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The Importance Of Digital Literacy In Potential Employees 

published on: 23.11.2023 last updated on: 24.11.2023

The importance of digital literacy in potential employees has never been higher. In the post-pandemic world, more people are working remotely than ever before.

Properly harnessing the power of technology can make a real difference to employee success. A VPN for remote workers is a necessity, not a luxury, and confidence in their ability to use it is critical. 

The meaning of “digital literacy” has evolved far beyond what it once signified. Just being able to use a computer isn’t good enough now. Employees must be agile enough to switch between multiple devices and apps easily. Being as comfortable on Slack as when using email and utilizing shared calendars and productivity apps is vital. 

Digital Literacy: Is It For Everyone? 

In the early-to-mid 2010s, when people talked about digital literacy, they tended to think of the IT department and programmers. Since then, digital literacy has become much more essential and is now a requirement spanning the whole gamut of working life. 

According to Burning Glass’s database, around 82% of employee vacancies advertised online in 2017 and 2018 required digital literacy. Jobs advertised online may require a higher level of digital literacy than offline ones, so this data may be considered slightly skewed. Despite this, the point still stands that there has never been more importance placed on digital literacy in the workplace. 

Why Is Digital Literacy So Important Now? 

The increased importance placed on digital literacy among employees mirrors the increased risks posed by cyberattacks. The weakest link in terms of security at most companies tends to be a human with inadequate passwords. When employees understand the dangers this can pose, they are more likely to change their passwords frequently. 

It is not enough to merely change passwords often. It is also crucial to ensure that the new password is strong. A unique combination comprising letters, numbers, and symbols that is not used elsewhere is best. The longer the password, the more secure it is, with 12 letters being a popular length.

Which Digital Literacy Skills Should Potential Employees Possess? 

Digital Literacy Skills

1. Basic Computer Skills 

The ability to operate a computer confidently is the baseline needed for progress in digital literacy. Most other aspects of digital literacy build upon this skill. 

2. Research and Curation Skills 

Researching and locating relevant information is a fundamental part of digital literacy. Knowing where to find reliable and well-sourced articles and how to unpick and understand any bias at play is critical. A digitally literate person should be able to curate the relevant information and pull out the key points. 

3. Ability to Adapt 

One of the core digital skills is the ability to adapt to emergent technologies. Being able to embrace new ways of working, such as incorporating advances in AI, can be an advantage. 

4. Collaboration With Others 

Collaboration can take the form of video calling via communication software such as Teams, Skype, and Zoom or workflow software such as, Asana, and Trello. It is also possible to collaborate using popular customer relationship management software such as Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zendesk. 

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Upskilling Employees in Cybersecurity and Digital Literacy 

Even digitally literate employees may require extra help to comprehend some of the cybersecurity issues they face. Technology is moving fast, and it is crucial to help your employees keep on top of the challenges posed. 

Workplace upskilling is a vital approach in assisting employees to learn and deploy relevant skills. You can use a combination of online learning and on-the-job training to help your employees improve. The scope of the training should cover everything needed to keep your company data safe.

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