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How To Create A Vlog On Saudi Arabia: Balancing Beauty & Traditions



Saudi Arabia’s rich history, culture, and natural beauty have recently drawn attention worldwide. 

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is renowned for its breathtaking desert scenery, encircled by red sand dunes, black rocks, and the expansive Arabian Peninsula sky.

Therefore, this gorgeous desert country is attracting vloggers and social media influencers to capture the beauty of its land.

However, creating effective vlogs requires planning and creativity. A clear message or theme, attention-grabbing visuals, and engaging editing are essential to stand out. 

Vlogs are a popular way to deliver knowledge and wisdom about places worldwide. 

As more vloggers connect with the locals in this country through social media profiles, the Kingdom has launched a new licensing system to monitor the influencer industry. 

This license necessitates applying for an official permit from the General Commission for Audiovisual Media (GCAM) for all Saudi and non-Saudi content creators.

In this post, let us explore Saudi Arabia through the art of vlogging. We will provide some important tips and guidelines to help budding creators worldwide develop better ideas when vlogging about this country.

Getting Your Visa

Getting Your Visa

The eVisa is a visa for US citizens traveling to Saudi Arabia for tourism purposes. It allows multiple entry and exits within a year, allowing travelers to spend up to 90 days in the country. 

However, you can get a tourism visa if you’re going there for a vlog.

You can also obtain a ksa visa for us citizens upon arrival or a transit visa. To apply for a Saudi e-visa, applicants must have a passport with a minimum six-month validity, the address of their family or friends, a hotel booking, and a passport-size photo. 

Moreover, to apply online, visit the eVisa portal, fill out an application, attach a passport photograph, and pay the fee. 

The process takes two to five business days. The e-visa costs $130 and includes travel insurance. 

The tourist visa is valid for one year and allows multiple entry and exits, allowing travelers to spend up to 90 days in Saudi Arabia.

The Codes Of Conduct You Must Follow

Given below are some of the important codes of conduct that you must follow when visiting Saudi Arabia—

1. Appropriate Dressing

Saudi Arabia is a conservative Muslim country, and tourists are expected to respect local customs and traditions by covering up. 

While wearing a hijab or abaya is not mandatory, it may be considered in certain areas. Therefore, it is expected to cover shoulders and knees at all times, even in hot weather. Arms are rarely shown, as shirts typically extend to the wrists and pants to the ankles. 

Moreover, when a woman stops a tourist wearing inappropriate clothing, they simply smile and say “thank you” without changing their attire. This respect for locals is crucial for tourists visiting Saudi Arabia.

2. No Criticising The Government

When in the KSA lands, it is important to avoid speaking negatively about the Saudi government in person or on social media. 

Moreover, turn on your VPN when communicating with someone back home and refrain from discussing the government. 

Even well-intentioned comments can get you in trouble. Therefore, it is best not to speak negatively about Saudis or the royal family.

4. Respect The Locals

When visiting Saudi Arabia, you must avoid public displays of affection, such as holding hands or hugging. 

Furthermore, it is best for unrelated men and women to avoid physical touch. Also, it is insulting and against the law to engage in it with critics of Islam or the Saudi royal family.

Therefore, respect religious practices, especially during prayer times, and adhere to gender segregation guidelines in designated spaces. 

Also, if you are visiting Saudi Arabia during Ramadan, you must follow some extra rules to show respect. This is the time when Muslims around the world fast from sunrise to sundown. 

Therefore, if you’re an international visitor, avoid eating, drinking, or smoking in the presence of locals during this time.

Next, without permission, you must avoid taking photos or videos for your vlog of government buildings, military installations, and sensitive areas. This rule also applies when filming a local woman in Saudi Arabia. 

Also, avoid scheduling meetings or appointments on Fridays if visiting for business, as it is the Muslim holy day. 

Following these guidelines will demonstrate respect for Saudi Arabian culture and create a positive impression.

3. Set Your Budget

When visiting Saudi Arabia for digital creative purposes, you must monitor the currency exchange rates of Saudi Riyal (SAR).

Nonetheless, hotels, restaurants, and retail stores accept major credit and debit cards. However, it’s advisable to carry cash for smaller businesses. 

Moreover, you must research and plan expenses in advance to fit your trip under budget. This includes transportation, accommodations, meals, sightseeing, and shopping. 

Also, local street food, public transportation, souvenirs, visiting mosques and historical sites, and exploring local markets (souks) for budget-friendly activities should be considered. 

On the other hand, for luxury experiences, stay at luxury hotels, dine at fine dining restaurants, purchase luxury brands, and book private tours or exclusive experiences.

What Should You Film?

Saudi Arabia boasts a majestic desert landscape

Saudi Arabia boasts a majestic desert landscape, with the Tabuk region near the border with Jordan providing breathtaking views of red dunes and oases.

With its profusion of greenery nestled between towering cliffs, Wadi Disah’s northern dry valley is well-known for lacking any lakes or rivers. 

Once consisting of mudbrick buildings and date plantations, AlUla has grown into a complex of these structures. It is now the most popular travel destination. 

Hegra, built 2,000 years ago by the Nabataeans, is a top foreign travel destination, with the Tomb of Lihyan offering stunning views. 

Madinah, the second-holiest city in Islam, offers a profound experience for non-Muslims with the Prophet’s Mosque and a nearby museum. 

On the Red Sea, Jeddah offers stunning ocean views and the Al Balad Old Town. 

Also, you can capture Riyadh, a modern megacity in your vlog. It is expanding rapidly, with plans to double its population to 18 million within the next decade.

Make Your Vlog Go Viral!

With this hidden gem, you can easily make your work go viral. All you need to do is keep the rules and regulations in mind.

Moreover, your vlog can help people learn more about the cultural aspects of Saudi Arabia better. You can include short interviews with the locals.

Take permission before filming anyone for your vlog. Portray and hold up the daily life of Saudi Arabians and the grandeur of the Kingdom.

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