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Social Media Marketing: Statistics, Trends, and Crisis Management!



Social Media is what everyone is familiar with. With its advancement and market competition, it is important to evolve in foolproof and powerful marketing tactics to get enchanting outcomes. Smart planning and strategies have their own and you should work on it rather remain on the tradition.

Lets’ start our discussion with the current social media statistics you should aware of.

Active Users:

The use of social media is increased with a rapid pace with active users of 3.2 billion worldwide. This doesn’t end here. This number is increasing and the major reason for this is mobile-friendly access. Now, what are you thinking of? You probably are thinking of how you would get an enormous outcome with social media. Opt a social media network you want to work on. The preferred one is Facebook, which is no doubt a market leader has 2.32 billion active monthly users.

With profound resources, work to gain the best possible position on this social media giant to optimize your business. Ensure to remain up-to-date with the algorithms that will align your path to reach your target market efficiently.

Time Spent Per Day:

This will provide a more precise analysis of social media users. Today, everyone is using social media and an average shows the proof of it. Almost 2 hours and 22 minutes every person spend on social media. So, get benefit from this enormous approach to attain the fruitful outcomes you are waiting for, but with the newest and long-term strategies.

Social Media Marketing:

Social Media Advertising

Here comes the thing you probably are waiting for! Get a phenomenal ride with a wave of SMM with efforts to boost your business. Social media is really a big mountain of marketing that cost-effective but tricky. Below, we will discuss those tactics that will help you to gather more outcomes to target the relevant audience. Stay connected!

Smartphones and Social Media Users:

With the increased demand for mobile-friendly features, every business is trying to deliver mobile-friendly applications to the audience. If you are a newbie in business, then you should follow this trend. Almost 91% of social media users access via mobile.

Use these statistics to plan better with long-term tactics. What’s next? Now, get ready to seek strategies and tactics for different social media marketing platforms. Below are those tactics you need.

Strategies and Tactics of SMM you should opt!

It is obvious that planning and strategy can boost your business to the top, you just have to think of the box smartly. Let’s discuss, how? For more convenience, we have split these strategies with respect to different social media platforms.



Consistency along with influences and hashtags are the things you should use clearly. To go on a better track, work on these tactics:

  • Work on the Instagram hacks that will work for your business. This will attract more customers to your product and services.
  • The next in this lineup are Instagram takeovers. This allows you to control influencers to use of the targeted audience magnificently.
  • To increase visibility, there is no better choice than hashtags. When your targeted audience is in search of hashtags, grab their concentration through a brand’s concentration. Using correct hashtags are essential to gather exceptional outcomes.

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With the introduction of more brands on this platform, it has shown significant growth. Enhance your brand’s recognition by promoting it through different blog posts. Care for below things to get proficient outcomes on this platform too.

  • Hashtags are also important on this platform. Not every hashtag is relevant to your business. Use those better suited to your business.
  • Building relationships with influencers would deliver healthier outcomes.
  • Twitter Polls is another thing you have to work on. It will help you to engage with the targeted audience.
  • Twitter contests are convenient for both new business and on-going business.

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As we discussed above, Facebook is the larger social media platform. No doubt there present several ways that will help you get endless outcomes on this platform. The best ones are:

  • Similar to other social media platforms, contests are equally important for your business. Make strategies with a profound approach as it is the easiest way to attain magnificent outcomes. Again smart thinking is what you need to work on.
  • Live streaming has become more popular and this trend is growing more with precise outcomes. Make strategies to enhance your business reputation and brand awareness with this tactic.
  • Facebook messenger bots are another thing that has a greater impact in growing any business to the local and global environment.
  • Facebook dark posts are actually paid ads that will increase the visibility of your organic posts.

Get help from above-mentioned tactics to get enchanting outcomes that you might aspect. Don’t ignore, work with focus and a proper plan. What’s next? We will discuss some tips that help you manage social media crisis effectively.

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SM Policy:

With clear guidelines, a documented social media policy is what your employees. Profound guidelines help employees to seek what they should have to post and what to avoid. By this, you will be able to diminish the crisis with improved outcomes.

Communication Plan:

Effective communication has become a need of today’s business. From grabbing customers’ intention to reducing the business crisis, it serves as a magnificent path to get expected outcomes. How will it help in crisis management? Look at below tips!

  • Start to improve the internal communication that will help you sort what actually happens.
  • Communicate on every concern from unhappy customers to causes to the crisis
  • Reduce barriers that arise in customer responses.
  • Don’t delete negative comments, but deliver what they require and ask for a positive comment. This is even better and fruitful tactic which needs an emerging communication too.

Remember! In spite of delivering some enthusiastic products and services, a quick response is what customers need from every business. Give a quick response to clients and they won’t deviate from your business. If you haven’t work on it yet, start as soon as you can.


With profound research and market statistics, you would gain the endless outcomes of social media marketing. Social media marketing requires up-to-date tactics. Facebook is the major social platform where you should work on with enchanting strategies. In this article, an up-to-date social statistics are given along with strategies regarding renowned social platforms Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Social media crisis is another thing most businesses face. To handle it effectively, make improvise social media policy with quick communication and response to clients.

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