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How to Develop Extraordinary Critical Thinking Skills and Turbocharge Your Business’ Growth

published on: 29.08.2018 last updated on: 26.09.2019

Critical thinking skills have so many benefits for business owners. It is one of the best strategies that will make sure that your business is growing in the right direction. Therefore, it is important for all entrepreneurs to make sure that they are strategic thinkers.

If you want to improve your critical thinking skills, one of the best ways to do so is to take a journalist’s approach to your business decisions. Using a reporter’s view when understanding data helps you ask necessary questions and take an unbiased approach to your decision-making process. If you want help to learn how to develop extraordinary critical thinking skills to turbocharge growth for your company, then integrate the following tips into your business decision tasks.


When approaching a business decision, first start off by understanding the ‘who’ components of your decision. This is one of the most important aspects of any business. Who is impacted by your decision and who will benefit from your choice? Taking a who-focused approach to decisions helps you remove emotional biases and focus on the specifics of your current query. This helps you determine whether you are making a decision because the timing is right for you, or whether you are feeling outside pressure to rush your choice. Understanding the ‘who’ component of your business will make sure that you are making the right decisions for your brand. After all, these are the main individuals who will determine the growth of your business. The who are the stakeholders of your business and you cannot assume them if you are aiming towards success.



Learning to question business decisions with a ‘what’ focus helps you clarify the components of your decisions. What needs to be decided? What will the outcome be based upon your final decision? Learn to think in terms of ‘what’ and make a detailed list in point form to make choices impacting your company. There are so many questions that you need to ask yourself when it comes to the ‘what’. The specific ‘what’ questions depend on the specific nature of your business. Explore all these questions so that they can guide your decision-making process. It’s an excellent strategy if you want to make the right decisions for your entity.


Addressing decisions with a ‘where’ focus helps you think long-term instead of focusing on the here-and-now. Where will this decision lead you? This will help you where you expect your business to grow to and if the decision has the potential of taking you there. Where will your business be in six months or a year based upon your choice? Do not gloss over this crucial component of critical thinking as it can have a significant impact on your ability to make the right decisions for your business. The ‘where’ will help you make decisions that will keep your business in the right direction of growth.


Understanding the importance of ‘when’ thinking is essential for sound business decisions. When is the due date for your decision? As an entrepreneur, you have to make timely decisions and the ‘when’ is the most important component in this. When will you see an impact on your company based on your choice? ‘When’ thinking helps you attach a sense of urgency to your business choices and also makes it clear when the influences of others are impacting your decision-making process. No business can grow unless it addresses the ‘when’ of its operations. Look for all the possible ‘when’ questions for your brand and respond to them accordingly.


If you want to improve your critical thinking skills significantly, start taking a ‘why’ approach to business decisions. Why do you need to make this decision? It is important to understand the basis of your decisions because it will help you to make the right moves. Mr. Vinod Ramchandra Jadhav, Chairman of DEVTECH M2M Group, states, “Consider the motivations of those asking you to make a decision. Ask yourself why are you being asked to make a choice that influences your company? ” Learning to ask why on a regular basis can help improve not only your business choices but your personal decisions too. Once you understand why you are making a certain decision, you will be able to tell whether the decisions you are making are right or wrong.




This is the last question that any critical thinker should ask himself in order to enhance the growth of the business. Asking how when making business decisions helps you create a time frame to measure the impact of your choices. How will you take action on your decision and how will you know if your choice was the right one? Asking how helps you spot inefficiencies in your organization and helps you discover opportunities to offer your team improved training. The how will help you to understand the approach that you will take in dealing with various situations in your business. The ‘how’ forms the basis for implementing your business decisions.

“Ask straightforward, focused questions that cover a single topic. This is the best way to get to the truth,” says Mr. Vinod Ramchandra Jadhav. Once you start taking a journalist’s approach to business decisions, you will see how quickly your critical thinking skills improve. You will be able to make intelligent choices based upon solid data, rather than letting your emotions influence your choices. Integrate the above-listed tips into your business growth strategy, and there is a good chance your newly improved critical thinking skills will help increase growth for your business.

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