Top 5 Famous Music Stars With Impressive Education

Top 5 Famous Music Stars With Impressive Education



In this essay, the writer highlights the top five renowned music stars who have achieved impressive levels of education. While attending school, many of us question whether obtaining a degree is truly valuable. 

Students encounter extensive assignments, tedious academic papers, and strict time limits, all in pursuit of a certificate verifying their education. It may appear meaningless at times. However, the reality remains that a respectable degree is always beneficial, regardless of whether one pursues a career as a manager, entrepreneur, or musician.

Numerous renowned and accomplished individuals have traversed this same journey. Contrary to your advantage of having abundant auxiliary study aids such as essay writers for hire, many did not possess even a fraction of such resources. 

Nevertheless, they persevered and forged successful careers. Within the confines of this article, a seasoned essay writer available for hire will enlighten you about five distinguished musicians with noteworthy academic qualifications. Let’s delve into the details!

Young MC –  University Of Southern California

People mainly know the rapper Young MC for his famous song “Bust a Move.” But there’s more to Marvin Young than just that song. Young MC grew up in Hollis, Queens, a neighborhood that housed the iconic hip-hop group Run-DMC. 

He started rapping when he was only 10 years old, as it was a prominent part of the cultural environment at the time. However, Young MC did not have the luxury of slacking off or getting into trouble, as his parents were hardworking Jamaican immigrants who prioritized success. 

Instead, he dedicated himself to his studies and thrived at Hunter College High School, ultimately gaining admission into Hunter College. Despite his accomplishments on the East Coast, Young MC’s aspirations led him to the Southern Californian University, which is on the opposite side of the country.

While studying economics at USC, a prestigious private research university in the Western region, Young also focused on developing his rap skills. He caught the undivided attention of two of his classmates, who established Delicious Vinyl Records, and they signed him as their first artist. However, their breakthrough success came with Tone Loc. He later performed lyrics by Young MC. 

Eventually, the song “Bust a Move” gained worldwide popularity, earning a Grammy and reaching the top 10 charts. Despite this success, it unfortunately coincided with the decline in popularity of Young MC’s witty, clever, and cheerful style. Nevertheless, Young MC harbors no resentment and has since continued to write, record music, and go on tours as a respected and enduring artist. Someone from Queens had a fantastic career.

Degree: Economics

Saweetie – University Of Southern California

Saweetie has always been open about the significance of education and knowledge in her life. Her real name is Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper. Growing up in Sacramento, CA, with a mother of a Filipina-Chinese background and a dad of African-American origin, Saweetie listened to hip-hop from the West Coast since she was young. 

Despite her admiration for iconic artists like Lil Kim and Foxy Brown and her interest in poetry as a teenager, hearing Nicki Minaj during high school inspired Saweetie to pursue her own career in rapping. However, before embarking on her music journey, she had her mind set on attending college.

Saweetie made a bold decision while attending the State University at San Diego. She was faced with the choice of pursuing full-time music or transferring to Southern California University. Through her determination and an impressive letter she sent to the “Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism,” she earned a spot in one of the most prestigious communications programs worldwide. 

Moreover, a business professor encouraged her to chase her dreams in hip-hop rather than settling for a mundane corporate career. Her education in communications and business has greatly benefited her, leading to numerous endorsements and inclusion in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list. This year, in 2022, she will return to USC as a guest lecturer in the entrepreneurship department!

Degree: Communications

Childish Gambino – New York University

Donald Glover, a rapper who pursued higher education, stands out as an exceptionally talented artist in his generation. He has achieved remarkable success in various areas, including network television writing, acting in the show “Community,” stand-up comedy, as well as writing, directing, and acting in “Atlanta.” 

Additionally, Glover has a notable alter-ego in hip-hop called Childish Gambino, which he generated using an online Wu-Tang name generator. Childish Gambino has become one of the most productive hip-hop artists in the industry despite it being considered a side project. 

Within the next few years, Glover released five back-to-back mixtapes, three albums (“Awaken, My Love!”  “Camp,” and  “Because the Internet”), and an EP.  establishing himself as someone consistently in touch with the current cultural trends. Moreover, in 2018, Glover took his influence even further when his exceptional music video was released for his single “This is America,” imprinting the spirit of Childish Gambino deeply into the American consciousness, a feat that a few superstars can accomplish.

