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Best Free Password Managers Software You Can Try in 2018



Developers have come up with several password manager software that you can use in 2018. Each of them has exclusive features that differentiate it from the rest. This article presents some of the best free password managers you can use in 2018. You can choose one depending on your unique needs and desired security level.

Best Free Password Managers Software You Can Try in 2018:

1. RoboForm :

roboformRoboform has a clean and neat interface that gives it great looks. It has a multi-platform support and is available for Mac OS, Android, iOS, and Windows. RoboForm is the oldest password manager software that was released in 1999 for the first time. The free version will allow you to fill web forms automatically, store unlimited passwords, single-click logins for apps and website, check the strength of your password, etc. The paid version comes with extra benefits like cloud sync. RoboForm allows you to safely share your login credentials with other users. The user interface resembles traditional Windows software and blends easily with the overall theme of the OS.

2. LastPass :


LastPass App is one of the best password managers for the windows application. The solution delivers cross-platform support and stores your security credentials in the cloud servers. Some of the features in this app include form filling, two-factor authentication, and automatic password capture. You can also use LastPass to import data from the other web browsers that you have installed on your PC or any other password manager just in case you are switching. LastPass has been around for the last ten years and its extensions are available on several web browsers such as Opera, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome among others. You can also download this application from the Microsoft store if you wish to manage your account out of the browser.

3. TrueKey :


TrueKey is a famous password manager software for Android, iOS, Mac OS, and Windows Operating System. TrueKey supports several web browsers like Edge, Firefox, and Chrome. It is a simple password manager that has several sign-in methods like two-step verification, Windows Hello, fingerprint recognition, and facial recognition. TrueKey allows you to use one of your devices for purposes of authentication purposes instead of the master key. The free version supports a maximum of 15 passwords and this discourages most users. Also, it has a password generator and a digital wallet that you can use to store your personal information. It encrypts and stores your login credentials data locally but syncs across several devices where you use this password manager. This makes TrueKey be one of the best free password managers.

4. KeePass :


KeePass is a renowned password manager for the Windows desktop but you can also find it for Linux and MacOs.  It’s an open-source and free software that was developed in 2004. KeePass uses an encrypted file to store your usernames and passwords. This tool supports export and import of credentials in the form of HTML, CSV, and XML files among others. The challenge with this password manager is that it has slightly limited features in comparison to the other available tools. However, it has some of the much-needed features like factors authentication and autofill among others. It also has an inbuilt password generator tool. KeePass ranks among the top password managers given that it’s a free tool.

5. LogMeOnce :

log me once

The free version of  LogMeOnce is one of the best password manager software. The features of this App include a digital wallet, secure password sharing, biometric support, cross-device sync, password strength report, and two-factor authentication choices. It also has one-click functionality for automatically changing weak password analysis into password strength reports. Users can either create a master password or a passwordless account. It’s one of the top password managers you can find out there.

6. Dashlane :

Dashlane is a beautiful password manager tool that uses the AES-256-bit encryption to protect your credentials and store them locally. The App supports those features that can assist you to fill forms and also provides automatic logins, export, and import of credentials, and two-factor authentication, etc. You can also use Dashlane as a digital wallet for storing debit cards, credit cards, and other payment details. It comes with a dedicated interface for changing multiple passwords and a password generator tool. You can use Dashlane to store unlimited passwords and this is not limited to only one device. The premium option extends to unlimited devices and allows syncing on cross-devices and cloud backup among other additional features. Apart from being available on iOS, Mac OS, and Windows operating systems, Dashlane is one of the best free password managers for Android.

7. Symantec Norton Identity Safe :

Symantec Norton Identity Safe tool comes with all the qualities of a standard password manager software. however, what sets it apart as the best free password manager is the fact that it does not have a paid version. The implication is that Symantec Norton Identity Safe does not cut on its benefits while reserving for the premium version. It offers and quick and easy way of filling the web forms and uses the Safe Web feature to alert the user to any malicious web page. The software also has a distinct password generator tool. The challenge with this app is that it does not have a timely feature update. However, it supports export and import of login credentials even though importation from the other password managers is restricted to .csv file formats. It is easy to use a password manager with synchronization between the web browser, Smartphone, and desktop.

8. Sticky Password :

sticky pass

Sticky Password password manager is available for Mac OS, iOS, Android, and Windows OS. It’s one of the best free password managers for Android. Sticky Password supports most of the popular web browsers that you can think about. The features you will find in this App include supporting biometrics like fingerprints, two-factor authentication, password management, form filling, and autofill. Like any other Best Free Password Manager, the sticky password has a premium version that comes with additional features like priority support, cross-device synch, and cloud backup among others. The App can also store your payment details apart from your credentials.  This tool can also synch data across your local Wi-Fi as most people don’t like doing it in the cloud storage.

Summary :

With all this information, you have all it takes to choose the best free password manager software. You can go for the paid versions if you are looking for more applications. The beauty of everything is that most of these free tools also have a paid version.

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