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6 Ways to Get Free Followers on Instagram

published on: 02.04.2018 last updated on: 05.04.2024

Are you looking for ways of increasing your number of followers on Instagram? The truth of the matter is that you can achieve this objective without paying the even single cent. However, the quality of followers is more important than even the quantity of the following. There is no need to get a high number of following on Instagram that does not impact positively on the overall performance of your business.

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This brings me to a point where I have to warn you against third party software that promises to give you free instant followers. Ask yourself the quality of following you will get. It’s better to use natural means to attract followers who have an interest in the goods and services that you are offering on the market. This may call for some level of patience but it is genuine. After all, whatever comes easily also goes away easily. You can use some of these hack tools to get free Instagram followers but they will unfollow you immediately hence becoming counter-productive. You need the kind of results that will add value to your business and stand the test of time.One of the most reliable platforms that can help you to get organic followers on Instagram is IGinstant. Continue reading if you want to learn the various ways to get free followers on Instagram. All you need is to commit enough time to this process and you will be good to go.

Best Ways to Get Free Followers on Instagram: 

1. Posting Consistently

A research done by various companies that evaluate social media analytics reveal that an average Instagram user will always post one time each day. One interesting thing is that Instagram accounts that receive one to ten followers each day post something that is higher than that and posts two to three pictures on a daily basis. The implication is that you cannot get a huge following on Instagram unless you post more frequently. In fact, Instagram is in the process of rolling out an algorithm that is similar to that of Facebook and this will increase the possibility of your posts being viewed more as long as you post on a regular basis. A good combination of Instagram hashtags can enhance the visibility of your posts in the explore feeds too. Using Instagram post generator will make your work much easier. 

2. Study and Explore the Up-Quality Hashtags

Apart from Twitter, Instagram seems to give a lot of attention to the hashtags. Making use of the right hashtags can display the image of your brand to a broad range of your target audience. In fact, Instagram users don’t always get the hashtag fatigue like is the case with Snapchat and Facebook. In simple terms, hashtags provide one of the best opportunities to get a free following on Instagram. Instagram will provide you with a maximum of 30 hashtags for every post and most people make good use of these limits. According to the studies by Track Maven, anything that is higher than 30 hashtags can result in a high level of interactions. However, it is not clear on the number of hashtags that are right for a video or photo. The good thing is that you can research for similar posts and use the same hashtags. This will ultimately result in a high volume of followers.

3. Share User Generated Content

You can never record consistency on your Instagram account unless you are able to upload high-quality photos. In some cases, you may not have sufficient time to take excellent shots on a daily basis. There is no problem if you decide to share some user-generated content on your Instagram profile. For instance, you could be having a business account or product-based profile and you can use this to share honest reviews about your profile. Make sure you interact with your users and fans so that they can send you images while consuming your products or services. Try featuring such information on your account and you will be able to attract a high volume of following. The experience creates an authentic and genuine vibe for your potential customers and the market as a whole.

4. Try Videos

As a user, Instagram allows you to share videos that run between 3 to 60 seconds. In fact, over 5 million people shared their videos on Instagram within the first 24 hours after its rollout. This shows how users had been longing for this feature and the great miracles it can perform in attracting new followers. About 10 percent of accounts on Instagram have a video and they attract close to 18 percent of the total following on this platform. Therefore, uploading excellent videos is an excellent way to get free followers on Instagram.

5. Sharing the Love

Love is one of the things that will always stay in this world. The people that we talk to and the relationships that we create matter a lot when looking for followers. Have you heard of the tradition of ‘Follow, like, like, like?’ This means that you can get a follower by following another person and liking his posts three times consecutively.  Therefore, you need to set up some time every day for just scrolling through Instagram and enjoying the platform. Respond to some of the comments, follow new people, like photos, and comment on some of the posts you find to be amazing. Showing and sharing your love will definitely pay off in the long run. It also develops a genuine Instagram experience for everyone. 

6. Cross Promotion Across the Various Social Media Platforms

Finally, be keen to share the photos you upload on Instagram on the other social media platforms. It is very easy to share your Instagram images on Flickr, Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook. Apart from gaining dominance on other social media platforms, a friend who does not follow you on Instagram will get to learn your Instagram account. You can also use the stories feature to cross-promote your social media accounts with that of your friends. You can always get some help from some of your friends who are already popular on Instagram. Other tricks involve using third parties as apps or exchange websites.


The content of this article is meant to give you a free following on Instagram without any cheat or hack. All the methods provided above are genuine and organic. Just follow them keenly and integrate with nice photos and you will attract thousands of followers within no time. Don’t trust any website that tells you that it has free Instagram hacks and tools for generating followers. Most if not all of them are fake or even scams that target individuals who are desperate of finding followers. It’s wise to be patient so that you can attract an organic following. You will be able to engage with natural follower and retain them for a longer period. The truth of the matter is that you cannot use a third-party script to generate Instagram followers. It’s wise to use the above methods in order to generate genuine followers on Instagram and these are the best way to get free followers on Instagram.

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