Best M4A4 Under $5 — M4A4 | Desert Strike

published on: 14.11.2022 last updated on: 24.11.2022

Among the wide range of CS: GO skins, M4A4 is one of the most popular for valid reasons. The M4A4 weapon is the favorite of many, and there’s nothing better than trying out the variety of M4A4 skins.

In total, 29 M4A4 CS: GO skins have been released. Some are readily available, and some are too challenging to find. Among others, the m4a4 desert strike version is rare and a must-have skin.

How to Buy and Sell M4A4 Skins

The Steam marketplace is an option for buying and selling M4A4 skins, or you can use third-party options. There are pros and cons to both.

Skin prices are high on Steam compared to third-party options. However, the money lands directly in your Steam wallet. But with third-party options, your cash is available outside the Steam ecosystem.

Recommended Website to Buy and Sell M4A4 Skins

You can use a variety of marketplaces for buying and selling all M4A4 CS:GO skins. DMarket is a fully registered, user-friendly site for buying and selling CS:GO skins for under $5. The wide range of payment methods to deposit and withdraw funds makes it even more convenient for users.

M4A4 | Desert-Strike: One of the Best M4A4 skins

M4A4 Desert Strike

The M4A4 | Desert-Strike was introduced to the game in 2014. It was a part of the classic Huntsman Collection and was added along with the update “Operation Phoenix”. Nextgenz was the creator of this skin.

The StatTrak™ option is available for all skins so you can use it as a bragging option. The series may not be as popular as other M4A4 skins, but it certainly has a very loyal fanbase.

The gorgeous black body of the weapon is painted with several shades of beige, showcasing a high-tech design. Black and white accents illuminate different parts of the rifle in the form of triangles and lines. The receiver has a tiny white icon that proudly boasts the identity of a Counter-Terrorist.

M4A4 | Desert-Strike Price According to Wear


  • Field-Tested — $3.45
  • Battle-Scarred — $3.49
  • Minimal Wear — $3.91
  • Well-Worn — $4.86
  • Factory New — $5.60
  • StatTrak™ (Field-Tested) — $7.40
  • StatTrak™ (Factory New) — $17.29

Why Are M4A4 Skins So Beloved?

The price range and the rarity of these skins might be the primary reason for M4A4 skins being so famous. Another reason for their popularity is that M4A4 is a very preferred weapon in the first place, which helps the skins to be widely desired. Finally, despite the price range and the rarity factor, the M4A4 skins are extremely attractive and worthy of showing off.

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