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10 Remote Jobs That Can Make You Money

Working from home offers many benefits. You will be able to spend more time with family, which will give you a better work-life balance. You don’t have to commute to work, which will save you a lot of time. In the US, the average one-way commute time is 26 minutes. This means those who are going to their workplaces are losing about 5 hours in a week. Long commute times have been linked to stress. Of course, you will also save money if you don’t have to travel to a traditional office.

Many have realized during the Covid pandemic that working from home offers many benefits, which is why many traditional companies to are now allowing their employees to work from their places. If you are not employed in such a place, then you can look for companies that let you work remotely. You will find many remote workers needed advertisements where the businesses need both part-time and full-time workers. You can find them in offline advertisements, and also on remote job boards, and on online job search websites.

What Are The Best Jobs For Remote Work

There are indeed plenty of remote work opportunities in the USA now. Here are some of the top telecommuting jobs that can help you make money from home.

1. Sales Specialist

Sales Specialist

Payment from: From the business, usually as a percentage of the total value of the sales.

The job of a sales representative is to work closely with the customers and help them select the right services and products. First, you must identify their needs, find the right solution for them, and introduce the product or service in an attractive way. Many things can be sold from home. The average salary as a sales rep is $79,882 and the projected growth is 5%.

2. Software Developer

Payment from: The software development firm that is employing you.

A software developer can work from anywhere. You have to create and maintain programs and apps. IT was one of the first fields to embrace telecommuting or remote working. The potential looks very promising with Indeed projecting growth between 13% and 22%, which is more than most other fields. On average, a software developer earns around $110,998.

3. Designer

Payment from: A web designing or IT company.

You can work as a web designer to build websites and blogs. For this, you need to know HTML or JavaScript. The average hourly pay is $22.29. You can also work as a remote UX designer. Their job is to make a service or product accessible, usable, and enjoyable. They optimize the interaction between the solution and humans so that people like to use them. Businesses gain from sales, as a result. UX designing is projected to grow 13% by 2025. They are both highly profitable careers.

4. LinkbuilderPayment From You will be paid by the website you are marketing for

The job of a link builder is to approach various websites and blogs and ask for links that will point to the website you are working for. This is very important for Search Engine Optimization because linkbuilding helps a website achieve better ranks on Google. There are hundreds and even thousands of websites in every niche. So, just having a website is no guarantee of online success. To make sales or generate leads, a website first needs good traffic, and for this, it must get good ranks on Google. For link building, you just need a work from your home computer.

5. Coach

Payment from: Your customers, usually individuals.

You can also work as a coach from the comfort of your home. As a coach, you will be offering your knowledge and experience to your customers. It can be on anything you are good at, such as photography, painting, yoga, cooking, writing, public speaking, dog grooming, or anything else.

6. Content Creator On OnlyFans

Payment from: The OnlyFans platform, managed and enhanced by an OnlyFans talent agency.

As a content creator on OnlyFans, you can harness the power of the internet to build a personal brand and connect directly with your audience from any location. This platform requires you to produce engaging and unique content, fostering a loyal subscriber base. Partnering with an OnlyFans talent agency can further amplify your reach and earnings, as they provide expertise in marketing, branding, and strategic content creation.

The digital entertainment industry is witnessing rapid growth, with platforms like OnlyFans at the forefront. While earnings vary greatly depending on the niche and audience engagement, content creators on OnlyFans, especially those with agency support, can see substantial income, potentially exceeding averages seen in many conventional fields.

7. Financial Advisor

Payment from: The people you are advising. You can work as a financial advisor if you are an expert in the field. You can provide advice to your clients on taxes, investments, mortgages, insurance, retirement planning, and estate planning. This profession allows you to work from home and you will have flexible work hours too. In the US, a financial advisor can make $76,565 in a year.

8. Blogger

Payment from: Your earnings can come from paid advertisements on your blog or fees for writing for other blogs.

Bloggers write about topics that care about. It can be on anything. You can write about traveling, cooking, and may even run a course from your online blog. You can run your own blog or you can write for someone else and get paid for this. The US national average for blogging is $15.39 for an hour. You don’t need to rent an office space for this. Just your home office will do but you do need to be highly motivated.

9. Lawyer

Payment from: Law firms and individual clients.

If you have a legal education, then you can offer legal advice from home. You can also work as an online juror, where you will be reviewing cases before they are ready for trial.

10. Interpreter And Translator

Payment from:

If you are good at English and a second language, then you can also do remote work as a translator or interpreter. They are both very rewarding careers and they are great jobs to do from home.

There are many working-from-home positions you can consider. You can look at Flex Jobs and the job listings there. Of course, there are many other such websites as well where you can find these positions.

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