Threads Does Initial Testing Of Topic Tags In Posts: It’s Like Hashtags Without Hash



Can you imagine hashtags without hashtags? Yes, Thread has made this possible. It has now come up with topic tags that will help your post to connect with other posts on the same topic.

Suppose you have posted something on Thread. You can now add an entity, subject, or discussion trend. You can further tap the hash icon. Tapping on the hash icon will allow you to tag/connect to a post via an active link. So, it will act like a hashtag, but you will not have to use real hashtags. So, things will be easier for you without having to find the right hashtags for your post.

On the use of topic tags in posts, Instagram says,

When you’re creating a Threads post, press the # button or type “#” followed by text to add a tag. When you start typing, corresponding options will appear – or you can create your own tag. Once you select the tag and post, people will be able to click into the tag to see related posts on the topic.

These topic tags are different from regular hashtags as here, as a user, you will need to share your input for each tag you use. You cannot just come up with a random post and connect it to trending tags solely on the basis of the text of the post.

To explain further, while using topic tagging, you will have to manually tag your post to link it with other posts based on the same topic. This is also a great move to limit the misuse of hashtags by spammers and scammers.

They just use trending hashtags with random topics for better visibility. With topic tags, you will be able to use only a single tag for a particular post at one time. So, it will be a more meaningful way to engage with users and people in various conversations.

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