What Does SU Mean Snapchat How to Use, Avoid Misusing It

What Does S/U Mean Snapchat: How to Use, Avoid Misusing It

published on: 05.06.2024 last updated on: 11.06.2024

Wondering what does s/u mean snapchat? No, it’s not related to that very infectious and often irritating “SIU” that Ronaldo shouts! If you are someone who is from GenZ or the other generations, you would know that short forms have taken over. 

Yet again! Move away from Hieroglyphs; we have unnecessary short forms that take longer to decipher than it takes to type or read them. 

So, what does s/u mean in Snapchat? Something new or something else gets added every month. We can just stay updated if we want to stay afloat in the vast ocean of slang. These are not always derogatory; slang can be misinterpreted to mean something derogatory, but that’s not the case in the slang terms referred to here.

Snapchat is one of the most actively used social media apps in the world right now? At least upwards of 20 million people (about the population of New York) use it every day! 

What Does S/U Mean Snapchat? 

What Does S-U Mean Snapchat

The short form isn’t just used on Snapchat; it is also used in several other social media apps. s/u simply is an abbreviation for “swipe up,” which is a social media phrase that helps people access a link that the creator adds to their story. 

The creator/Snapchatter adds the link to their story, which allows the follower or user to open the link easily. A user swiping up on the story with a swipe-up link embedded in it will be redirected to that link, often after seeking permission. 

But be careful! On Snapchat (and now on most other social media platforms), if a user swipes up on a story without a swipe-up link. The user who swipes up on a story with this prompt can get an instant look at the contents of the link. 

Alternatively, it can also mean scrolling up on different platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. 

Why Use S/U In Place of Swipe Up or Scroll Up? 

Why Use SU In Place of Swipe Up or Scroll Up

Texting has become a faster way of communication in recent times. It is one of the most engaging ways to speak to someone if you do not want to talk to someone on the phone (call.) 

This is because you may not get the time to text completely or get the chance to write the entire thing if you are in a hurry. This is how short-form terms found their way into conversation. 

It is also interesting to note that people have started using such abbreviated terms in commercial use as well. Even though those are in jest, it somehow promotes its use within a population. 

So, one popular theory is that its use in texts slipped into the world of social media, making it usable in those contexts as well. What does s/u mean? Snapchat can be of great help when you are a new creator trying to learn about lingos; knowing such abbreviations can be helpful as well. 

This makes it very easy for people to understand what to do to access the link their favorite creator is referring them to! Abbreviations such as these, when used on social media platforms, are known as ‘call to action.’ 

Of the many social media phrases and terms, this is one such abbreviation that lets people know what the creator is currently trying to share, such as links to the latest outfit, something they are reading or using, or even eating.

So, now you know what s/u mean snapchat. 

But did you know there are several other meanings for this abbreviation when used elsewhere on social media? 

What Else Does S/U Mean Snapchat? 

What Else Does SU Mean Snapchat

Yes! There are other meanings, too. You may not think it makes sense, but there are other ways you can use s/u in conversation. Let’s explore what else it means! 

Text Messages

Do you know when you are texting someone, and you want to say something really, really quickly? Yep, that is exactly how abbreviations found their way into text messages. Some of the common terms you may know of are LOL (laugh out loud), ICYMI (In Case You Missed It), NGL (Not Gonna Lie), and many more. 

It is not easy to stay updated on all the lingos people are using nowadays. But we can surely keep track of the most popular ones that are being used in daily life. You know, so you don’t have a case of FOMO. (Fear Of Missing Out!)

Now that we have found an answer for what does s/u mean snapchat. Let us take it to the next level and tell you what it means in other contexts!

When someone texts you “s/u,” depending on the context of your conversation, you can see different meanings. In texts, it can mean a playful and light-hearted way to say, “Shut up.” However, be careful if you are using it in a new group or with people who may not know the meaning.

Examples of using it:

Your friend has spilled hot tea (gossip) about a mutual friend of yours, and you use “S/U” in disbelief! It can go as such: 

Friend: “Did you know they did that, and it led to that which was an absolute mess! Because it was never supposed to happen!” 

You” “S/U, this did not happen, FR!” 

FR is another common acronym that people often use in everyday conversations. It is an abbreviation of “For Real,” and it asks a person if they actually mean what they’re saying! 

What does s/u mean snapchat can also have another meaning. It stands for “see you!” when you are texting with someone, and you want to use something other than “TTYL.” This one means “Talk To You Later.” 

For instance, 

…..after a conversation that’s been going on for a while, but you don’t want to sound rude while saying bye. 

Friend: “Okay, so tell me what’s your plans? Can we hang soon?”

You: Sure! I’m actually in the middle of something, but s/u! 

This does not even make it seem like you are trying to get out of a conversation, nor does it seem like you are someone declining the offer to see someone. Especially comes in handy for people who are introverts or not comfortable hanging out with everyone. 

Other Social Media Platforms

What does s/u mean snapchat has other meanings for people on different social media platforms. It can also be used in different ways across other social media platforms. There are different ways you can use it. Let’s see how you can use it in different contexts across social media platforms. 

You’re a creator, and you want to boost your engagement with the profile. 

1. You can urge your followers to send you a DM by swiping up the story, which will present the message box to them. 

This is especially handy when your settings have been such that not everyone can shoot you a DM (yes, there’s a way to control who texts you!) 

You: “S/U to tell me what you think about the new reel!” 

“S/U to ask me anything!” 

This can be like a surprise for your followers, who may have been wanting to interact with you for a while now. 

2. You want your followers to check out content you’ve posted somewhere else, such as YouTube or Instagram. 

You may be a Snapchat creator who has recently spread their brand on other social media platforms, too. Some of the big names in the industry are those who also have a YouTube channel. They often link their videos to their stories with the prompt “S/U To check out the latest video!” 

These are two of the most popular ways you can use S/U on other social media platforms. You can also check out the different ways you should not reply to s/u on Snapchat! 

How Not to Reply To S/U On Snapchat!

How Not to Reply To SU On Snapchat!

There are different ways to reply to s/u, which you may already have an idea of, but first, let’s see how to not reply to s/u. 

S/U Link on Snapchat Story

S/U links have already been redirected to the platform they are asking you to check out. It may be a story they have uploaded on their secondary account or a YouTube video they have recently come out with. 

So, you do not need to reply to the link by sending the creator a message. 

S/U For Interaction

If you see a story where the creator is using s/u to encourage conversation between you guys, do not be creepy about it. 

You should not ask personal questions as it is offensive, and they did not ask you for such questions that can get you blocked or reported! 

It is best to stay respectful and only ask anything if it is necessary. For example, if you want to become a creator in the same niche, you may ask for tips. 

Wrapping It Up! 

This was all on what does s/u mean snapchat that can help you use the platform smoothly the next time. You will not find yourself Googling the abbreviation the next time now that you have this article with you! 

You can easily use the app and even the acronym in different contexts, as listed above. This will help sound like you have the knowledge of the latest lingo. 

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