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Instagram Experiments With Nearby Feed For Stories: Takes Cues From TikTok

Instagram has taken the TikTok way this time and has experimented with its “nearby feed for stories’ feature. This feature will give the social media application a further push forward. Also, the users of this application will now easily find public content from businesses and users near them.

This nearby feed for stories feature looks very similar to “Douyin,” TikTok’s Chinese version. Douyin aims to promote local businesses. So, it helps users to find content from the local users and engage with it.

If Instagram gets to integrate this feature successfully, it will have a platform for promoting business. Marketers will be capitalizing on this platform so that they have a tangible follower base with people sincerely looking for a specific product or service in the vicinity. In addition, the platform can yield high conversions.

In this context, businesses like the local food joints, grocery stores, and companies selling essential stationery and household items will benefit the most. The nearby feed for stories will give more specific results and help users make quick decisions without getting distracted.

Instagram has not yet come up with an official statement on the test and incorporation of this new feature. However, if and when that happens, it will be an interesting upgrade for the app, consumers, and businesses using the app as a powerful marketing platform.

When this upgrade happens, Instagram will ask its users to make some adjustments to their privacy settings. This will help them to avoid making their content visible to their neighbors. 

While In-stream revenues have been one of the key points of earning moolah for TikTok, Western users have not shown keenness about buying products from the application. With the possible integration of the nearby feed feature, Instagram can surely capitalize on that marketplace, expanding the shopping options for many local consumers.  

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