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Can You Be Successful Life Without Social Media?



Do most people tend to think about how life without social media can be? The reason is that people spend most of their time on social media than anything else. As a result, no one can imagine leading a life without social media. Unless you are using social media for business purposes, you will end up wasting a lot of your valuable time. We tend to forget that human beings existed for centuries before the invention of social media. 

Can Live Happily without Social Media?

Currently, people spend most of their time on Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms and hence cannot imagine leading a life without social media. In fact, you may not even take the time to think about what your life would be like without social media you are too busy tapping messages on your Smartphone.

Besides, you may be too young to think of the adult experience that did not have things like following, liking, posting, and texting among others. The question we are asking here is would life without social networking be better or worse.

If the answer is yes, how can you go about your life without these social platforms? As you look at this, it is good to understand that what is better is more of a personal opinion. There are people who can live comfortably without seeing another hashtag for the rest of their lives.

To others, however, social media is a matter of life and death. These are people who can give up everything that they have as long as they can access social media. In this article, we will give you a few tips on how to lead a life without social media. 

1. Cold Turkey

If you want to live your life without social media, you have to start by quitting. There are so many benefits of quitting social media. The best way to achieve this objective is not necessarily the easiest way out. You need to close all your social media accounts and face the music. You can get in touch through your email account or use your phone as per its original intention. 

There are so many channels to reach out to your friends, family, and colleagues apart from social media. Over time, you will discover that you can comfortably survive on social media. You can use the time that you were using to socialize on social media for other more productive activities in life.

Once you get to the new life without social media, you will discover that the real world is not as bad as you thought. You will begin to see those people who spend most of their time on social media as time-wasters. The secret is learning to take a step at a time and you will begin to appreciate life without social media. 

2. Clean Your PC and Smartphone

If your plan is to quit social media for good, this could be one of the hardest steps to take. After deleting your social media accounts, you also need to remove the temptation. To do this, it is wise to delete all the social media apps from your PC, tablet, or Smartphone. You don’t want anything that will remind you of the experience that you are missing on social media. 

If you manage to get the courage of taking such a major move in life, you will be halfway through the journey of quitting social media. Quitting you will help you to a great extent even if you think that you are a social media addict. It means that you will not be having any social media icons to tempt or taunt you.

Therefore, you should not debate this action or keep on pushing it. If you don’t, you will be tempted one day to tap the icon. You will find yourself in the place where you started. Do yourself the favor of cleaning your device if you want a successful life without social media.

3. Meditate 


Making a significant change in one’s life can be upsetting and confusing. The inability of coping with these situations is what drives most people back to the use of social media or anything that they are trying to quit.

However, you can improve the odds of keeping off and calming the storm by staying far from the social media finger traps by meditating an hour every day. It will give you a more consistent emotional state and you will not require constant reinforcement hence helping you to crave from your social media interactions. Therefore, meditation is one of the number one remedies for quitting social media. 

4. Do Something 

One commonality among almost all social media addicts is that they have a tendency of being somewhat sedentary. Even if they are old enough to test life before Facebook, there is a high chance that they are less active physically than they were at that time. This is a factor that can easily extend to you as an individual.

The good news is that if you come from somewhere where it appears as if all that you did was social media, you can now get to do something else. You will discover that most of the world that you sometimes knew back is still existent. It means that there isn’t a shortage of places to go and things to do. Just look for something that will divert your attention out of social media. It is an excellent approach, especially for girls quitting social media. 

5. Get in Shape

As we stated earlier, you could have brought a toll on your physical condition by starring at your Smartphone for a long time. Therefore, an excellent way for life without social media is dedicating yourself to getting in shape. You may choose to workout every couple of days or even join a health club. You can buy an assault bike, rowing machine, or even take up running. If there is the temptation of opening up a new social media account, pick your rowing machine, and then work off all your anxiety. 

You will discover that you are in great shape even before you know it. You can show it off by attending real parties instead of posting your photo on social media and wait for comments and likes as it will take you back from where you were coming from. living without social media is possible as long as you choose the right thing to divert your attention from these sites. 

