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How Mums Can Make And Save Money At Home



Mums are some of the busiest people on the planet. They often have to juggle work, taking care of their kids, and managing the household. It can be tough to find time to make and save money!

This blog post will outline four tips to help mums do just that. Keep reading for helpful advice on how to bring in more income and keep more money in your wallet!

1. Join Survey Junkie

One way that mums can make extra money is by joining Survey Junkie. This website allows users to answer surveys and earn cash for their participation.

It works like this: you sign up with your username and email address and create a password. Then you must confirm the link sent to your email address.

After these steps, the platform will offer a variety of surveys every day. You can choose when and how many surveys to complete.

It is a good option for mums, as they can’t dedicate their whole time to working. You choose your schedule and decide what surveys to answer.

You can cash out via PayPal or request a direct bank transfer once you have reached 500 points. You can also redeem them for eGift cards.

2. Start a YouTube channel about cooking/baking

Start a YouTube channel about cooking/baking

Another option for mums who want to make extra money is starting their own YouTube channel. This hustle is an excellent way to share your passion for cooking or baking with the world!

You aren’t required any fancy equipment to start a YouTube channel. A smartphone and a tripod are all you need to get started.

You need to sign up for Google Adsense to make money from your channel. This option will allow ads to be shown on your videos, and you will earn money every time someone clicks on an ad.

You can also add affiliate links to products that you use in your recipes. If someone clicks on the link and buys the product, you will earn a commission.

There are many tips to make money with a YouTube channel. So, if you’re a mum who loves to cook or bake, why not give it a try?

3. Sell your old clothes online

We all have old or even new clothes that we don’t wear anymore. Instead of letting them take up room in your wardrobe, why not sell them online?

There are a few different ways that you can do this. One way is to sell them on eBay. You can create an account and list your items for sale.

The second option is to use a website like Depop or Vinted. These websites are dedicated to selling second-hand clothes. There is also an extension that is a depop bot which can help you sell your clothes faster and easier, by automating messages, listings and more.

You can take pictures of the clothes you want to sell and list them on the website. Once someone buys an item, you will need to ship it to them.

Selling your old clothes is a great way to make some extra money. It’s also a perfect way to declutter your wardrobe!

4. Sell handmade crafts on eBay

Sell handmade crafts on eBay

Do you like to make things by hand? If so, you could sell your handmade crafts on eBay!

This gig is an excellent way to earn extra money if you’re a mum who likes to be creative. You can make anything from clothes to jewelry to home decor.

To get started, all you need is an eBay account. You can create a listing for the items and include pictures and a description.

Be sure to set a reasonable price for your item. Once it sells, you will need to ship it to the buyer.

Selling handmade crafts is a great way to make money from home. So, if you’re creative and crafty, give it a try!

Make money at home!

So, if you are looking for ways to make and save money at home, we hope that the tips in this blog post have given you some ideas.

Remember, it is essential to be creative and think outside the box when it comes to saving money – there are many opportunities out there waiting to be taken advantage of.

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