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Sophie Turner Comes Back To Social Media: Shares Posts About Environmental Topics



Sophie Turner is back on social media after her split from Joe Jonas. This Game of Thrones star is talking about environmental issues in her social media posts. It is something she is very passionate about.

She shared a video on Instagram. In the video, she said she was asked to discuss positive power. She has done her share of research and how she understands the impact of global warming. So, she wants to raise awareness about the topic.

The actress added that we must choose renewable energy over conventional energy resources. It is a way in which nature will provide us with power. Also, it is not just power but positive power.

Sophie Turner is a #Positivepowerpartner, and she said that with Positive Power plans, switching to different forms of renewable energy is not a challenging task. Positive Power has already helped millions of people to choose renewable energy fairly and easily.

The actress said the leaders should know how to create a future based on renewable energy. If everyone says this is the future we want for our children and grandchildren, they will be bound to listen.

This post comes from Sophie Turner two months after her last post. Turner, 34, had shared about the split from Joe Jonas in her previous post. The news of their divorce came as a surprise to their fans. However, amidst endless speculation and rumors, the couple maintained that the decision to get separated was united.

Nevertheless, her latest Instagram video on renewable energy was an urge to the decision-makers in the government. A change is only possible with them taking active initiatives. The need to switch to renewable energy has long been a matter of discussion. Sophie Turner became another prominent face to support this initiative. Let’s hope that it brings changes to a great extent.

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