How to Start a Cooking Channel

How to Start a Cooking Channel on YouTube



YouTube is a fantastic platform for chefs, food enthusiasts, and amateur cooks looking to showcase their recipes on a global scale.  

And why wouldn’t it be? 

Starting a channel offers numerous benefits, whether you intend to dedicate yourself entirely to the platform or use your cooking channel to boost visitors to your food blog. 

By using the correct strategy, it can assist you in engaging with your viewers, enhancing your brand exposure, and potentially earning money. 

Creating a great cooking channel on YouTube is possible, but it will require dedication and hard work to do it right and have a chance of standing out among the many food YouTubers with audiences on the platform.  

Before uploading your initial video, there are numerous factors to consider, such as selecting a specific category, deciding on the proper gear, and producing top-notch content. 

Here’s what you need to know about them. 

1: Choose a Proper Theme 

This might refer to a particular type of food, such as plant-based or a regional dish, or a method of preparing food like barbequing or making quick meals.  

Alternatively, you have the option to avoid the kitchen room and instead write reviews on local restaurants or conduct interviews within your area with local chefs.  

The key is to have one item that connects your entire channel – your brand should be easily recognizable to viewers when they see your content. 

Not sure how to get going?  

Consider the intersection of your interests, expertise, and market needs.  

Are your friends frequently inquire about your methods for preparing healthy meals for your family with a busy schedule?  Then you could tailor your channel for busy parents.  

If you use your talent for cake decorating to make creative cakes, you might also consider demonstrating your expertise in piping and fondant to your audience. 

2: Have a Proper Content Plan 

Have a Proper Content Plan

Keeping your audience engaged requires a consistent flow of videos. This is true for both a cooking channel or a piece of media where you talk about quick loans.  

Nevertheless, when it’s time to create fresh material, you might find yourself gazing at your kitchen, pondering what you can showcase to your audience. 

A content plan is necessary for that. By planning a list of video concepts in advance, you can prevent this obstacle from arising unexpectedly during the filming process. Creating a schedule for filming, editing, and uploading your content can also assist you in maintaining your food channel’s consistency. 

That raises the question, how do you generate ideas initially? Keeping your theme in mind, you can seek inspiration from different sources such as browsing cookbooks, considering the meals you frequently prepare, and pondering common cooking queries from others.  

After you have built a stronger channel, you can start making content in response to viewer inquiries and demands as well. 

3: Determine the Style of Your Video Production 

All food influencers strive to produce content that resonates with audiences and engages them to come back for additional content.  

Certainly, individuals are attracted to different kinds of content, therefore, it’s unrealistic to anticipate universal popularity for your videos.  

The important thing is to recognize your perfect audience and produce content that always resonates with them. 

Whether you choose a humorous approach filled with pop-culture nods or a more serious tone centered on culinary science, decide and commit to it.  

Don’t forget, when you make videos, you’re also building a brand

4: Begin Creating Content One by One 

Once you have planned your channel in written form, it is time to start producing content.  

Although starting with a phone and natural lighting is possible, it could be advantageous to purchase items like a camcorder, microphone, tripod and lighting for better quality filming. 

Despite possessing top-notch equipment, it is essential to have the knowledge of setting it up, planning videos, and presenting food effectively. Yes, it’s true that YouTubers require similar skills to those of food photographers and food stylists! 

When recording, make sure to have a clear idea of how you will narrate the events.  

For instance, when making crepes, will you provide instructions on how to spread the batter on the pan, or will you opt for adding text overlay afterwards?  

No matter which option you select, effective communication is essential; your audience should leave with solutions, not uncertainties. 

5: Keep Churning Out New Content 

Keep Churning Out New Content

Being consistent is crucial if you aim to influence others through a food blog, a YouTube cooking channel, or a TikTok channel.  

It often takes a few weeks or possibly even months for your content to reach more people, but regularly posting videos will increase the chances of viewers finding your channel. 

When running your cooking channel, keep in mind factors like brand voice, expenses, and promotion. If you require help with the business aspect of starting and growing your channel, you could find value in joining a food entrepreneurship program.  

It provides the chance to explore various subjects including photography, marketing, and social media management, along with acquiring information on culinary techniques such as mise en place and recipe creation. 

6: Try using Descriptive Language in Your Video 

When describing the dishes you cook, utilize all available tools since viewers cannot taste the final product.  

In addition to the sounds of sizzling bacon and the sight of dripping grease, incorporating detailed language can provide your audience with a sense of the flavors of your dishes.  

Avoid using words such as delicious and tasty, and opt for terms like succulent, smoky and indulgent. The more creative you are with your words, the better.  

7: Collaborate with Other Famous Channels 

Joining forces with other food channels on YouTube has many benefits for building your own channel. By working together, you’ll be able to reach the followers of other channels and introduce your content to new viewers. 

Cross-promoting channels that collaborate can assist in increasing viewers and subscribers for both parties. Besides, working together introduces diversity and new viewpoints to your material, which helps in maintaining the interest of your audience.  

Establishing connections in the YouTube community through working together on projects creates pathways for potential future opportunities and partnerships. 

The Bottom Line 

To sum up, there are numerous advantages to creating your own YouTube cooking channel. You can earn money, establish your brand, and market your food-related initiatives and companies. Building a thriving channel requires effort, yet with proper planning, tools, and video editing skills, you can quickly gain traction and expand your viewership. 

It is crucial to include various channels in your growth strategy, and a food blog can be especially beneficial. If you have a food blog on WordPress, the WP Recipe Maker plugin will be very useful in assisting you in creating beautiful recipe cards on your site.  

You have the option to include your YouTube videos in your recipe cards, providing a way to enhance engagement and maximize the use of your videos. 

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