Glover began at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, where he studied Dramatic Writing and graduated in 2006. His career began when his script for The Simpsons got him a writing job at 30 Rock. While Glover had dabbled in DJing and even made a mixtape during his college days, his work in writing and occasionally appearing on 30 Rock brought him into the public eye. 

In 2008, Glover returned to music and released his first mixtape, Gambino, influenced by the Dirty South genre. Initially, this project was meant to serve as a more personal and non-commercial outlet for him amidst professional frustrations, eventually leading him to leave the Community. 

However, despite doubt and skepticism when he first announced his new persona, Childish Gambino defied expectations and became an ideal creative channel for this exceptionally talented and highly motivated young artist. His remarkable success is a testament to what rappers with college degrees can achieve.

Degree: Dramatic Writing

Talib Kweli – New York University 

If there is a comprehensive list of the best hip-hop lyricists that doesn’t include Talib Kweli near the top, it is immediately incorrect. Kweli has been one of the most talented rappers with a college education and developed his exceptional linguistic skills through his upbringing in an utterly educated family. 

His mother is an academic English professor, his father works in college administration and sociology, and his brother is a professor of law. When he was young, Kweli wrote poetry and stories, only exploring rap to acquire popularity in his school. However, like Mos Def, music was not his primary focus. 

While attending NYU, Kweli pursued theater studies like his childhood friend Mos and eventually partnered with producer DJ Hi-Tek on a project called “Reflection Eternal” in 1997. Their reunion with Mos Def allowed the creation of the iconic album “Black Star” in 1998.

Kweli is well-known in the music industry for his intricate and complex rhymes, which include sophisticated polysyllabic and internal rhymes and clever wordplay. Unsurprisingly, he ranks high among rappers with the most extensive vocabulary, which can be attributed to his extensive reading of biographies, history, politics, and philosophy. 

These subjects play a significant role in his socially conscious lyrics. Although Kweli doesn’t often discuss his theater degree, his activist work focuses on promoting literacy and social justice. He and Mos Def own a cultural awareness center called the Nkiru Center for Education and Culture. This center was established from an Afrocentric bookstore at risk of closing. Dr. Brenda Greene, Kweli’s mother, leads the board of directors for the center.

Degree: Theater

Yasiin Bey, Also Known As Mos Def – New York University.

Dante Smith, also known as Mos Def and Yasiin Bey, is a highly esteemed MC of his generation known for his socially-conscious lyrics, continuous reinvention, and unique way of speaking. Although he made his mark in hip-hop by collaborating with groups like Da Bush Babees and De La Soul, Dante Smith had already succeeded as a child actor. 

He had a steady career in television movies, theater, and sitcoms. Choosing acting over completing high school, Smith believes that his love for acting shielded him from the violence and criminal activities in his Brooklyn neighborhood.

While studying theater at NYU, Mos Def unexpectedly entered the hip-hop world. In the early 90s, he gained recognition by performing his poetry at popular venues such as the renowned Nuyorican Cafe. 

In 1993, he formed a hip-hop group with his siblings, catching the attention of the Native Tongues collective, a creative community consisting of talented artists like the Jungle Brothers, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, and Queen Latifah, who were known for their intricate lyrics and Afrocentric themes. Mos Def joined forces with Talib Kweli, another theater student, and together they released a groundbreaking album named Black Star. 

This marked the beginning of Mos Def’s solo career, characterized by his exceptional lyrical abilities, active political involvement, and unwavering dedication to his craft, whether it be rap, acting, or any other pursuit he chooses to undertake as Yasiin Bey.

Degree: Theater

The Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, pursuing higher education at a college or university is a challenging endeavor. It necessitates unwavering dedication and determination to overcome obstacles and achieve your degree. Sometimes, the journey may seem arduous, and the rewards must be revised. But it’s essential to keep going and not quit.

There exists a multitude of renowned and accomplished individuals who possess college qualifications. It has come to light that some of these individuals pursued their degrees despite already establishing prosperous careers, seemingly not requiring further academic credentials. 

It is, therefore, advisable to emulate their example and continue investing in your education. In today’s era, it is always possible to enlist the services of an expert online essay writer to alleviate some of the workloads, allowing you to rejuvenate and subsequently focus on your studies.

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