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How Financial Technology Can Help Put An End To Payday Lending

published on: 02.09.2022 last updated on: 17.11.2022

Because of their high-interest rates and short repayment terms, payday loans are notorious for leading borrowers into a cycle of debt. You may already be aware of this fact.

On the other hand, this might not be the case for much longer due to the growing number of financial technology (Fintech) companies forming partnerships with banks.

What Is Financial Technology?

Financial Technology Definition

The use of technology with conventional banking systems to make day-to-day business operations more efficient is known as “financial technology.” Customers who have difficulty obtaining loans because of their low credit ratings will now have a greater chance of doing so, thanks to advancements in fintech.

Additionally, helpful apps such as Earnin are becoming available to assist customers in obtaining paycheck advances. Using the Earning app, for instance, you will always have access to the rewards of your labor, regardless of when you want them.

Additionally, fintech makes it possible for customers to readily access their financial services from the convenience of their own homes by using their mobile phones. Consequently, mobile banking makes it easier to make deposits, withdrawals, and transfers and save and invest money.

As a result, folks currently unemployed now have a support system to draw on due to the development of financial technology. Bitcoin and other kinds of digital currency have been made available thanks to developments in financial technology.

As a direct consequence, the cryptocurrency company continues to expand daily. People have realized the significance of financial independence, and as a result, everyone is fighting to achieve this objective.

What Are Payday Loans?

payday loan

Payday loans are small loans often repaid in full on the borrower’s following payday. Payday loans usually have repayment durations that are no longer than two weeks. In addition, you are responsible for making the total loan repayment, including the principal and the interest on the loan.

Their most distinguishing feature is the highly high-interest rates, which begin at an annual percentage rate of 391%. Payday lenders, as a direct consequence, tend to target those in urgent need of financial assistance but have poor credit scores.

How Will Technology Change The Way Payday Loans Work?


Let DimeBucks guide you on the front lines now that you understand financial technologies and online payday loans.

1. Payday lenders won’t take advantage of those with bad credit.

With the help of fintech, community banks can make better offers to people with bad credit. Employers who use cutting-edge financial technology can give their staff improvements.

Fintech typically offers users loans at no cost or with minimal costs of less than $5. Payday loan businesses are on the verge of bankruptcy because of this.

2. Elimination of costly debts

There are pretty high-interest rates on payday loans. According to a study, payday loan charges in the US amount to more than $9 billion. This finding reveals just how expensive payday loans are.

Payday loans are, however, gradually disappearing due to the development of financial technology. Instead, when customers require emergency cash in the middle of the month, they can find better deals.

3. The efficiency with which conventional banks work has increased thanks to financial technology.

In addition to providing consumers with loans with reduced interest rates, the combination of technology and banks has improved bank customer service.

Getting free banking services on your mobile phone is easy and convenient. You won’t need to constantly go back to the bank to look for a loan service.

Because of this, payday lending organizations cannot conceal their questionable services to helpless borrowers.

4. Credit ratings for consumers can be rebuilt thanks to developments in financial technology.

Banks are aware of the financial struggles that their customers are having as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, banks may provide credit rebuilder loans to their clients at incredibly low-interest rates, thanks to fintech.

Payday lenders do not help their clients raise their credit scores. Instead, taking out multiple payday loans will eventually hurt your ability to get credit.

5. Obtaining more financial services

Fintech enables you to obtain financial services, loans, and services for saving and investing. Customers can set and meet financial goals thanks to this service.

Consumers will only be concerned with getting loans, but they’ll also save money, which will help them become financially independent. Additionally, some banks provide their customers with automated savings services that are very helpful. And all of it is a result of developments in financial technology.

Other than high-interest loans, payday providers don’t offer other financial goods.

Do FinTechs Have An Impact On Payday Loans?

FinTechs Impact On Payday Loans

Despite recent developments in digital banking, we cannot claim to be a completely digital society since consumers are still divided into two groups: those who are banked and those who are underbanked or unbanked. Former have rapid access to financial services and finances.

These folks could not obtain standard banking services and had to pay a premium for alternatives. The payday lending model has spread to locations where banks can provide loans.

Fintech has changed the way we think about utilities. Fintech has altered the way services are delivered. They are now focusing on payday loans, which are less common due to short repayment terms and high-interest rates. People may require immediate cash.

DimeBucks is useful. Payday loans might help with unexpected or emergency expenses. It can get you through till your next payment.

To obtain a payday loan, you must complete a paper application. Fintech has altered the process (fintech). Fintech, as opposed to traditional ways, employs technology to provide financial services. This cutting-edge technology has the potential to speed up the procedure.

The Bottom Line

The availability of payday loans may become more limited shortly. Consumers are sick and tired of being mistreated in all transactions. In light of this, you shouldn’t be too astonished if payday lenders exit the industry within the next ten years.

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