Insurance Companies Will Defend Themselves In A Slip And Fall Accident Case

How Insurance Companies Will Defend Themselves In A Slip And Fall Accident Case

If you have been injured in an accident that was caused by someone’s negligence, getting compensation will involve dealing with the insurance companies. This can be difficult, as insurance companies have a reputation for twisting cases that could cost them money. Mega corporations, like insurance companies, often are rich enough to pay their lawyers to defend them or their claims. Along these lines, people are frequently in a tough spot when they face insurance agencies in talks or court. If you or your loved one is currently facing similar challenges, you should speak with a Miami slip and fall accident attorney. Here are the three insurance tactics to guide you against.

Insurance Tactic 1: Delaying The Claims Of Injury

The first method or tactic that is used by insurance companies is trying to delay the claims of injury as much as possible. Delaying the claim can be done for many reasons, such as:

Frustrating The Victim Into Quitting

Compensation is rarely simple to obtain. Insurance companies can request complicated paperwork and information that is not necessary to process your claim. They are aware that you are not likely to have this information at hand. As a result, you will waste time and effort looking for it. After you submit, they can ask for more information or claim your documents aren’t complete. You can spend what feels like an eternity on the phone. Some insurance companies might move you from department to department in pursuit of a response. These tiresome strategies are intended to frustrate you into giving up your claim.

Allowing Evidence To Deteriorate

Allowing Evidence To Deteriorate

Insurance firms will occasionally put off processing a claim in the hopes that some of the evidence will deteriorate. This is not to say that the evidence is compromised or weakened. Instead, it will make it harder to prove. Consider a person who saw the incident, for instance, who would be happy to provide a statement about what they witnessed if they were approached a week after the tragedy. If that person is called six months later, they are likely to have forgotten most of the specifics and will no longer be interested in testifying.

Statute Of Limitations

A lot of lawsuits have a statute of limitations, which is why insurance companies often give victims a roundabout way to ensure time passes and their claims become obsolete. This is one of the reasons it is advisable to get in touch with a personal injury attorney because every insurance company is aware of the timing factors involved in winning or losing a case. These companies won’t give it a second thought before intentionally letting the statute of limitations run out to deprive you of your rightful compensation.

Insurance Tactic 2: Denying The Claim

Contesting Liability

Even in cases where their driver’s negligence is the cause of the accident, insurance companies can contest or deny your claim. Other times, they will only acknowledge partial liability or fault.

Downplaying Injuries

Downplaying Injuries

Insurance can also try to downplay your injuries and trauma and make your case seem less serious or even make it appear as though the injury never even occurred. This may involve asking you cunning questions that give the impression that your injuries are not as severe as you claim. They might also involve a medical professional who asserts that the level of suffering you feel is not reflected in your medical records. This is one of the reasons why you should hire a personal injury lawyer: to protect your interests and preserve the value of your claim.

Pick Your Actions Apart

Insurance companies may sometimes reject claims by picking apart your actions, such as arguing that your injuries weren’t serious because you delayed seeking medical care. Insurance providers are aware that there are numerous explanations for why claimants delay seeking medical care. However, this won’t stop them from employing this tactic to reject personal injury cases. This is why, even if you are unclear about the seriousness of any injuries, it is crucial to seek medical assistance as soon as you can. Not only can prompt treatment stop injuries from getting worse, but it also stops insurance companies from utilizing a typical trick to reject your claim.

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Insurance Tactic 3: Defend Against The Claim

Another tactic that insurance companies use is to fight the claim as vigorously as they can once all attempts at postponing and denying it have failed and payment on the claim is required. The primary objective of this is to reduce the possibility of a verdict or reduce the settlement to a minimum. Insurance firms can afford to pay millions of dollars to attorneys to support their claims. As a result, people frequently find themselves in a terrible position when dealing with insurance companies in negotiations or court.

Using Their Power

Insurance companies use attorneys and hire private detectives and law firms from outside to take advantage of any legal weakness and support the insurance provider’s defense of their stance. Insurance providers are aware that many accident victims will take what they can get and be content with it. But with a great lawyer like personal injury lawyer Rancho Cucamonga, you don’t have to take a lowball offer. You can fight the insurance provider with the aid of a knowledgeable personal injury attorney.

Shifting Fault

Insurance companies frequently attempt to assign blame and implicate you in both the accident and the injuries you sustained. This is just one of many reasons why it is crucial to have legal counsel working on your case from the outset and representing you. Even if you share some blame, it doesn’t make your claim less legitimate. You can still receive compensation from the insurance company as long as your percentage of blame is less than 50%.

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