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Acing The Game Of IG Marketing – Everything You Need To Know



For your brand to receive the best benefits, you can be well-known on something other than Instagram. A reputable social media agency will assist you in becoming an Instagram marketing expert.

With over 1 billion users, it is the second-largest social network. On Instagram, 60% of users learn about goods and services, and 75% take action, such as visiting websites. If you’re interested in using the platform for your own purposes, let’s delve into this topic in more detail.

Tips To Strengthen Your Instagram Marketing Strategies

There are around 1 billion active Instagram users worldwide. It is important to use a few marketing methods to highlight your business.

Keep reading to learn the top tips for a successful IG marketing strategy—

1. Watch And Learn

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What crosses your mind when you create your business page on Instagram and are excited to make your first feed post?

A lot, many things!

And the difficult part is to separate that noise from the basic marketing goals.

You want your audience to know your business ethics, arrival in the industry, products/services, customer handling skills, and so much more.

However, when you need help deciding the best path to go about marketing your business online, learning from the experts is the best solution to crack the crowd.

Follow pages that closely connect with your business type and values. Note their development from the very beginning. Look at all their stories and ads. You can use the Instagram story viewer to go back to old accounts and keep a log of all the amazing posts to learn from.

Keeping a record of all their great ads, stories, and feed posts will give you ideas and help you make your content more creative to attract maximum traction.

2. Make A Content Plan

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Instagram is a comparatively less self-indulgent platform than other social media platforms. As a result, your audience is eager to see your offer and how creative you can go with them.

For example, a travel adventurer might follow multiple pages that offer low-budget trips and tour essentials. These users are always looking for fresh ideas— places to visit, activities to seek, and the best prices.

Therefore, you must keep your feeds and stories flowing with new posts. Prepare a content plan that distributes posts according to seasons, special offers, suggestions, and news related to your industry.

You can also add fun posts or creative copies to catch the attention of new viewers once every month/week according to your business type and response from viewers.

Use content planning tools to keep track of your upcoming and past posts and never miss the opportunity to catch your viewers’ attention!

3. Use Hashtags

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Hashtags are a fantastic tool for categorizing and locating specialized social media material. As a result, they have affected how we talk and permeate the digital world.

These modest little phrases play a crucial part in our contemporary digital culture. For example, every marketer knows the importance of hashtags in digital marketing strategies.

Utilizing hashtags on Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites may significantly boost traffic. You may utilize these simple tips to ensure you’re using hashtags as effectively as possible.

Instagram’s gradual shift towards semantic keyword search creates new opportunities for content discovery.

Here are some tips to ace the #hashtag business:

  • Long, cryptic, or otherwise challenging hashtags will work poorly for you.
  • To increase the visibility of your content and brand, be the first to use popular hashtags.
  • According to the Social Baker study, using 10+ hashtags can lower engagement by 68.2%.
  • Using generic hashtags like #marketing or #seo won’t get your message the attention it deserves from other users.
  • Use interesting hashtags to engage the audience if you want other people to join the conversation.

4. Understand The Power Of Videos

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Instagram video usage has increased due to Instagram Stories, IGTV, and video advertisements. Video is a fascinating way to present your personality, team, and story.

Video marketing is a fantastic tool in your Instagram toolbox if you want to stand out. In addition, the feed is a terrific area to present your brand because most Instagram users who find your business still need to follow you.

The video makes a lot of sense for visually appealing firms that can show a before-and-after or a variety of items.

Businesses should consider the video in real estate, fashion and beauty, photography, and other visually appealing sectors.

There is no better time to start using Instagram video marketing than now, as the platform will continue to draw consumers’ interest in 2019.

Even though videos on Instagram get up to 21% more engagements than photographs do, photos are still the most common post format. Because Instagram is a mobile platform, it is important to use square or vertical videos.

5. LinkBack For Traffic

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The best technique to get traffic outside of Instagram is through the link in your Instagram bio. It may serve as a one-stop shop for directing followers to a blog article, website, or YouTube video and is accessible to everyone, regardless of follower amount.

Using a platform that enables you to distribute many links from a single, simple-to-navigate landing page is advised.

Instagram reels may be huge traffic generators as well as a one-way trip to growth. Therefore, an excellent strategy to maximize the value of your profile is to direct people to the link in your bio.

This might be done through on-screen text, a voice call-out, your video caption, or any combination of the three colorful.

With the help of the new store function, businesses may compile a selection of items that can be purchased by clicking the “View Shop” button on their Instagram profile page. Even better, companies with an Instagram store may also showcase their products there.

With the appropriate approach, Instagram advertising is a certain method to attract more people. Concentrate on creating a compelling call to action (CTA) to increase traffic.

Knowing who your target market is can help you establish your goals. To better identify what content results in purchases, use UTM tags.

Track And Optimise

Search for trends in the published photographs, the captions you chose, and the conversions you attracted.

Take a step back and contrast the data you collected with the published posts once you have written enough pieces to generate significant data.

Your success with social media marketing should increase as your audience does. More likes on videos? Do you acquire followers if you share a photo from one of your events?

Are colorful images more popular than those in black and white? Do some postings bring in more visitors, leads, and sales than others?

Once you get all the answers, get some more questions because the game of social media is a never-ending process with changes and events affecting your viewers every day!


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