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What To Look For In A Mini Portable Projector



A mini portable projector is an image projector as a handheld device that is useful for travelers, conference rooms as well as offices. It is used to cast pictures on surfaces, and you can turn it according to the screen size you need.

They are often preferred because of their portability and convenience since you can carry them anywhere. They can also be used for fun such as painting, watching movies, gaming, decorating, art, and much more.

What to consider in a mini portable projector

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1. Size

You should consider a mini portable projector which has a smaller size for ease when carrying around. The pocket-size projector is only 60 inches meaning that they are also lightweight. Their small size makes them suitable to be put in any place. The smaller the mini portable projector is, the more brightness it has as well as the color accuracy to produce good images.

2. Installation

You can choose to get a projector that has wireless capabilities making sure that it supports a higher bandwidth. This ensures that when you are projecting your screen, you minimize the latency. Furthermore, they may allow new features to be introduced via software updates.

3. Brightness

The type of room you are in will determine the brightness since it will affect the projection. You can choose the number of lumens to work with depending on the amount of brightness in the room. When you are in a darker room 150AINS lumens will be ideal whereas if it is a bright room with windows 900 lumens will be applicable.

4. Type of battery

Mini projectors are meant to be portable thus it requires them to have a good battery capacity. It has to have a good built-in battery thus it should be able to project for a long period without requiring to be recharged.

A bigger battery in a bright projector may not last longer than a smaller battery in a lower-brightness projector. Projectors will last according to the number of hours that they are in use thus it is good to look at the quoted time when purchasing.

You should make sure to get a projector to last for more hours. A good mini portable projector should last for about six hours just like a laptop battery. You can use the power of your notebook PC through a USB-C port to recharge your mini portable projector.

5. Positioning

 A mini projector mostly supports either short throw or ultra-short throw distances. This means that when it comes to short throw distance you can position it 3 to 8 feet in order to have a full image.

On the other hand, the ultra-short throw distance can be positioned at 0 to 4 feet distance in case you are table distancing. Therefore, the positioning also depends on the room you are in. Thus when you are in an average room size the short throw is ideal.

6. Resolution

The picture quality of a projector greatly depends on the type of resolution used. The mini projector resolution can be used equally to or above 854 or 480px which allows great playback even if it is not full.

When you want to use project charts, graphs, or videos it is wise that you consider buying a mini projector that has a higher resolution. It is known that a higher resolution makes the pictures accurate as well as clear.

7. The contrast ratio

 It is advisable that you purchase a mini projector with a higher ratio of 1000:1 which is mostly considered the best. The luminosity is dependable on where it is in a dark area or a bright area on a screen. The ratio is mostly affected by factors such as ambient light and screen quality.

8. Quality of sound

Most mini portable projectors have built-in speakers meaning that you are not requiring carrying speakers. However, there is an exception to some which are a bit quieter meaning they do not have much sound.

In order to avoid any inconvenience when using a mini portable projector, you can choose one that has Bluetooth built-in which can be hooked to an external speaker.

9. Connectivity

You should consider buying a mini projector that has many connectivity options to connect to different devices or one that can connect to one source in many ways.

It should at least have HDMI OR USB connectivity available for use. You can also choose mini portable projectors with VGR, DP, or DVI depending on the number of connections you want to make.

10. Price

This depends on the type of mini portable projector to use. Those with higher quality have a higher price. Though most of the prices are affordable it all depends on your type of use. The price is considered on the pixel-dense picture quality, LED bulbs, and components or images with power.

11. Self-cooling

When it comes to mini projectors they also have issues in regards to overheating. Therefore, you should consider mini portable projectors with superheat dispersion technology and sealed chipsets. It should also be a mini portable projector that can run for many hours without burning itself.

12. Noise suppression

Most mini portable projectors do not make a lot of sounds. It is made in that it cools itself down, therefore, making it easier to operate without overheating.

In general, the minimum sound indicates that the projector used is smaller thus the amount of sound produced depends on the size of the projector making mini-portable projectors the best to use.

13. Safety

It is advisable to choose a mini portable projector that can shut its lens down automatically in case of objects get too near it. This is because LED light can easily blind someone in case they put their eye directly onto its lamps.


Therefore, mini projectors are of good quality and are very suitable to be used outdoors due to their brightness. They are suitable for a number of uses such as work or entertainment. It is advisable to use mini portable projectors for their convenience.

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