The Difference between Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing



Marketing is an activity in which you promote your product on different platforms to aid and abet the sales process. In modern times it has also become part of the branding and awareness-related activities.

Brands explore a plethora of platforms to make their brand prominent in the eyes of their customer. There are two major channels that marketers prefer to reach their audiences to bring awareness about the product and services that are digital marketing and social media marketing.

Many people consider social media marketing as digital marketing, however, the truth is social media marketing is one medium of digital marketing. Both sources of customer interaction have their own upshots; we will look at how they can benefit your business.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

These days socializing through social media platforms are at its peak. Popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are liked the most among users to spread the latest chatters and buzz. Meanwhile, these are ideal mediums for brands to find out their target customers and pitch them through their advertising campaigns. There are two ways to get exposure on social media platforms.

Free Promotions

The free promotions technique is time taking and you need to be consistent to make the most out of it. Create your business accounts or pages and accumulate maximum followers by sharing valuable content. As the more, your post is shared and liked by the audience the more it will assist in your business growth.

The last few months have seen SMS campaigns rise in popularity. They are simple, cheap, and allow businesses and professionals to get in touch with their target audiences with relatively zero hassles. Most businesses and even political organizations should look to work with platforms like Tatango to help improve political messaging, donation requests and convey information to their audiences and users.

Paid Advertising

For gaining quick insights from potential customers, you can also utilize paid promotion services provided by social media platforms. These platforms facilitate vendors to conduct sponsored ad campaigns for instant reach to the maximum number of users across the platform.

Advantages of using social media marketing

It is fast

By sharing a post on one of the social media platforms, you will realize the extent of its scope. In a moment your message will reach thousands of users in your network, whether it is a tweet or a Facebook post. That is the reason social media platforms are being utilized to acquire instant boosts.

Know the trends

You get aware of the latest fashion and trends through the content shared across the social media platform and user’s engagement against the content. Also, if you want to know how well your product is doing in the market, you can start a poll to ask audiences how much they like the product. Also, you can check the statistics as to how many users got involved in your post.

Sharing the trending content surely gives you a boost in traffic and your little effort can make a huge difference in your business.

No need to worry about content

about content

Unlike digital marketing where you have to fabricate niche-oriented content to target your potential customers, social media platforms provide you the leverage of sharing content from others but remember to provide the reference of the original source as well. However, it is ideal to bring up your own ideas in content curation.

Acquire user engagement fast

Social media platforms offer you the leverage of engaging your customers by providing valuable information. Users provide their feedback that lets you know how effective your products or services are. You can communicate directly with your customers and ask for their experiences and opinions against your brand. The enriched content tailored appropriately for the audience can bring many fortunes for your business and can yield a significant increase in your conversions.

Digital Marketing

Building your brand awareness utilizing multiple digital channels is referred to as digital marketing. Actually, digital marketing involves building brand awareness on every digital platform and is crucial for each business to grow these days. There are many techniques involved in growing your business through digital marketing.


Search engine optimization techniques are used widely to rank higher in search engines and to increase the traffic to the website. Now each business requires staying ahead of competitors in search engine rankings. By hiring agencies such as Salt Water Digital to help you implement white hat SEO techniques; one can have an advantage over competing sites offering similar services. There are two major approaches when we talk about search engine optimization. It involves On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO

On-Page SEO

It requires optimizing your website in terms of performance, speed, relevancy, and user experience. On-page SEO is all about the structure of a website. A web development company is well aware of the basic practices to make a web page SEO friendly. So they develop a website for keeping the On-Page SEO factors in mind.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO involves elevating your site in search ranking by establishing the authority of your website. It includes quality link building, content marketing, guest blogging, and much more.

Email Marketing

Building strong relationships with your customers or clients through email is better known as email marketing. Regular emails are sent by enterprises on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to inform customers about new arrivals, to make them aware of the promotions, discounts, offers, and to make them engaged with the brand.

Digital advertising

It is an effective way of promoting your brand with the use of sponsored ads. These ads are either showcased on multiple websites, social media platforms or being sent through emails to the targeted customers. This marketing strategy can bring huge potential for instant business growth as it is time-saving and can engage a huge number of people if initiated deliberately. It allows you to target users based on their age, group, ethnicity, or demographics.


Pay per click is another way of search engine advertising. In order to obtain the most visitors on the site, advertisers have to pay for the displayed ads each time they got clicked by the users. Rather than putting efforts into other SEO techniques, most businesses prefer to launch ads for their brand’s promotion.

“Google ads” is the most popular advertising method and user reachability depends on the money you have spent on the ads.

SMS marketing

SMS marketing

Utilizing SMS services to accomplish your marketing goals is an authentic and cost-effective approach being used by marketers these days. Many well-known brands are making use of SMS marketing to reach maximum audiences. It’s a great opportunity to stay ahead of your competitors and to get valuable feedback from users. Many service providers offer you a list of user contacts but it’s not a legal way. You can grow your own list of contacts to target your potential customers.


Social media marketing and digital marketing are both cost-effective marketing techniques that assist in making your brand stand out. It’s important to stay connected with your customers to analyze their needs.

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