Love Getting Into It With Strangers Online

Love Getting Into It With Strangers Online? Here Are 4 Discussion Platforms To Try

Who doesn’t love an animated debate between two people with opposing viewpoints? Okay, maybe there are plenty of people who would rather avoid conflict of any kind as they navigate the online world. However, some of us live for that type of lively conversation that challenges our views and forces us to back up our opinions with data. Often, this can turn you into a more critical thinker since you have to justify why you think the way you think.

Finding the right outlet for your strong opinions can be a lot of fun. It may even be a way to boost your mental health, stimulating your brain as you try to debate another person about why their viewpoint is wrong and yours is right. Unfortunately, debates are often taken personally and people become offended by the viewpoints of others very easily. If you go looking to argue and diss others for their opinions, you must be ready for them to come back at you.

If the consequences of arguing with strangers online are worth it to you, then here are five discussion platforms where you can easily get into it with others.



We all know how big of an application Twitter, now called X, is. Millions and millions of people across the planet have accounts where they can post publicly and others can react to those posts. Unfortunately, Twitter may be one of the most toxic places to have a debate, especially with character limitations. However, you cannot argue with the fact that it is easy to debate viewpoints on this platform. It can easily foster quick back-and-forth exchanges between multiple parties with the “reply” and “quote” functions, making it easy to keep track of the whole discussion. Plus, you can even join a space to debate using your voice rather than your fingers. Just remember that blocking followers on X is changing, so be careful who you argue with.


If Twitter/X is considered toxic, then Reddit could be its evil cousin. Reddit is full of opinions, many of which are informed and many of which are not. You can find pretty much any topic imaginable on this platform, especially with the high number of subreddits that have developed massive followings. Some of the largest subreddits are about topics like gaming, music, world news, Ask Reddit, and stuff that makes you laugh. This is another place where you can easily start an argument with others, or a debate if you want to remain somewhat civilized, and the Reddit community will not be shy about joining in on the fun.


Do you have an interest in topics like computing, humanities, recreation, or sciences? Would you like to engage in deep discussions with other individuals who have similar interests? Then you should consider connecting to the Usenet platform. Usenet is outside of the internet and is hosted by its own set of powerful servers. Hundreds of thousands of “newsgroups” exist where users engage in lively, unregulated discussions and upload articles that can be downloaded by others, all on a secure network. Some of the largest and most active newsgroups are about the topics listed above, so you can easily get into a healthy online debate once you find some cheap Usenet providers to connect to the network through.


Perhaps you are more interested in formalized debates. Rather than getting into an argument with someone on X or Reddit where things can quickly become personal or heated, some platforms online are designed to mimic the circumstances of a classic debate. One of the best sites for this is DebateArt. Here, you can start a debate topic and open it up to challengers. The platform allows you to argue through multiple rounds, presenting evidence in a long comment and with links or relevant data. Then, readers will look through the various points made and vote on who won the debate. This can be a super fun way to engage your mind and challenge your viewpoints as well as the viewpoints of others.

Debating Strangers Can Be Addicting, So Be Careful

Although you can take steps to ensure online debates or arguments remain civil, you cannot always control the actions of those you are in contention with. Sometimes, people are not up for a healthy discussion but simply want to go after those with opposing viewpoints and try to make them feel less than. Do not engage with these types of people. Understand that debates can get heated without becoming personal. Some people just fall in love with the act of disagreeing and trying to make others feel bad about their opinions.

Try out these various discussion platforms if you have the itch to debate about certain topics and want to find an outlet. Each of them can be useful in connecting you to people with opposing viewpoints for a lively discussion, just be careful that you do not obsess over the act of arguing with strangers.

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