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Best Ways To Advertise Your Firm To Londoners



Demographics are important when advertising any business. When regionally targeting people for marketing purposes, approaching them in a way that’s authentic and genuine is for the best!

Of course, Londoners have had a reputation for being a bit grumpy since as far back as 2016. We wouldn’t be surprised if there was evidence of that consensus even further back, either! Still, grumpiness isn’t immoral, and it just means that you may need to work a bit harder when advertising your company to these people! 

There are many ways to increase the likelihood of your marketing materials resonating with Londoners. Here’s what some of them are!

Advertising on the Tube

When it comes to London iconography, few things are more recognizable than the London Underground. People may have the occasional gripe about the service there, but it’s unfathomable to imagine London without all its underground trains.

That said, it’s not just the trains that make the underground so appealing – the advertisements do too! Everything from the walls and escalators to the compartments of the trains themselves market products and services well. Tube advertising can help firms build more familiarity with their target audience, as their displays will be seen routinely in a trusted environment.

Some services can help you with all your firm’s tube advertising needs. They provide versatile planning tools to help your firm map out campaigns, promising unique formats, adaptable formats for companies of all sizes, and huge coverage. All of your tube advertising requirements will be fulfilled to a professional standard.

Optimising Local SEO

Local SEO

Most people think that search engine optimization only pertains to getting seen by as many people as possible across the globe. That’s part of it, but a local focus can be beneficial as well.

Local search is essential as it will ensure your company’s website features in online listings for the area. Yelp and Google My Business can help your company be a stronger presence in local directories. When Londoners are searching for your services, they’re more likely to be funneled over to you.

Undertake research around location-based keywords for headings, URLs, and meta descriptions and tags. SEMrush and Google Keyword Planner might be able to help with providing insights. Approaching local bloggers may give you a good feel for London-centric content too.

Engaging with Influencers

London is a vibrant scene. While many influencers reside outside of the capital, many others choose to establish permanent roots there.

Of course, some social media firms are quitting London lately, but their users and audience continue to congregate in the capital.

There are many reasons for this, including:

  • Access to networking opportunities – Influencers need access to brand partnerships to boost their visibility. Being located nearby is useful. 
  • Access to high-quality production spaces – Top-tier talent agencies, production houses, and studios can all be found in London.
  • Access to a diverse cultural hub – London constantly hosts exhibitions, concerts, and events that attract people from all walks of life. Influencers must be in the room where it happens!

If you know where the influencers are based and why, you can more easily engage and negotiate for advertising deals. They can celebrate what you’re selling, magnify their authentic voice in the capital, and bring more attention and kudos to your brand.

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