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Why Are Animated Marketing Videos So Powerful?

published on: 18.04.2023 last updated on: 15.05.2023

Marketing is the difference-maker between a product that will sell well and one that will miss its target. Catching the attention of consumers is not an easy task, in a world where advertising is omnipresent. People tend to close themselves to what they see, in order not to accumulate too much information. But one thing will always catch their eyes: Animation videos.

Animated Marketing Videos Is For All Ages

The first quality of animated marketing videos is that they reach people form all ages. Even when they are created for young children, an adult can’t help but be curious when they have an animated video playing in front of them. It calls upon the fantasy world that we all have inside us as if we were expecting something to come out of them. Will the frog turn into a prince? Will the car that they are selling take you to the land that you have always dreamed of? There is a direct link to our own perfect world which brings us all to watch when companies create engaging animation marketing videos.

Animated Characters Are Easier To Relate To

We live in a world where placing the focus of advertising on a man has almost become an issue. The problem is that there is a backlash to this, and now many people feel the same about having a woman at the center of the story of a marketing campaign. So, how can a company solve that new issue? By using a cartoon character instead, which doesn’t have to be equated to any particular gender. It will also appeal to the new generation which would rather be known as anything but something that characterizes them by their sex. And so, using animated characters becomes a way to reach everyone, without hurting anyone’s feelings.

Animation Is Complementary To Video

To know how to reach consumers, you have to be in tune with culture. If you want to use a video that they will understand, it has to end up looking almost like a Facebook or Instagram story. In other words, you need to have all the same ingredients in the final product. You can use any video at the heart of the advertising, as long as it precisely shows what you sell. To it, you will add text and music, just as you would on your social media posts. And in the end, to make it complete and interesting, you will add a “sticker.” However, in this case, the sticker will be an animation that will last more than a few seconds. Only when you have all these ingredients will customers be fully focused on your message, in this day and age?

Animated marketing videos are simply the next evolution of advertising. Now that it has found its way into our lives, it will never disappear from the way we create marketing campaigns. In fact, they are bound to take up more space in the years to come. However, as in all things, those who will have used it before others will reap the most benefits.

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