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Crucial Stages Of Small Business Growth



At first, glance, when you attempt to categorize small businesses’ problems and growth rate in a manner that might be useful to entrepreneurs, you may look just like a clown. The reason is not far-fetched.

It is imperative to know that small businesses vary in size. And the capacity for every small one to grow big is often determined by factors such as independence of actions, different organizational structures, and a varying management style.

However, if we look closely, we’ll realize that most of them experience problems at every stage of their development. In this article, you will be taken through the crucial stages of small business growth and how to use small business loans to scale through them.

Stages Of Crucial Moments For Small Business Growth

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There are different stages of business growth and development. They can be analyzed as follows:

– Stage 1: Existence

The very first challenge of every business is its existence. There is a lot to do in marketing to let your prospective customers know who you are and what value you offer. This is important for them to know your business is in existence.

– Stage 2: Survival

Post-existence, survival is now the next phase to focus on. Many troubles may make your business go into extinction if you do not carefully pass through this stage of growth. More often, the issues of revenues and expenses are what get the most of your attention. To manage your expenses, you can use a company business credit card where you can set your budget to avoid overspending, you can also monitor your expenses using this card.

– Stage 3: Success

Here in this stage, the challenge you will face as a business owner is to decide whether to exploit your business success and expand new frontiers or just be content and keep stability with the current profits.

– Stage 4: Take-Off

Herein this stage, the critical challenge is how to achieve rapid growth and at the same time finance it.

– Stage 5: Resource Maturity

Most times, businesses are much concerned with consolidation to achieve the control of financial gains. This is where the strategic planning of the company is most important.

Business Growth: On What Does It Depend?

While it is essential to identify the source of your business growth, knowing what constitutes this growth may be tasking—you may even need loans for bad credit for business to stand upright. However, for future sustainability, the following are the factors on which your business growth and development may depend:

  • Customer loyalty
  • Smart adoption of technology
  • Commitment to staff training
  • Social responsibility

Businesses might feel that they are doing what’s best, but the reality can be far from it. A business needs to realize that it has to learn from its customers by taking constructive feedback on improvements. Types of surveys that are presented to the consumers can play a vital and key role in informing the business about its strong suits as well as highlight areas where it needs to work and improve.

How To Do It Better In Every Step Of Business Growth

The question of “how to do it better in every step of business growth” is one that every business must ask. It would help if you understood that there are a couple of essential factors in every step you take towards achieving business growth. In no time, these factors would determine the success or failure of your business. They include:

  • The level of finance—which have the cash and borrowing power
  • Personnel strength (Staff depth)
  • Systems resources—as related to the degree of information, planning, and control system sophistication.
  • Market and Customer relations

As a business owner, you should equally be smart about your areas such as:

  • Personal business goals
  • Marketing, inventing, producing, and distribution management
  • Ability to manage people and delegate duties

How Do You Improve A Small Business During The COVID-19 Pandemic?

The impact of COVID-19 was huge. It practically shut out a lot of businesses—including some of the big guns in the market. However, to keep your business thriving amidst the troubles of the pandemic, you need to take advantage of the following seven basic strategy and business planning tips:

  • Always put up your health and safety first.
  • Check the impact of the pandemic on your business operations
  • Ensure maximum communication
  • Adapt quickly to newer business techniques
  • Check your finances
  • Ensure compliance with relevant government laws
  • Plan and prepare for the bigger picture.


In every business, there is a need to undergo these crucial stages of small business growth. Although the challenges inherent in these phases may be tasking; however, if you successfully withstand the challenges, you would be just on course to succeed in your business journey.

Now that you are informed, you can check out the Camino Financial page to obtain small business loans for your business.

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