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How To Open My TikTok Following Feed? – Easy Tips And Tricks

published on: 20.01.2023 last updated on: 11.03.2023

Did you know that currently, downloads on TikTok surpass over 3 billion downloads? Did you know that it’s the only app not owned by Facebook to achieve this feat? Did you know that consumer spending on TikTok surpasses over 2.5 billion dollars globally? In case you are relatively new to the platform, you might have a lot of questions. Let’s find out about how to open my TikTok following feed?

“All you need is love and TikTok.”

And one such popular question happens to be – how to open my TikTok following feed? And that my friends happen to be the topic of discussion today! So, instead of wasting time scrolling around, let’s find out how to open your following feed on this popular platform – stay tuned to find out!

The TikTok Dilemma: Answering, How To Open My TikTok Following feed!

Yes, we will answer your ‘how to open my TikTok following feed’ query! But that’s not the only thing we are here to discuss – we will tell you a little more, like

  • How do you follow someone on TikTok?
  • How do you unfollow someone on TikTok?

So without wasting any more time, let’s get started!

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How To Open My Tiktok Following Feed?

How To Open My TikTok following feed

So, you are new to TikTok, and you can’t help asking – how do I open my TikTok following feed? And yessss, we hear you! Simply follow the steps mentioned below, and soon, you will be able to open your feed on the platform in the blink of an eye! 

1. Open the TikTok app.

2. Now, navigate to your account’s profile page.

3. Once you reach your account’s profile page, you have to tap on the ‘Following’ option. The ‘Following’ option is located at the bottom of your displayed screen. 

4. Once you click on the ‘Following’ option, you will be able to view everyone you follow on the platform. 

Yes, this is so simple – now you don’t need to ask ‘how to open my TikTok following feed.’ You can just follow the instructions mentioned below and open your feed.

How Do You Follow Someone On TikTok?

How Do You Follow Someone On TikTok

Now that your ‘open my TikTok following feed’ issue has been solved, it is only normal that you are wondering how to follow someone on TikTok, and we have arrived to help you out! 

Follow the steps mentioned below and follow whoever you want to follow on the platform

1. Open the TikTok application. 

2. Now go to the search box on your feed, and type in the name of the person you want to follow. You can also just tap on the concerned username from the message or video. 

3. Once you arrive at the profile of the concerned account, you will find the ‘Follow’ button – just tap on it. 

4. Once you do so, the person you want to follow will get added to your actual ‘Following’ list!

So, you know how you follow someone on TikTok – but what about unfollowing someone on the platform? Stay tuned because we are almost about to tell you that one. 

How Do You Unfollow Someone On TikTok?

How Do You Unfollow Someone On TikTok

So, now you know how to follow on TikTok, and you also know the solution to your ‘open my TikTok following feed’ query, there can only be one question in that case. What about unfollowing someone on TikTok? Yes, coming to unfollowing on the platform, you just have to follow the steps mentioned below.

1. Open the TikTok application on your device. 

2. You will notice an icon that appears like a human accompanied by a checkmark right on top of them – tap this icon. 

3. Now you can unfollow them. 

“So you wanna make a TikTok?”

And that’s how you unfollow someone on TikTok. The platform is pretty easy to operate and even simpler to use frequently. So, don’t waste time scrolling and actually do something with this social networking site – Do you remember how Instagram used to be just before it blew up? Yes, TikTok is nearly there, and soon it might just surpass Instagram!

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Frequently Asked Questions! (FAQs):

Check out the most frequently asked questions related to the ‘open my TikTok following feed’ search query mentioned in detail below.

Q1. How Do I Open My Tiktok Following Feed?

Ans: Follow the steps mentioned below to find out how you can open the feed for your TikTok following,

• Visit your account’s profile page.
• Click on the Following option – you will find it right below your username.
• Then you will be able to view everyone you follow on the platform. 

Q2. How Do I Turn On Tiktok Tips?

Ans: Follow the steps mentioned below to find out how to turn on your TikTok tips. 

• Open the TikTok application and click on the Profile button located right at the bottom.
• Click on the ‘Menu’ button located right on top.
• First, click on ‘Creator Tools.’
• Then click on ‘Tips.’
• Now click on ‘Apply.’
• Now you will just have to follow the instructions on-screen. 

Q3. How Do I Get Better Feed On Tiktok?

Ans: The whole TikTok algorithm has a lot to do with trending sounds. So, if you actually use trending sound, you will find yourself on the pages you like – the ‘For You’ TikTok pages. You can easily browse the whole Discovery Tab or just go through your personal For You TikTok page for the best results.

Q4. What Is The Easiest Way To Grow Tiktok Followers?

Ans: Follow the tips mentioned below to grow your followers on TikTok!

• Determine your targetted audience. 
• Improve your video quality.
• Use trending audio.
• Use relevant hashtags.
• Ensure that your content actually stands out. 

And It’s A Wrap!

So your ‘open my TikTok following feed’ query has been answered in detail. You also know how to follow someone on TikTok and even how to unfollow them – what next? Don’t fall for the widely popular scrolling disorder, the major bane of social media in recent years. You know the scrolling loop we have all fallen prey to? 

“Friends, don’t let friends make TikToks alone.”

Yes, as long as you avoid that, you are set to enjoy the platform. Tell us what your thoughts are on the popularity of this social media platform – we would also love to hear about your experiences with the platform in the comments below!

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