6. Be Social 

Be SocialThe term ‘social media is somewhat a contradiction when you look at people staring at their smartphones; you will discover that so little socializing is taking place. Even individuals who go out together are most of time engaged on their phones than the friends who are sitting next to them.

Therefore, you will discover that you have minimal time to interact with the people that you meet. Not having social media means bucking this trend and learning how to say ‘bye’ and ‘hi’ during actual face-to-face conversations. It does not require the individual to build a wall around himself or tap the screen. 

7. Get Enough Sleep

Get Enough SleepMost people today sleep with their phones next to their beds. Therefore, you can be awakened at 3:00 a.m. by someone who just decides to post a picture of her cat sleeping next to her. The reason is that most people don’t sign out of their social media accounts as they go to bed.

When you unplug from social media, you will discover that you will have better sleep and have more energy as you wake up. This will also increase your productivity at work and you may even become a candidate for promotion. Still, wondering whether life without social media is better or bitter? You have the answer now.

Of course, if you are still having trouble sleeping after trialing logging out of social media before bed, make sure to do some research on websites like and/or contact a doctor.

8. Read

There is so much that comes with reading and it’s not just going through a few lines every day. You need to get a nice book and commit yourself to reading it within the shortest time possible.

Just use the time you were browsing in reading and you will discover that life without social media is interesting. The good thing about reading is that it equips you into a better person than what social media does. 

9. Learn to Listen

Learn to ListenSocial media requires you to build a wall around yourself and only focus on the screen that is in front of you and not the people around you. Due to this, listening has now become a lost art. It is next to impossible to tweet and listen at the same time.

However, good listening is a crucial element for anyone who wants to advance his life. Good listeners also make good bosses and climb to the top positions very fast. Therefore, learn to live without social media and you will become a good listener.

10. Volunteer 

Volunteer Social media requires a lot of concentration and focus and this can make you lose base with your community. However, we are not talking about the online community here. It is the real community that you actually live in.

Once you learn to live without social media, you will have so much time to help in making your community a better place. You can be part of the fundraising drives, organize a blood drive, help people register as voters, help your elderly neighbors, and become a coach of your youth team among others. 

11. Go Back to School 

Supplementing your skillset is the best thing to help your career. Technology is changing very fast and all professions are in high demand for individuals who have the right set of skills.

When you choose to lead a life without social media, you will get enough time to go back to school. You can take some weekend or night courses. The time that you were using social media will help you to achieve your career objectives. It will help you to get a better and more fulfilling job. 

12. Change Your Routines 

You have to change some of your routines if you want a life without social media. So many people chat, upload, post, and continue to use social media as they eat. You’d rather focus on your food and the unusual taste than wasting time on Facebook. Also,

Don’t come along with your phone to bed. It will help you to avoid texting as you sleep. If you want to get in touch with a friend, make a call, and have real conversations. You will begin to realize that deleting social media benefits are uncountable. 

13. Keep a Diary 

Keep a Diary

Listening is increasingly becoming a lost art and we can reclaim it if there are no social media. Being the queen or king of acronyms does not amount to writing. Just quit social media and begin to maintain a diary.

As you go through this transition, write down everything that you feel. Note how life without social media is affecting you and those around you. Also, write how other people react to your decision in 500 to 1000 words per day. This is a habit that will pay you handsome dividends.

14. Pick a New Hobby

Pick a New HobbyDid you know that it is a hobby to spend the whole day on social media? A hobby is an interest or activity that you pursue relaxation or pleasure and it is not your main occupation.

Since this sounds like social media, just get another interesting thing to do. It could be filmmaking, swimming, painting, art, drawing, yoga, and many more. The list of possible hobbies is endless and it really keeps people without social media engagement. 

15. Travel

TravelQuitting social media Reddit is not a waste of time since you can use that time for traveling. However, overcome the temptation of taking selfies on your tour and posting them on social media (pros of social media).

Out of your phone, disconnect the internet, put on your shoes, and discover what the area is all about. Just concentrate on exploring what the area has to offer. You can share with your family and friends what the trip was all about once you get home. 


These tips will help you to lead a life without social media successfully. You can use that time to do other important things that make you a better person. In summary, we can say that life without social media is better and not bitter. 

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