Influencer Marketing: Finding Quality Micro-Influencers Through Web Scraping

published on: 21.09.2021 last updated on: 04.01.2023

Social media influencers have become a popular way for household brands to market their products to the public. Because they’re in such high demand, influencers are becoming expensive, and more small businesses turn to micro-influencers for online marketing. Often, you need a good proxy provider to find and communicate with influencers internationally.

This article will teach you all about micro-influencers, how you can find them, and how you can use them to advertise your business.

What Is a Micro-Influencer, and How Can They Market Your Product?

Micro-influencers have around 1,000 to 100,000 followers on their social media platforms. They usually post niche or topical content. But, why and how do you, as a business owner, work with them?

The first place to look for influencers is in your area, but if you’re looking to go international, you’ll need a proxy provider such as https://smartproxy.com/ to help you research and find a high amount of quality influencers to work with.

Micro-influencers are often experts in their field and have followers that trust what they say. Every day people trust and relate to them. They can maintain a level of authenticity that more popular influencers have trouble keeping up with. They’re more believable because they aren’t seen as the celebrities that more prominent influencers have become.

They can interact with followers on a personal level and aren’t trying to make content for everyone. Micro-influencers tend to have higher engagement rates due to this increased interaction and intimate connection with their followers.

Hiring a micro-influencer to market your product will get you more engagement for less money. Not to mention, these influencers are known to go the extra mile for brands they want to impress and ones that they believe in themselves.

As mentioned before, the first place to look for these influencers is on your existing social media platforms. The people engaging with your content might be micro-influencers already. If they’re interested and engaging with your product, they’re already connected to your target audience and will genuinely enjoy providing honest, positive reviews.

What Is Data Scraping, and How Can You Use it to Find Influencers?

Web scraping or data scraping is a process where data is extracted from other web pages and compiled into a single document, usually an Excel sheet or similar. You are able to manually scrape the web, however, that isn’t efficient and will take a lot of your valuable time. Instead, you can use specialized web scraping software such as Parsehub or Octoparse alongside a residential proxy.

The software is already set up with an easy user interface so you can get started scraping the web right away, without having to worry about complex coding, HTML, or other technical jargon.

The data you extract can then be analyzed to help you make various business and marketing decisions, such as finding a good micro-influencer to promote your products. You can also determine the target market engaging with your profile and identify market trends.

Best Data Scraping Programs

  • Parsehub is a free data scraping tool that you can use to scrape various forms of information from the web. With this tool, you can even schedule your runs and it has IP rotating features that can be used with your residential proxy.
  • Octoparse is known as one of the best web scraping programs out there. It was designed to be easy to use even if you don’t know anything about coding or data scraping. The program has an intuitive interface, video tutorials, and auto-generated algorithms to make use easy. And you can extract your data to JSON, Excel, HTML, or your business databases. It includes a paid and unpaid version.

Using Data Scrapers to Find Quality Influencers

You can use data scraping to extract mentions, new followers, and likes onto a spreadsheet. This should give you the details for each person that interacted with your account. The first things you should look at to find an influencer for your product are their bio, a link to their profile, and their follower count. You can use a program to extract this information.

Once you have checked the program and flagged potential influencers, check their accounts for yourself. What kind of content are they making? What does the engagement from their followers look like? Is their niche content going to interest and reach your target market? Once you have gone through all of this and determined which influencer(s) to use, contact them. Once you’ve made contact you can start negotiating a contract of what both parties expect from the professional relationship.

There are various forms of remuneration that could be considered when approaching micro-influencers. This can include a commission on every sale made that came from the influencer, or a bonus scale for targets reached. It is a good idea to look at what you are willing to offer in exchange for their services before reaching out to a micro-influencer.


The world of marketing is constantly changing. As social media makes many online platforms obsolete, businesses need to adjust their marketing strategies to keep up. Using data scraping to find top-quality micro-influencers is much easier than blindly sending messages begging for mentions.

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