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Meta Updates Its New Threads App, Available Only For iPhones




  • Meta’s new Twitter rivaling app Threads gets its first-ever update since launch.
  • This new update enables a lot of new features like a Followers Tab, AI-powered translations, and a lot more.
  • Meta has announced that this update is only meant for iPhone users so far. The Android update will come soon.

Meta’s new Threads app – a direct competitor to Twitter – finally received its first new Threads update since its launch earlier this month.

Since its launch, the app has been criticized by many users for lacking various features. One of its main criticisms was the lack of a Follow or Subscribe button. Since it lacked this feature, users were seeing posts on their Feed from users they were not even interested in.

Threads developer Cameron Roth finally took this criticism to heart and finally added an entirely new tab called the Follows Tab. This tab is a special feed that will only show you posts of users whom you follow. 

However, this is different from the home feed of the app, which will still show posts from users globally who you might be interested in.

Apart from some bug fixes, the Threads update has also received a new AI translation tool. Now, you will be able to understand posts that are not in your language. 

This Threads AI translation tool will allow you to translate any post you want to another language of your choice by pressing the Translate icon that comes below each post. Gis tol is the same one that’s used on Instagram.

However, even if this Threads update might take the app in the right direction, it’s still not out for Android users. Plus, the biggest concern is the fact that the app is still not out in EU countries. 

Meta has stated that this update will drive on Android devices soon and that the app will be made available in EU countries nearly next year.

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