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Case Study: How A Matchmaking Business is Succeeding On Social Media In the Age of Dating Apps



Nowadays, not only coming up with a completely original business idea, but also succeeding with it, is almost unheard of. We’ve commodified nigh on every aspect of our lives, and competition is steeper than ever in most niches. 

For instance, while dating services used to generally be frowned upon or laughed at, they’ve exploded in popularity over the last decade – and unless you’re Tinder, you’ll have to really hone in on what makes you special and have a solid branding strategy in place to attract an audience.

So, how do you go about this? Look no further than Kelleher International for inspiration. This professional matchmaking service has cemented itself as a quality alternative for more serious daters in the midst of the dating app craze – and has managed to amass thousands upon thousands of followers on their social media channels in the process, widening their reach significantly and converting many into loyal customers. 

Whether you’re running a dating service yourself or a different business, keep reading to find out what Kelleher International are doing right on their channels – and how you can emulate their approach in a way that makes sense for your business.

Ways Matchmaking Business Is Benefiting From Social Media 

Ways Matchmaking Business Is Benefiting From Social Media 

There are different ways match-making businesses benefit from social media platforms. You must be well aware of it. You should know the process from your end while reaching your goals with complete ease. 

1. Find Your USP And Run With It

First of all, when starting a business, you’ll ideally have identified your unique selling points (USPs for short) from the get-go and structured your product development and marketing efforts around them. If this isn’t the case for you, there’s no better time than the present to get the ball rolling – especially since your competition is no doubt already doing the same.

If you take a look at any of Kelleher International’s channels on Facebook, Instagram and X, you’ll notice that they go all in on presenting their services as serious, adult and high quality. In the vast landscape of dating services, this sets them apart from more popular choices like e.g. Tinder, Bumble and Hinge. 

All these focus on speed and ease of use for anyone, whether they’re looking for fling or an actual relationship. With this approach as the default for dating services, branding themselves as a more genuine, personalized and professional option helps. 

Kelleher International stand out – and attract those who’d rather not go through the hassle of trying to gauge the actual personality and true intentions of a Tinder match before they can feel comfortable setting up a date.

While you do of course want to have a relatively wide reach, it’s – much like in the dating world – not so much about attracting a massive number of people as it’s about attracting the right people to your business’ channels.

2. Know Your Audience

Of course, in order to do the above, you’ll have to have a fairly good grasp. On who it even is you’re trying to appeal to in the first place. As we’ve mentioned, wanting to attract a wide audience as your sole goal will most likely not cut it.

In today’s highly competitive business landscape. Instead, you’ll need to have a crystal clear picture of who’d realistically want what you’re selling to figure out. How to get their attention in the right way.

Going back to our Kelleher International example, they’re very clearly targeting ambitious, self-assured. Adult professionals and only accept a handful of clients at a time (despite receiving thousands of applications every month). For their marketing, they rely heavily on testimonials from former clients and also benefit greatly from the buzz.

Around celebrity and business moguls who are said to have used them in the past. And with a membership fee that’s by no means cheap. They very clearly know exactly which demographic they’ll find potentially successful clients in.  Most of the time, they don’t even bother with trying to attract anyone beyond that.

So, to emulate this approach, you’ll need to get as specific as possible with who your target audience is. How old are they? What do they do for a living? What are their values and interests? Which social media platforms do they use, and what kind of communication do they respond positively to on those platforms? Keep going until you know exactly what to do to get them to notice and engage positively with your channels.

3. Establish Trust And Build A Connection

Next, one you know who your target audience is and what’s going to make your product stand out to them. It’s time to start building a genuine connection.

On a more practical note, this starts by setting a posting schedule for all of your social media channels. You just have to stick to your plans. 

Of course, this requires a certain level of commitment. This is why you might benefit from hiring someone to handle your social media management (or your marketing in general).  As their sole responsibility.

While some business owners might hesitate to spend the extra money.  We can’t stress enough how much of a difference it’ll make having someone on board. A business owner who has a clear strategy and brand identity in mind. Knows what works for the demographic and is always ready to respond to comments.

By being consistent and available to engage directly with your audience, you make it easier for them to start trusting you and believing in your product. Thus, they might even start to feel more of a personal connection with you and your products. This is imperative to turn them into returning customers.

In the case of Kelleher International, they stick to posting about once a day on each of their channels. They keep the tone of their content light, professional, informative, and engaging across all platforms. Thus making sure to ask plenty of questions to encourage comments, whetting the audience’s appetite for.  As they’re offering by providing success stories, etc. 

Furthermore, they also make sure to include a small, well-selected list of relevant hashtags.  You can select images that reflect the values and desires of their target audience. Thus they include links to their website in posts to generate traffic and optimize their conversion rate.

Final Take Away 

When it comes to running your business’s social media channels. We encourage you to take a leaf out of Kelleher International’s book – by honing in on your USP. Thus getting to know your target audience, and providing them with consistency and connection. Happy posting!

Hence, if you want to grow your matchmaking business, then you should know the mentioned facts. Share your views with us. This will help us to know your take on this matter.

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