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What Is A CAD Software Store?



At the beginning of the new century, most architects, designers, and engineers began to rapidly master professional graphic editors. Initially, large design companies massively purchased the first test, then perpetual licensed versions of Autodesk products, and freelancers at home could only buy hacked software modifications.

Today, times have changed dramatically, and the CAD software store has entered the market, where anyone can sign up for a temporary subscription or purchase a file with an original Autodesk product for unlimited use. This store greatly facilitates the work of architects and engineers from all over the world.

What Kinds Of Products Are Presented In The Store?

CAD Software Store features

The CAD Software Store features dozens of different software products from the Autodesk developer, such as:

  • Classic AutoCAD, which can be purchased both in the old version from 2017, and the latest installation file of 2022.
  • CAD program tailored specifically for architects, with a huge number of names of various objects in extensive systematized libraries.
  • Engineering software modifications, where subcontractors can design pipe or cable communications, as well as calculate engineering equipment at the facility.
  • The newest version of the Revit networking program, allows the entire team to work at once through the server. These features completely eliminate design errors, communication overlaps, or violations of regulations.

The customer can either purchase the software in the store or rent the right to use the required version for a period of one month or more. Prices start at just $16 – $18, which is in no way comparable to buying a full package of installation flash drives in the showrooms of official Autodesk dealers.

How To Make A Purchase In The Store?


The store has a very simple interface, which every beginner can figure out. To make a purchase of the product of interest from Autodesk, you need to take three simple steps:

  • To study an extensive catalog of all products presented on the site, as well as their modifications from different dates of development and release for sale. Opposite each product is the price, as well as the minimum period of time for which you can rent or purchase the software.
  • The desired product is selected from the catalog, for example, AutoCAD 2022 or Autodesk Revit 2020. The name of each item in the catalog with the name of the product is a link that, when clicked, opens a full description of the program, indicating the main new features. Directly in the catalog, next to the price, you can see in which languages ​​of the world the software is available.
  • After the desired product is selected, the customer presses the Add to Cart button, and the file to be downloaded is automatically added to the cart. Further, the user can both make a purchase and continue choosing other brand products.

In the shopping cart, the user will only need to follow the detailed instructions, fill in all the columns of the interactive form, and pay for the Autodesk product using any of the methods offered on the site, after which the purchased file will be sent to the e-mail address.

The software comes with the necessary key to unpack the archive, as well as detailed instructions for the correct installation and launch of the file.

Shop Benefits:

Shop Benefits

During the fruitful work, from the opening moment, the store managed to earn a good customer base. Satisfied consumers report many benefits of working with this website, such as:

  • Best price guarantee. Often, software developers immediately offer the buyer a very high price for all types of products. The customer begins to seriously doubt whether he needs such an expensive product. Then the supplier immediately gives him a big discount of up to 80%. The price gets much lower, but still quite high, but the customer has no choice and he buys the software. In our store, such tricks are not offered, and customers immediately get the real price, since the store works on the principle of a commodity exchange that unites a seller in the secondary market and an interested buyer.
  • Possibility of placing the purchased Autodesk product for ongoing service from the support service of the store and the manufacturer of intelligent software. If a new product has not yet been put into maintenance and does not require installation of releases, then it is not offered for sale, and a subscription with a minimum price is available for it.
  • The long-term partnership of the store, as an official dealer of the parent brand, with the developer of all software modifications. The buyer receives a completely original version of the program on his PC, which eliminates its failures, as well as problems with downloading and uploading releases. In addition, the customer has the opportunity to write a letter to the support service, indicating the number of his key. And experts will always help to solve his problem. To confirm these words, the customer can always visit the corresponding page dedicated to the detailed description of partners on the store’s website.
  • Even if there are difficulties with the maintenance of the selected product, the customer always receives full-service support from third-party companies registered as partners on the store’s website, which provide these services at low rates. Official updates are installed for each user of an Autodesk product and are fully customizable to the software platform.
  • The supplier guarantees 100% stability of the product, as well as all its functions. Users leave feedback in which they share that throughout the duration of the temporary subscription, they do not encounter crashes, errors, or other difficulties that can affect both the speed of work and the final result.
  • A comprehensive business solution. Construction in the world is developing every year. Houses are becoming more and more technically complex. In this regard, developers and architects require complex business solutions. Autodesk products are updated every year, and experienced programmers follow the latest trends in this industry for interface improvements. CAD Software Store offers only the newest and most complete versions of products that allow you to quickly complete the project, without errors, which will lead to maximum profit.

According to the results of statistics and international ratings, our store is one of the leaders in online sales of intellectual products for the needs of engineers and architects in terms of the optimal ratio of reasonable price, high quality, and the most complete service.

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