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What Is A BIN Checker And How To Use It For Media Buying?



In online transactions and e-commerce, payment information security and validity is mandatory.  

One such tool that plays an integral role in this process is a BIN checker. Thus, using a BIN checker tool to work BIN is straightforward.  

To check and gather information on a Bin, you need to: 

  • First, go to the BIN checker tool. 
  • Enter the BIN Number; that is all you need. 
  • Next, verify that you are not a robot. 
  • Tap “Get Details”.  

In this article, you will discover the BIN Checker and its application technique for media buying.  

1. What Is A Bank Identification Number (BIN)? 

Bank Identification Number

The term bank identification number (BIN) refers to the first six debit and credit card numbers. Thus, this set of numbers depicts the bank’s and cardholder’s names, with other detailed information.   

Hence, as such, it matches transactions to the issuer of the card being used. 

Therefore, BINs can be found on different payment cards, including credit cards, debit cards, and charge cards. Similarly, the BIN system assists financial institutions in identifying fraudulent and stolen payment cards, thereby preventing identification theft.  

2. What Is A BIN Checker? 

A BIN checker, or a Bank Identification Number checker, is an online tool that validates and verifies debit cards and credit cards’ Bank Identification Numbers (BIN). 

Therefore, a BIN is the first six digits of a card number and contains valuable information about the issuing bank and financial institution.  

Similarly, different free BIN lookup services allow you to gather basic information on any card. For instance, the bin code checker will let you identify the issuing bank from the card number.  

3. What Are The Uses Of A BIN Checker? 

A bin identifier may serve as a basic provider of payment card data and show billing threshold for major platforms. There are different uses of a Bin Checker, and they are identified as follows: 

3.1 Determine The Issuer Of A Card 

A bank identification number (BIN) is a card number’s first 6 to 8 digits. This field usually indicates itself as a “card issuer bank.”  

Hence, a bin number check enables you to identify the card’s issuing bank and financial institutions. BINs are significant in preventing fraudulent activity, verifying the validity of a card, and examining payment routing.  

Therefore, with the help of a BIN checker, businesses can ensure that they accept genuine payment methods. At the same time, they need not expose themselves to potential loss or fraud.  

3.2 Determine The Bank That Issued The Card 

Knowing that banks can issue a card when considering media buying or affiliate marketing is important.  

Therefore, a card bin can provide this information, allowing one to make more informed decisions. Hence, selecting a payment method for advertising platforms like Facebook Ads is significant.  

For instance, issuing a card to well-known US banks may be more desirable than disposable cards.  

3.3 Knowing The Type Of Card 

A BIN validator assists in identifying the type of card you have. It might be either a debit or a credit card and its payment methods.  

BIN checkers are quite helpful for merchants in ensuring the accuracy of payment information before processing transactions.  

One of the main benefits of using a BIN checker is that it allows merchants to validate the BIN. Moreover, it confirms the card type, brand, and country of issuance.  

Therefore, BIN checkers are crucial in the media buying industry, where merchants and advertisers mostly apply them. 

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3.4 Knowing The Country Of Issuance 

When you find the information about BIN Checker, it requires determining the country of issuance. As a crucial function of a BIN Checker, you can deal with international transactions and billing region restrictions.  

In addition to that, there are some merchants and banks that may have restrictions on specific billing regions. This will make it even more important to know your card’s region.  

Thus, a BIN Checker is extremely helpful in providing this information, thereby, increasing the chances of successful online transactions. 

3.5 Percentage Of Approved And Declined Transactions 

With the help of a binchecker, you can provide data on the percentage of approved and denied transactions. Therefore, it is important for digital marketers.  

Thus, BIN, with high decline rates, is perceived as less trusted by advertising platforms. Similarly, one with high success rates lowers the possibility of getting your account restricted.  

3.6 Average Spending On A Card 

With the help of a BIN validator, you can determine the average expenditure on a card.  

Certainly, cards have spending limits and restrictions on maximum one-time transactions.  

Similarly, knowing the average spending limits enables you to determine if a card with a particular BIN is suitable for your specific payment needs.  

In addition to other data like billing thresholds and decline rates, we can make data-driven assumptions. Moreover, it is mainly about how well these cards operate on Facebook ads. 

3.7 Billing Thresholds 

Bin checkers can provide you with information on billing thresholds. It is helpful when setting subscriptions and recurring payments.  

This is one of the most important things for digital marketers. This is because paying a $500 bill for Google and Facebook ads is convenient.  

4. BIN Checker PSTNET 

advanced BIN checker

PSTNET offers an advanced BIN checker that gives users accurate basic information on any card, like card issuing country and bank.  

Therefore, it is easy for digital marketers to easily access all the relevant information for BINs like BIN 428803 or BIN 540588. 

5. Description Of The Main Functions Of A Bin Checker 

The main function of a bin checker is to prevent fraudulent transactions. Thus, bin verify ensures that the correct banks are issuing the card and that the cardholder’s personal information is accurate.  

Similarly, bank bin lookup assists in identifying the issues faced by bank institutions. In this situation, bank checkers help verify the card’s validity and protect them from fraud.  

6. How To Use A Bin Checker? 

A bin checker utilizes an extensive database of Bins to cross-reference the searched BIN and retrieve relevant information about the card.  

Therefore, the visa bin checker allows an optional service to share information with merchants and other entities to enhance the authorization rates.  

7. How To Interpret The Results 

using a BIN checker

When using a BIN checker, the results typically include basic card information, such as the number, date of issue, and name.  

Therefore, the bin details provide information used to determine if the card will work on necessary merchants or in certain regions.  

Moreover, knowing the right technique to interpret these results correctly and make the most informed decisions regarding media buying is important. 

Summing Up  

Thus, the best bin checker tool will check the BIN to know whether it is valid. Once you scan, the number will display full information on the BIN, including the issuing bank, card type, card level, and even the country.  

In online transactions, verifying the accuracy of credit card or debit card information is crucial. Hence, this is where a BIN checker comes in handy.  

Moreover, this invaluable tool helps prevent fraud, ensures accurate payment, and improves the customer experience.

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