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How To Solve Facebook Videos Not Playing Issue



Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms where millions of people post their everyday life updates. One of the best features of this platform is that there are numerous videos for people to watch. However, the issue arises when your Facebook videos are not playing. 

Just remember that your Facebook account is still able to play videos up until now. It’s always a good idea to watch Facebook videos offline rather than watching them online. 

Whether you are using Facebook from the app or on your browser, this issue is common and you must find effective ways to solve the issue at the earliest. Now, let’s proceed to learn more about the same.

How To Solve Issues When Your Facebook Videos Not Playing?

How To Solve Issues When Your Facebook Videos Not Playing

There can be various causes for Facebook videos not playing on Android, Chrome, iPhone,/iPad. When you are using Facebook and find that videos are not playing, then it can be a very bad experience that you can come across. 

So, to make your efforts easy, we have brought our top list to solve your Facebook video-related issues. 

How To Fix Facebook Videos Not Playing On The Computer?

Not only the smartphone users can come across this issue, but even computers can also face this issue at any time. Now, let’s discuss the methods to solve Facebook videos not playing on computer issues. 

  • Make sure that your internet connection is working properly. Also, ensure that your WiFi has a good speed so that you can watch videos without any disturbance. 
  • Another step to solving your Facebook video issue, make sure that you clear the cache of your browser. It is because sometimes cache slows down your system and browser, and thus, you can come across Facebook videos not playing in Chrome. 
  • Many web browsers utilize hardware acceleration to deliver you a better viewing experience. However, many times it does not work, so you need to disable your Facebook videos to fix this issue. 
  • Another factor in solving this issue is to update the browser to the latest version. If your browser’s version is outdated, then you can come across Facebook videos not playing issues. 
  • The last step to solve the same issue is to switch the browser on your computer and download and watch the videos. 

How To Fix Facebook Videos Not Playing On Android?

The steps to fix Facebook videos not playing on Android can slightly differ from the steps above. Many times Facebook videos are unable to load on your Android device, and for this, you need to perform the series of steps described below.

  • The first that you need to do if you come across this issue is that you need to exit and open the app again. This will make your device reload all your files and can fix your videos not playing on Facebook.
  • If your Facebook videos not playing on Android, then you need to clear the cache for your Facebook App. Like other apps, the Facebook app also stores cache on your device.

You need to clean these caches from time to time because it can cause various issues later on. Thus, this can also be a possible reason for Facebook videos not playing errors. 

  • If the above steps haven’t solved your problems yet then you can go for uninstalling and reinstalling the app. You can download the latest version of your Facebook app from the Google play store.
  • Another way Facebook videos not playing on Android is to log out and log in back. This small method can also do wonders for you sometimes. 
  • There might be many junk apps on your Android device, and you must be get rid of them at the earliest. The junk apps can interfere with your Facebook app and must remove them from your device because they can harm your personal data too.
  • Reset the device to factory settings. This is the final method that can work for you for your error. You can backup all your files and data and then reset the device to factory settings. 

Other Common Facebook Problems You Might Deal With 

Now that you know how to solve Facebook videos not playing, here is a list of other problems you might face.

Forgotten Password 

Issue: Password forgotten, and cannot access the account.


  1. Select “Forgot password” from the login page.
  2. Click on the link to reset the password via email/text messaging sent to you.
  3. Update your recovery options.

Account Hacked or Compromised 

Issue: Unusual movement about the account or inappropriate entry into it.

Solution: The “Secure Account” option under Settings is another extra safety precaution. Immediately change your password and check for any intrusion in connected applications.

Privacy Settings Concerns: 

Issue: Issues related to visibility or privacy concerns for undesirable views.

Solution: Periodically update settings under your profile. Personalize who sees your posts, friend requests, and other personal information.

Unable to Log Out

Issue: The person can also report the problem about difficulty logging out of the Facebook app or website.

Solution: Clean the browser cache or the associated app data. First, go to your settings menu and select security and login, then click on where you’re logged in and log out of all sessions.

Issues with News Feed or Posts: 

Issue: Failing to access posted posts, unrelated news feeds’ content, or posting problems.

Solution: Set your news feed preferences, ignore unnecessary content, and contact the help center if you encounter a problem. Verify if there are app or browser updates.

Friend Requests or Blocking Problems 

Issue: Issues with adding/removing friends and fears of blocking.

Solution: Check the friend list, change requests, and set visibility. Ensure you check the Blocking tab under Settings for any accidental blocks.

Page Management Issues 

Issue: Problems managing a Facebook Page.Solution: Ensure admin access, update page information, and file help desk on the Page Help Center. Keep checking for updates on Facebook’s business support blog daily.

Closing Thoughts 

The above listed are the best steps to follow if your Facebook videos are not playing. This issue is very common and you can come across the same on both your Android device and computer. Just perform the above steps for Facebook videos not playing issue and then list your comment below with the steps that worked for you to solve your error.

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