Business Alter A Rented Office

How Much Can A Business Alter A Rented Office? Advice For Start-Up Companies

When you are renting an office space, you may find the setup to be a bit boring and bland, much like renting a home.

As this is an area that you are going to be working in, at least part-time in the case of coworking, you may be wondering how much you can change the decor in the rented office, so it can better showcase your company or even your personality. Of course, altering a rental space is going to require careful consideration and adherence to the terms of the leasing agreement.

However, here are five ways you can potentially alter a rented office while showcasing your personality and keeping your property manager happy.

Furniture And Décor

Furniture And Décor

Even if you are coworking Shoreditch, or you have a full-time rental office, one of the easiest ways you can alter the look and feel of a rented office is simply by adding or rearranging the furniture or even bringing some of your own in. Consider investing in movable and modular furniture that can easily be reconfigured without causing damage to the space, such as desk chairs or even something more personal like artwork, plants, rocks, or curtains. If there is space, you may even want to get a small fish tank simply because they’re cute and relaxing.

Temporary Partitions

If you are lucky enough to have a very large office, you may want to divide the space up. This is why it may be a good idea to use temporary partitions or room dividers. This will help to create private meeting spaces or even workstations in the space without making permanent alterations, like building walls. Also, partitions can also really class up the place!


Lighting is a key part of any workspace and can significantly impact the ambience of the office. You would likely be able to use floor lamps, desk lamps, or LED lights, but you should avoid any electrical work that may require altering the building’s wiring, as this should only be done by professionals with permission from the property manager.

Paint Or No?

When it comes to painting the office, this may not be allowed in the rented space. So, it may be worth exploring alternative wall treatments that can easily be removed or altered when the time comes for you to vacate the office. These can be things such as temporary wallpapers, wall decals, or even removable adhesive hooks for hanging items, as these will be useful.


Last but not least, what is an office without a filing cabinet? This is a temporary and almost necessitated item that you can use to keep the information, such as taxes etc., as well as adding an air of professionalism to the office. As well as this, it may be worth installing a bookshelf to showcase some books, which can impress clients. Just make sure you’ve read them all, as that could make one very awkward conversation if you’re asked about a book on your shelf that you haven’t read!

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