does Instagram notify when you screenshot a story

Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot A Story? – Let’s Find Out

published on: 27.12.2022 last updated on: 11.03.2023

Did you just take a screenshot of your friend’s story on Instagram, and now you can’t stop worrying about whether your friend will find out or not? So naturally, the next logical thing that you can do is ask google, ‘does Instagram notify when you screenshot a story?’ – to be honest, Instagram currently does not notify users about both screenshots or screen recordings. 

But that doesn’t mean things were always this rosy for Instagram users. There was a time way back in 2018 when Instagram did inform users when someone would screenshot their stories on the platform. But the feature was available for a very short time. Instagram probably realized that this feature would come in conflict with their otherwise stringent privacy policies. 

And even from the business point of view – it never made sense. Users would just shy away from using the platform the way they actually use it – this holds true considering Instagram has grown exponentially today as compared to its growth in 2018.

Keep reading to find out about Instagram’s notification policies! 

Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot A Story? – Let’s Find Out

does Instagram notify when you screenshot a story

So you are wondering, does Instagram notify when you screenshot a story? For example, maybe you want to screenshot photos from your friend’s event to which you weren’t invited. Or you want to screenshot something controversial someone had posted, but how will you if Instagram ends up notifying the concerned user about the same? 

To keep things simple, the thing about Instagram is that the platform will never notify the user whose story, reel, or any other content you have screenshotted or even screen recorded! So yes, Instagram does not notify users when their content is getting screen recorded or even if someone takes a screenshot of the same. 

But if you do the same for disappearing messages that have been sent to you through direct messages, the platform will definitely notify the concerned user. So, yes, it can get a little confusing from time to time, but you don’t need to worry because we are here to help!

Scroll down to read about taking a screenshot of an Instagram story – and all that is related to the same. 

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Answering, Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot A Story, Post, Or Reel?

does Instagram notify when you screenshot a story

The question should not be, ‘does Instagram notify you when you screenshot a story?’ – Instead, the question should be, ‘does Instagram notify you when you screenshot a post, a reel, or a story?’ To answer your detailed question, Instagram doesn’t notify users when you take screenshots of their stories. 

The same holds true when you screen record instead of screenshot the Instagram content of any user. It is highly possible that the screenshot policy of this concerned platform can easily change yet again – so it happens to be a great idea for you to always double check. 

So, the famous social media platform actually doesn’t notify users when you screenshot a post, a story, a reel, or any other content for that matter. 

When Does Instagram Notify A Screenshot That Has Been Taken?

does Instagram notify when you screenshot a story

Instagram only notifies users about screenshots when someone takes a screenshot of content shared in vanishing mode. For example, when someone sends you a disappearing video or photo via direct messages privately, and your screenshot is the same, the platform will notify the sender. This holds true only for the content shared via DMs in vanishing mode

You can understand that a screenshot was taken – you will be able to spot a tiny hatched circle right beside the disappearing content. You will also get notified from the simple conversation summary located on your primary page for DMs – a note with the word ‘screenshot’ will help you here! 

What To Know About Screenshotting Instagram DMs?

A disappearing video or photo is something that you can take with the help of the camera located within the platform’s message window. Such a message is called ‘disappearing’ because the receiver can only see it once, or at the most twice, and that too if you let them replay. So the moment they take a screenshot, the platform will notify you.

However, this does not mean you can’t screenshot normal conversations in your direct messages, such as conversation history, normal posts, or even individual messages, without risking the other person getting notified.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Check out the most frequently asked questions related to the ‘can you screenshot Instagram stories’ query mentioned in the details below!

Q1. Can You Tell If Someone Screenshots An Instagram Story?

Ans: At the moment, there’s no way to find out if someone does take a screenshot of your story on Instagram. In 2018, there was one such feature available for a really short time – this feature would actually notify users when someone would screenshot their stories. But the platform discounted the feature, keeping in mind their stringent privacy policies.

Q2. What Does It Look Like When Someone Screenshots My Story?

Ans: Although, you won’t be able to find out when someone screenshots your story on Instagram. The story is completely different in the case of Snapchat. When someone takes screenshots of your stories on Snapchat, a triangle green would appear right beside their name, and if you notice carefully, you will see a number beside the triangle denoting the number of screenshots taken.

Q3. How Do You Screenshot A Snapchat Story Without Them Knowing?

Ans: Follow the tips mentioned below to take a screenshot of a Snapchat story without the user finding out.
• In order to capture the snaps, it’s best to use a different phone.
• You can use Mac for recording snaps without notifying the concerned users.
• You can also take the help of the feature known as screen mirroring.

And It’s A Wrap!

So, now you finally have the answer to your ‘does Instagram notify when you screenshot a story’ query! You no longer need to be worried about taking that screenshot and asking google stuff like, ‘can people see when you screenshot on Instagram?’ – the next time you are in a dilemma, you can simply stop worrying about the same and just take the screenshot! 

Now, tell us what you think. And while doing so, don’t forget to share your past experiences related to the same in the comments below!

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