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Because social media has become such an integral part of the Internet, it’s a smart decision for any business to include social media in their marketing strategy. While it was not long ago when several businesses were still undecided about how effective social media marketing is, it is now possible to utilize social media analytics in seeing the precise results that your efforts generate.

The ability to dive deep into customers chatter is an unparalleled opportunity for businesses, it helps in the documentation and elimination of any sprints that potentially prevent them from the provision of better customer experiences. The best tools for achieving this goal is social media analytics.

However, most of the tools available online provide information from the physical metrics such as follows, likes to name but a few. These ratings are so vital in finding the popularity of the products but they lack the insight regarding making the products better and improving businesses.

The tools are used in understanding the information received by the social media monitoring tools .the view the flowing of customers, which site they come from, how long they have been on the site and what their activities are on your websites.

The key objectives of social media analytics are to help in analyzing the trends of the markets, providing on-demand solutions that help in integration, analyzing’s, archiving, and enabling companies to act on the intelligence that it collects from online conversations on the various social websites.

Through the use of these analytic tools, you can focus on a specific part of an online conversation to improve your response time and stay updated to the shifts in the market place. These analytics also help you to monitor your ROI (return on investment) rate. You can mainly do this by checking the flow of traffic and also monitoring where the maximum traffic of your website comes from.

It could be by clicking ads, through search engines, social networks or any other marketing tool used by your business. Their use helps in better understanding the current market trends and enables you to make a better decision for investments in advertisements and marketing.

The Importance of Measuring Your Social Success:

Being able to track your performance on social outlets is critical to the success of your social media marketing campaign. Having this ability allows you to respond and react quickly to the discussions consumers are having about your company, brand, products or services.

For instance, a small business may want to keep up with what is being said about the brand to determine whether it is generating a positive or negative buzz. By tracking the most important discussions, you will have the opportunity to identify the consumers that are influential in your niche and react accordingly to their conversations.

Areas to focus your attention to benefit from analytics data:

What’s really pleasing about using analytics is not only will you be able to see how well your social efforts are working, but you’ll essentially be able to make modifications based on the data you collect. The only concern is when you first start to collect this type of data, you may feel a little dazed by the absolute amount that’s available. Here are the areas to pay attention to;

Experiment with different formats and messages:

When you share a blog post or other piece of content, you want as many people as possible to read it. In order for that to happen, people first have to click the link. With the help of social media tracking, you can answer questions like whether links with a quote or by themselves get more clicks.

Find the ideal times for sharing:

the times one can post on the various media platforms really vary from one business to another thus it is important to carry out your experiments right to ensure you know when exactly to the case you have active presence on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms then it is important to carry out social media monitoring.

Determine Which Sources Help Your Bottom Line the Most:

Because social media has a diverse landscape, it makes a lot of sense to have your brand presence on multiple sites. It is also wise to put more effort into the site(s) that drive the newest customers to you. By using social media analytics in the conversion tracking, you can enhance your social strategy to assist in maximizing revenue

Experiment with different formats and messages:

When you share a blog post or other piece of content, you want as many people as possible to read it. In order for that to happen, people first have to click the link. With the help of social media tracking, you can answer questions like whether links with a quote or by themselves get more clicks

Figure out how much to share:

Sharing too much content through your social media profiles will cause people to get frustrated and stop following you. But not sharing enough can lead to them overlooking about you and your business.

With Facebook, the sharing frequency can also be a critical element you weight by their algorithm that is responsible for determining your post’s visibility. Luckily, using analytics makes it fairly simple to view how various sharing frequencies affect the overall engagement that you attract on each of your websites.

The popularity of social media has made it a powerful tool online marketers cannot ignore. While the advantages of marketing through the social web have been proven, for the most part, analyzing and measuring the results is still a relatively new concept.

Despite the fact that tracking performance can be difficult, finding a capable analytics tool is very important for small businesses using social media to engage their customers and prospects.

But with so many social media channels, how do you leverage on these platforms? Below are the top ten analytics to study using the analytics tools on social media to optimize your social media marketing strategies;

Here are the top ten analytics to study on social media;

1. Brand24


It is very important to know and understand what the consumer’s view about your brand is, what is being said and what the consumer requirements are. Brand24 convey real-time info on your brand as well as your competitor brands.

