LinkedIn Enjoys Record Level Of Engagement: Has 985M Members

LinkedIn Enjoys Record Level Of Engagement: It Now Has 985 Million Members

Microsoft’s Q1 2024 update comes with delightful news for LinkedIn. The report says that the platform now has 985M members with a record level of engagement. As LinkedIn enjoys a record level of engagement, there is an impressive 12% hike in LinkedIn sessions this quarter.

According to Microsoft, LinkedIn has managed to boost its membership in all the quarters for the last two years. This consecutive growth has further reached a new height with the integration and implementation of artificial intelligence in the platform. Also, the platform has grown in terms of knowledge-sharing.

In addition, with the presence of “collaborative articles,” members or users now have more reasons to engage in the platform. The integration of artificial intelligence now allows the platform to offer prompts on which users can show and share their knowledge and grasp over specific topics.

Recently, there were new updates from LinkedIn regarding collaborative articles. The updates were perceived as crucial for the growth of the traffic on the platform. Indeed, this tactic from LinkedIn has paid off, with LinkedIn acknowledging the contribution of more than one million experts in the “collaborative articles” format.

Experts can now make the most of the generative assistance from artificial intelligence and create content in their areas of expertise. Further, they can share the content of LinkedIn. 

Along with this tremendous hike in engagement and the number of users, LinkedIn also records an improvement in the number of newsletter subscriptions. The platform now has over 450 million sign-ups all over the world. In a year-over-year comparison, this is a 3X growth in the newsletter subscriptions. 

Moreover, more people have gone for the premium subscription of LinkedIn. There is an increase of 55% in the premium subscriptions (year-over-year). Another exciting feature to come from LinkedIn a few months back was the “AI-assisted messages for recruiters.” The platform has also enjoyed a growth in engagement in this section, making the recruitment processes more streamlined.

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