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Social Media For Business – How Design & Aesthetics Matter

published on: 31.03.2023 last updated on: 03.04.2023

Once known as the tool to simply connect yourself with others, social media has come a long way. It is now one of the biggest marketing weapons for any business. Even before the mega launch of a business, having a social media presence can help you win brownie points with your new potential customers.

Any business person trying to make a mark and create a buzz can be confused by the number of options available. Do you worry about technical optimization, or should you worry about getting the creative checklist done right?

Although keyword optimizations, technical SEO, tags, and other formulas help your audience reach, you are all right; what about retaining them? A “not so attractive” social media page can make every audience click out.

This is why you should pay enough attention to your social media aesthetics. In this excerpt below, we will discuss why social media aesthetics are important and why you should pay more attention to your designs.

 What Is Aesthetic?

 What Is Aesthetic

A definition of aesthetic concerns the bunch of principles that define the artistic movement over social media. Traditionally, the aesthetic is a synonym for something beautiful to someone’s eye. The appreciation of that beauty is also known as aesthetic.

Social media aesthetics has to deal with the idea of how your social media page will look. This has to deal with subjects like:

  • Color schemes.
  • Texts.
  • Fonts.
  • Pictures, etc.

 Why Social Media For Aesthetics?

These are some of the reasons why you should pay attention to social media aesthetics as a social media marketing tactic. This is the best practice for your business branding.

1. They Create Your Own Brand

Your branding should be a priority at all times when it comes to business, especially when you are just starting a business. A social media aesthetic for your brand should be consistent and not monotonous.

A particular color scheme, a company mascot for every post, and/or a common font for your text. This will help you create a visual brand identity. A great example of such brand identity would be the cherry red for every Coca-Cola post. Whenever you see that color, the brand will come to your mind.

2. Increases Audience Experience

Your audience shouldn’t just reach your pages organically; there should be an element of attraction that is holding their attention. High-quality pictures, well-planned posts, videos, IGTV shots, and other factors can give your audience a good experience.

Through all these social media marketing managers paying extra for infographics, one thing is certain ­_ the audience does like to browse through something pretty. Plus, they are most likely to click out of a social media page if they find it disorganized.

3. Provides Consistency

Consistency can provide credibility, which helps build trust. If your social media posts give the impression of excessive experimentation, the amateurish efforts will show. It doesn’t matter whether you are a one-year-old or a 50-year-old company; audiences are more likely to trust those who can show their expertise.

All the experimentation should be restricted to the brainstorming session. Once the post starts going up, a set pattern of design and aesthetic will give your audience something to look forward to.

4. It Can Attract High-End Influencers

High-end influencers with a good following are attracted to companies that pay attention to their aesthetics. If an influencer gets the impression of shared aesthetics, it will be easier for you to close the deal.

Influencer marketing is already skyrocketing, and statistics show influencers are helping build brand trust with the audience more than traditional advertising.

5. Sharing Will Increase

Good posts are shared more, so remember to keep your sharing button always open for your audience. It is sharing which can eventually make your posts go viral.

On social media pages like Tumbler, Facebook, and Pinterest, audiences are more likely to share a post that matches their page’s aesthetic.

How To Determine A Good Aesthetic

If you are struggling with a creativity block, here is how you can make your social media posts more creative with the help of aesthetics. Aesthetics generally follow a certain theme, pattern, color, or even elements. Here is how you can corporate this is your social media marketing venture.

1. Get A Color Coordination

Color coordination can be one solid color, different shades of the same color, or a conjunction of the opposite colors of the color wheel.

Sometimes, colors can also match the theme or message of your business model. For example, red means excitement and aggression; green means nature and minimalism.

2. Select Design, & Style

A set design and style could help you maintain the consistency of posting.

A good example of a theme would be Hollister’s summer theme, how their social media posts will always be Summer inspired and have elements of the beach aesthetic.

3. Maintain Consistency In Every Platform

One should never just concentrate on one platform if they have to reach a wider audience. Every platform has a different audience base, and your posts should cater to them, especially if there is an age dynamic that you are targeting.

Everyone born between 1990-2010 is hyped with the entire aesthetic movement in TikTok. Thus, a good design will always excite them to your post.

4. Videos & Animation

With the depilating attention span of the audience population, it is much easier to attract people with videos and interesting animations.

Therefore, pay more attention to editing and less to long texts for your social media. Texts can be used for optimization, but creativity should lie in what people see.

5. Incorporate Your Logo

Consistency is the key, and this will ensure brand identification. This is why you should have a logo.

No matter the post, the logo should be present in each one of them. A visual logo will always work as a reminder, letting your brand’s identity quite well in their memory.

Calculate Your Engagement In Terms Of Aesthetic

In order to understand the engagement rate aligned to your aesthetic and whether it is actually working, one should always calculate the results.

Go through the changing social media marketing algorithm once in a while, and always ensure that you are ensuring your efforts are bringing results.

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