This repeated approach can help you successfully take action to optimistic and pessimistic remarks across your social networking platforms. This way you can remain connected with your audience, in addition, to efficiently measure any prospective sales opening

2. Cyfe


The social media toolbox consists of several logical tools to grasp with the procedures. You can access analytics, AdWords, and SEO detailed reports through Cyfe. You also get a complete account of your brand and easily affordable for even a small businessman. Cyfe provides you a fully personalized dashboard where you can evaluate and accumulate this data.

Competitor research is another aspect that Cyfe takes care of, apart from the social media application. You can also get the complete report on the approaching trends and data actions through this industry aptitude tool.

3. Keyhole


This is the best tool that will aid you in learning about the hashtags you use. Keyhole will support accounts, keywords, and URL trackings on the websites. Also, you can use it in tracking mentions about social media keywords, URLs and media profiles. Significantly, you can request the historical data’s on Instagram and twitter entailing the information about the influencers, engagements, posts, and users.

4. Buzz Sumo

Buzz Sumo

This can help you understand the variables in top-performing content such as length, publish date and headline type. By analyzing social shares, you can see which types of posts receive the most engagement and use that data to inform your own content strategy. By using BuzzSumo, it can also aid in the monitoring the performances of content competing for relevant industries keywords, allowing you to see the content marketing campaigns which stake up against the competitions.

5. Buffer


Do you wish to post your social content at one go? With the Buffer tool, you can post content across several social media accounts. It is a lot easier and convenient. Now you can create and schedule your posts for different networking platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+ pages from one window.

As you continue to create a queue for the posts, it will save you a lot of time. With detailed analytics in place, you will clearly know the answers to certain questions such as when, what, why and where.

6. Nuzzle


With a number of stories pouring in from your friends of various networking sites, Nuzzle helps in organizing the posts. This iOS plus web-based app combines information from the social media posts to provide you easy-to-read links.

Nuzzle offers a way out for adding influencers that can give you control and benefit your own marketing requirements. You can know and understand your audience in a better light by accessing the posts from your friends of friends as well.

7. Brand watch

Brand watch

This the best tool(Brand watch) to accumulate and dissect data with over seventy million sources where data collection can be done. it supports up to 25 varied helps in monitoring all the going on that occur on the social sphere,  the algorithm helps in finding all the relevant and useful talks for your businesses.

It has several features that enable in-depth analytics for your online mentions, some of which include demographics, influencers, image analysis, automated reports, and where the mentions come from.

8. Inky bee

Inky bee

Creating your brand and attracting more and more prospective customers is very essential. This tool(Inky bee) helps to gain potential customers by tracking the influencers who can elevate your brand. It helps in searching the social media famous personalities and bloggers who are interested in your industry so that you may connect with them for making a stronger brand presence on social media.

9. Sprout social

Sprout social

It is a comprehensive social media management tool you can use in tracking your performances on social media. The platform offers plenty of features in analyzing social media performances, engagements, posting of social media messages and listening to social media chats about your makes its user’s lives easier by offering solutions by needs, network, and business.

10. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

This is one of the most popular tools available for analyzing website traffic. It’s quite easy to use and provides great flexibly. It provides details about search traffic, referral traffic, upcoming trends, and many more such facilities.

You just need a Gmail account to use can also offer plenty of insights about your social media such as goal completion for your social media post, sources of the social media traffic to your websites, assistance on social media conversions and the conversions from the social media posts.


Because social media has become such an integral part of the Internet, it’s a smart decision for any business to include social media in their marketing strategy. While it was not that long ago when several enterprises were still undecided about how effective social media marketing is, it is now possible to utilize social media analytics to see the exact results that your efforts generate.

What business need is a clear picture of the online market and their position in it? This information is issued to them by social media analytics, these tools are most widely used by social business intelligence or the department that provides connection of the customer feedback. Social analytics turn volumes of unstructured online conversational information into real-time performance indicators.

These tools provide the best opportunity for business to improve the customer experience and bring returns on the investments. Combining this with social media dashboards and Social CRM can enhance the customer’s experience on your site, not only would the clients be satisfied, you too would be satisfied as your conversion rates will increase your profits thus leading to prosperity.

There may be a shortage of social media analytics on the market, but the ones out there are very efficient at what they do. While many of them perform the same role of finding discussions about your brand, some dig a lot deeper to provide valuable analytical data that can help put things in perspective for your campaign.


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