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PDFBear Guidelines: Using The Best Online Tool to Remove Encrypted Password From Your Portable Document Format File



An Online Document Format is one of the many document formats that most individuals are accustomed to using because of the security features. You can also put an encrypted password into your PDF file to make it safer than before. However, having an encrypted password in your PDF file will consume time and effort each time you open it.

This can be a disadvantage, especially if you are handling a lot of PDF files. It is also hard to remember all of those passwords, and even if you have a list of passwords, it might accidentally mix with the other password. Hence, removing them can be a way of uncomplicating things about your daily online document activities.

If you are new to this kind of stuff, this article will be the starting point of learning how you can remove an encrypted password PDF file.

About PDFBear

If you want to remove an encrypted password in your PDF file, you will need an online converter tool to help you with your objectives. An online converter tool like PDFBear offers an Unlock Secured PDF online tool that can be used to modify and tweak your PDF file to your advantage. They are also offering other types of online tools that have different functionalities for other documents needs.

Some of the notable online tools from their platforms convert your PDF files into other types of document formats. You can also do the other way to transform your document format into a PDF file. If you are having trouble in Editing, Organizing, Optimizing, and Adding or Removing Security features, this is the platform you should visit.

Having the need to edit and modify your PDF files is unpredictable. You may need to use an online converter tool at any place or anytime, making PDFBear one of the best online converter tools because you can use any Device, Browser, and Operating System of your choice, making it possible to access any resources you have.

Removing Encrypted Password

If your PDF file has an encrypted password and you want to remove it. Visit the platform of PDFBear and find the online tool “Unlock PDF.” Once you found the online tool, you need to click on it and follow the instructions that will be seen in the upper part of the webpage. Here is an example of the instructions that may appear on their website.

  1.  The first step in removing an encrypted password in your PDF file is to transfer the PDF file from your device and into their system. If you are using a desktop, you can use the drag and drop system, where you drag your PDF file from your desktop and drop it into the allotted box.
  2. The second step is to put the encrypted password to be able to proceed to the next step. If you don’t know the PDF file’s password, it is close to impossible for you to remove the encrypted password and view the contents inside.
  3. In the third step, once you have entered the correct password for that specific PDF file, you will be able to proceed to the last step by clicking the “Unlock PDF.”
  4. The fourth and final step, Once your PDF file, is done processing. You can now download it or share it with your specific recipient. An alternative option is to save it into online storage to save up some space in your device storage.

Free to Use

PDF Tools


PDFBear has a simple and straightforward service to keep everything simple. The interface is interactive for the new user to be comfortable in browsing through their website. You can also find many online tools that have different purposes and functionality to answer your various document needs.

All of those perks that we have mentioned above are available for you to use freely. Yes! You don’t need to break your bank account to use the astonishing benefits of using PDFBear in your daily online activities. However, some online tool options have a premium service that is privileged to people who paid for subscriptions.

A paid subscription is only recommended for heavy users of their online tools. If you are new to their website, you can also use their seven-day free trial to experience their premium services firsthand.


Having your PDF file secured with an encrypted password may be advantageous if you are handling confidential information. However, accessing your PDF file every time may consume most of your time and effort, resulting in you being less productive. Removing them with the “Unlock PDF” can also be a great option to think about for your daily document activities.

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