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Does Tech SEO Matter In Fintech?



Despite how it may look, finance websites are usually on a smaller scale. It’s unlikely to run into an Amazon with 267,000,000 indexed web pages at this time of writing. This is why the technical aspect of search engine optimization (SEO) is less critical and needle-moving.

It’s less common for a finance website under 10,000 pages (which is already high in this space) to have complex technical issues also pop up. With this, large-scale analysis is rarely possible, either. However, although tech SEO matters less, it doesn’t mean that issues won’t occur and that we can take tech SEO for granted.

Here are ways to produce finance-focused links at scale and boost a finance website’s return on investment (ROI).

Go Local and Avoid Personal Finance Bloggers

In generating more links, manual outreach may be more effective when it comes to finance websites. Links are integral to link building, which helps build a brand’s visibility organically and, in turn, nurtures prospects.

Going for local SEO matters here. For example, if you’re in Australia, don’t seek help from American SEO services. Instead, opt for Australian-based agencies. Doing so drives specific, highly targeted search engine traffic to a finance website, which allows drawing clients who are serious about making a purchase.

Also, don’t forget to do your own research. Check out resources like the Impressive Guide to SEO for Online Success to help you out.

Another you should avoid is personal finance bloggers. They’re less likely to be receptive in this industry and will only ask for money if you pitch them. Instead, do link-building with other relevant industries that are less personal finance-focused, such as the following:

  • National and local news
  • Health, wellness, and special interest communities
  • Passive link-building through top-funnel rankings

Most remarkable content has sticky ideas, often following the “SUCCES Model.” It stands for Simple, Unexpected, Credible, Concrete, and Emotional Stories. The good thing about money is that it resonates with us. Since it’s an emotional topic, it helps create data-driven content based on one’s vertical, which can be easily pitched to news outlets.

 Impressive's Ultimate Guide to SEO for Online Success

Link value, also called “link juice” or “link equity,” is the value that’s passed from one page to another. It’s based on several factors, including HTTP status, linking page authority, topical relevance, HTTP status, and more.

The lifetime link value in FinTech is usually more than $15,000, which is the highest on the internet at a vertical level. It’s because the industry is extremely difficult to get links in, yet very valuable.

It’s also rare for finance websites to have a high number of organic links naturally due to commercial associations typically seen among brands. This is more typical in the fashion or wedding industries.

What usually happens in finance websites is that when asking for links, other parties think that it’s for generating more money from them. As a result, they reject it. It also forces content writers to be more creative and produce outstanding content.

Do Advertising

In addition to link building, brand plays are essential in brand recognition. They help drive a few organic links. They can also benefit click-through rate (CTR) and promote trust in the search results, allowing better rankings.

The problem is these brand plays are less likely done organically c FinTech SEO. Without any advertising strategy, a finance company will get nearly zero in terms of brand metrics, which eventually could lead to worse SEO performance.

On a brand marketing strategy, it’s recommended for finance companies to consider ranking for two-word finance terms that they need to be all-in. After all, running a business is all about survival of the fittest, so being competitive and lucrative through advertising helps to stay ahead of the competition.

Reduce Calculators’ Time to Value

One finance term to consider is “calculator.” Given their financial implications, calculators are among the critical and competitive parts of most FinTech firms’ websites. They’re among the highest passive link earners, especially if you do well.

Consider lowering the time to value of calculators, for example, by pre-filling data with common UX answers or guessing location via geoIP. With this, the probability of ranking well and delivering a good UX experience that can generate links will be maximized.

SEO strategy

One key to a successful SEO strategy in FinTech is generating links through the news of their funding rounds. These links are the core of link generation and the key to competitive rankings since they’re highly authoritative, making them impossible to replicate.

Take NerdWallet as an example. It’s among the well-known finance content websites online. They “IPOed,” the action of selling their shares of stock to the public first or initial public offering (IPO). Now, they benefit from their earnings releases’ recurrent news cycle coverage.

Final Thoughts

Although it’s less of a consideration, SEO still matters in FinTech. To do so, a finance firm has to invest in quality content at the page level, stay purposeful and resourceful with link generation, and rank the most competitive terms. To expedite these, it always helps to get in touch with the professionals. However, make sure to opt for fintech-specialized, SEO-focused companies.

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