why should you link your client’s Google ads account to the search console?

Why Should You Link Your Client’s Google Ads Account To The Search Console?



By using Google Search Console, one can do pretty much everything. 

Google Search Console was originally known as Google Webmaster Tools, and people called it for a decade. Later in the year 2015 rebranded its tools naming it Google Search Console. 

Google never bores us; rather it gives us tools, analytics, and data to track. In this article, you will have a complete list of basics. Starting from the URL tools to inspect. to the coverage report. 

You will get to know: 

  • Benefits of linking Google Ads account to the Search Console.
  • Steps to link Google Search Console to the Google Ads account.
  • Automate ads with Blue Winston.

Keep reading this, “why should you link your client’s Google ads account to the search console?” to know more.

Why Should You Link Your Client’s Google Ads Account To The Search Console? 

It is really important to understand your position in the game and places of improvement while running a campaign.

Even though the Google Ads account tries its best but still fails to give you every detail of the data, Search Console comes to the rescue with an extensive data set. This data consists of a lot and benefits you in many ways. Now here we are discussing about why should you link your client’s Google ads account to the search console?

1. Paid Vs Organic Keywords

Paid Vs Organic Keywords

By connecting the Google Ads account to Search Console points you towards accessing Paid and Organic Report, which shows the comparison of the performance of the keywords. 

These reports give you an idea about the keywords that work well and stop you from spending unnecessary effort on the keywords that do not work.

You will be able to pause or adjust search bids on keywords that perform well with the help of organic search. With this, you can save some extra bucks.

2. Keywords And Queries

Keywords And QueriesSearch Console helps you to see additional data queries as well as keywords which will inspire you to create creative words that can perform better in the future. 

You can also acquire recently discovered keywords that will trigger your campaign to have a better and wider audience reach. 

3. Comparison 

ComparisonEvery business owner keeps track of their competitors by comparing growth. Therefore when you link your Google Ads account to the Search Console, there will be a comparison of your campaigns with your competitors.  

So, you can smoothly adjust campaigns to outdo your rivalry and notice the increase and decrease of your campaign activity

You can also start learning a thing or two about Search Console.

Steps For Linking Google Ads To Google Search Console

Steps For Linking Google Ads To Google Search Console

We are done discussing the benefits of why should you link your client’s google ads account to the search console? Now, let’s link them. 

1. Access Linked Accounts 

  • Go to your Google Ads dashboard.
  • Click the Tools button.
  • 20 options will appear in a dropdown.
  • Go to settings.
  • Select linked accounts. 

2. Search Console

  • Get to Search Console option in your linked accounts. 
  • Then click details. 

3. Link 

After finishing the second step, there is only one thing to do in the next step, click the link.

4. Website Address 

Do name the same naming convention your site already has for the Search Console account.  

If, in case, you are having trouble linking your accounts, then it might be verifying the ownership data of your site. How to do this? Simply click the link that says “claim it at Search Console.” You will be recommended for verification. 

There you go with the steps for linking in “why should you link your client’s Google ads account to the search console?”


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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

Q 1: What Are The 3 Main Benefits Of Advertising On Google Adwords?

A:  The main benefits of advertising on Google Adwords are as follows. 

  • It targets your ads.   
  • Control the cots.
  • Measure success.
  • Manage campaigns. 

Q 2: Does Search Console Include Google Ads?

A: Google Search Console shows the organic for all data sets, besides impressions that contain data from Google Ads.

Q3: Why Are Google Ads So Important?

A: Google Ads helps you and your customers to get to your page while they search for their interests. Therefore you can refine the searches so that customers who are interested in buying your product will be sent to your website. 

Q 4: How Can I Check If A Link Is Safe Or Not?

A: You can do that by using the following link checkers. 

  • Google Transparency Report.
  • Norton Safe Web.
  • PhishTank.
  • ScanURL.
  • URLVoid.
  • Virus Total.
  • PSafe dfndr lab.

Q 5: Can You Get Viruses From Visiting A Website

A: yes, of course, you can, and that is called drive-by downloads. You better have an antivirus set up on your computer. 

Wrapping It All Up

There you go with almost everything mentioned about why should you link your client’s Google ads account to the search console?

Google keeps surprising us with new reporting features in a  good way. You can definitely have access to competitive data, analytic data, funnel data…data, and data. 

Leave a comment below in the comment box to share your experience and also tell us if we missed something to mention.

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