap on the ‘Save’ option. All your cameo stickers are available under the option. 

Adding Stickers To Your Snapchat Stories: How To Add Stickers To Your Snap?

If you are wondering how to add stickers to your snaps, then you have come to the right place. Scroll down to find out how to add a sticker to your snap easily!

Here’s what you need to do! 

Take A Snap:

So now you know how to create a sticker for Snapchat stories, but how do you add them to your stories? Easy! It all starts with taking a snap on your device – click on the ‘ 🔘’ icon to take your snap. In case you are taking a selfie, then click on the 🔄, located on the top towards the right. 

Choose A Sticker:

When you are done taking the snap, just tap on your screen towards the right – this will open your suggested sticker section. But finding which sticker is right for your snap might turn out to be time-consuming, similar to finding the right music for your Instagram stories

If you want to make the process faster, just type in the keywords related to your snap, and boom – you will have the stickers you are looking for! In case you want to use more than one sticker, you can always play with others. Sticker-related features available on the platform, such as,

  • Resize your sticker to make space for another sticker.
  • Move your sticker around to make space for other stickers.
  • Delete your stickers by dragging the same into the ‘🗑️.’

Share Your Snap:

If you like your snap, then you just have to share it either on your story or with other specific users. Knowing how to use these stickers to your advantage is perhaps the most crucial aspect of the task. 

So now that you have a fair idea about how to create the perfect sticker for Snapchat and accordingly add them to your stories, the only thing you are yet to find out is how to use these snap stickers effectively for your brand – keep reading to find that out. 

Using Snapchat Stickers For Your Brand: How To Use Snapchat Stickers for Your Brand?

The best way to effectively use Snapchat stickers for your brand can be done by following the tips mentioned below – scroll down to find out now! 

Create Sticker Packs:

There’s no smarter way to send a message than with the help of digital stickers. In fact, brands even create different social stickers across various platforms to raise awareness of different social issues. Moreover, Snapchat has launched several stickers for honoring different causes like the Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Heritage Month and the International Week Of The Deaf. 

Utilize Bitmoji For More Engaging Experiences:

Did you know that a whopping 70% of users on Snapchat use several Bitmojis, making these lucrative investments in the world of marketing? With the help of Bitmoji fashion, major businesses can easily obtain traction from different users, allowing them to experience the brand within a digital space. 

For instance, both Levi’s and Ralph Lauren are big fashion brands that have introduced apparel to Snapchat. Currently, all the big brands are banking on Snapchat to provide their target audience with such experiences. But it is the road to hope – that sometime in the distant future, you will be able to count on Bitmojis even if you are not associated with a big brand. 

And It’s A Wrap!

The best way you can use a sticker for Snapchat stories is by simply customizing the same for promotional purposes. While doing so, just make sure your stickers like your content are relevant and engaging – the point is to make sure that your target audience ends up using the sticker you are creating – otherwise, what’s the point even? 

Meanwhile, don’t forget to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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