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Enlisting the services of an SEO reseller company can bring a number of benefits to your business.

You could drive website traffic, boost product or service sales, and reach an audience that’s farther and wider than you ever expected, all while saving precious time and money for your business.

But hey, nothing’s perfect, and everything comes with a con or two. There are a few drawbacks to SEO reseller services that you should be aware of before deciding on this route for your company.

This article intends to provide a comprehensive overview of SEO resellers to give you the most detailed picture before you make your decision.

What Is Reselling SEO & Who Is SEO Reseller?

What Is Reselling SEO & Who Is SEO Reseller

First things first, what exactly are SEO reselling services? To put it plainly, an SEO reseller does the search engine optimization for your company so that you (and your staff) don’t have to.

This frees up plenty of time in your schedules to devote to other more pressing, and maybe more preferable, tasks. 

An SEO reseller operates as a “white label” agency, which means that the services will be rebranded to have your company name and logo attached to them.

Any work provided by the reseller will have no traces of that company’s name. Instead, all work will appear as if it came directly from your brand.

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What Are The Benefits Of Reselling SEO?

So why should you consider seeking assistance from an SEO reseller? There are plenty of advantages that your business and its staff will enjoy if you decide to take this route.

Through the reselling SEO services, how much can you earn? You can earn more than $5000 on a monthly basis. Apart from the money, you will get many more advantages through it.

1. Time Efficiency

Search engine optimization is essential to your brand’s survival online (and, let’s be honest: in the world at large). It’s such a critical part of your marketing strategy, and it deserves a great deal of time and effort devoted to it.

Sure, you could divvy up this work amongst your staff, but that’s only piling up on their already full plates. An SEO reseller takes that burden off of you all. 

By outsourcing your SEO needs, you free up considerable time in your day to devote to other tasks that deserve your attention.

It’s an item on your to-do list that you can check off with confidence, allowing your staff to focus on what they do best. 

Should you decide to perform SEO services in-house, you will need to allot time to train staff members.

While many folks may have a general idea of how SEO works, they don’t necessarily have the tools or knowledge to optimize a site to its fullest potential.

Training staff members on how to do this would eat up a great deal of time, time that could (and should) be spent differently.

2. Budget Friendliness

SEO reseller services aren’t just time-effective. They’re cost-effective as well. It can sound counterintuitive at first, but outsourcing your website’s SEO  will benefit your brand’s bottom line.

The operational expenses of a good marketing strategy are to add up more quickly. And this can occupy a hefty portion of your expenses. 

There are many more tools and software programs that are developed specifically for marketing purposes, and they all come with a price tag. You must prepare to fork over a good amount of money to have access to these tools.

But with an SEO reseller, that’s not necessary. The reseller will have their own access to these resources, so you don’t have to worry about acquiring them. 

And remember all that time we said it takes to train employees on new software and strategies? That time is money too.

Your staff would, of course, need to be compensated for the time they spent learning this new material. But by using an SEO reseller, you eliminate that cost entirely.

3. Higher Quality Services

Higher Quality Services

When you enlist the services of a professional SEO reseller, you get exactly that: a professional quality of care.

SEO resellers are experts in the field. They specialize in this very work and therefore have knowledge and skills that someone from a different industry simply does not. 

While you may be gifted at marketing or even pretty handy when it comes to SEO, the truth is that your greatest strength is the service your company offers.

While on the other hand, an  SEO company’s strength is, yep, SEO. That typically means it’s a higher quality of SEO than you yourself could provide. Your company’s website deserves the greatest quality SEO you can give it.

What Are The Drawbacks Of SEO Resellers?

Like we said before, nothing is perfect. There are a few obstacles you may run into when using an SEO reseller. It’s important you’re aware of these before hiring a reseller so that you’re prepared and don’t get caught off guard.

1. Surrendered Control

When you outsource a project of any kind, you no longer have complete and total control over it. This can be difficult for some folks to reconcile.

If you prefer to have absolute command of a task, you might be better off performing your own search engine optimization.

However, just be sure that you’re prepared for all the responsibilities associated with SEO. It’s a big undertaking, and there are lots of moving parts. 

It’s important to note, however, that you won’t lose control entirely. The SEO reseller will work under your guidelines and will do their best to mirror the precise standards you’ve laid out for them.

A good company will honor your brand’s unique image and preserve your brand integrity. Remember that reselling SEO services are designed to be undetectable.

Their very purpose is to create the illusion that they originated from your company, not from somewhere else. A good reseller will make your company’s SEO looks seamless.

2. Potential Mishaps

Potential Mishaps

Some could argue that outsourced SEO services leave more room for errors and things to go awry. As mentioned above, you no longer have control over every detail of the project.

It’s possible that the reseller could miss a deadline or make a mistake that you or your staff members likely would not.

Or perhaps the reseller could produce work that doesn’t align with the goals you’ve envisioned for your company. This is always a risk you take when working with a third-party agency of any kind. 

But there are ways to prevent these bumps in the road. You can ensure that you’re working with only a reputable, reliable SEO company of the highest quality.

If you use discretion and your best judgment when searching for an agency, you’ll greatly reduce the chances of a potential mishap. 

You can do this by reading online reviews and taking a look at an SEO reseller’s previous work. Ask to view samples from a reseller’s portfolio and examine how their work aligns with your brand’s vision and reputation.

You should also set up a consultation or some type of meet-and-greet session with your prospective reseller (either in-person or via phone or Internet) to get acquainted. 

This will allow you to evaluate the reseller’s professionalism and ability to represent your brand. Then you can determine if they’re trustworthy enough to take the lead on your company’s SEO needs.

The Final Decision

The fact of the matter is that this choice is entirely up to you. You know your brand’s needs better than anyone, and only you can decide if SEO reseller services are a worthy investment or if you’re better off performing these tasks on your own.

There are plenty of factors to consider, so take your time with this selection, and be sure to seek input from your staff.

Ask them for their opinions and put your heads together to determine the best course of action for your business.

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