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5 Tips to Market Your Restaurant and Attract More Dinners



Do you own a restaurant, or are you planning to open one? Then, you know how challenging it can be to attract customers in the long run. You might have done your research about the restaurant business and how tough it can be to sustain a business for a long time

With increased competition in the restaurant industry, it can be hard for you to attract diners to your restaurant. But it’s also hard to keep these diners coming back to your restaurant for more instead of going to other restaurants. 

You will find that every day, new restaurants are opening up. In a single lane, you can find more than one restaurant or cafe, and everyone is trying to beat each other in competition. In this case, do you stop yourself from opening your restaurant or strategize your business in a way that stands out? 

So, in this article, we have provided you with some marketing tips for your restaurant business. You will have a competitive edge over other restaurant owners with these tips. So, plan a bullet-proof market strategy that can target the right customers.

Create a plan that attracts diners to visit your restaurant and keep coming back to your restaurant. Wondering what are these marketing tips that can benefit your restaurant? Then, keep reading this article.

Marketing strategies for your restaurant

Marketing strategies for your restaurant

If you are looking for ways to attract more diners to your restaurant, then try these five marketing tips.

Create a brand identity for your business.

Having a brand identity is crucial for your business. And a brand identity is not just about a color scheme. A brand identity is the representation of your business’s personality. It also includes the tone you want to set for your business while also evoking emotions from your customers. You do not want the customers to feel happy just about seeing your posts or the restaurant. They should also evoke other emotions like hunger or indulgence.

Think of the olive garden food chain for a moment; it evokes the emotion of family and comfort. This is what you want the audience to think about when they hear your restaurant’s name. To do this, you have to understand your audience, their needs, and preferences. Then, you can divide them further and come up with ways to create a brand identity that is appropriate.

Create a Website

Having a website is super important for your restaurant. A website can familiarize the customers with your restaurant’s menu and the best-selling drinks and food, amongst other things. Also, it is a great way for a customer to interact with your restaurant because everyone searches about a cafe or restaurant first before going there.

If they can find the restaurant, read reviews, see the chef’s specials, and more, it will help you attract the right audience. Moreover, it allows customers to book a table only from the website. Or have an app for the same. This makes things easier for them, and they do not have to wait in a queue, which is better for your business.

Run Advertisements  

Honestly, ‘what is seen, sells.’ So, you have to ensure that you run advertisements on multiple platforms to make people aware of your restaurant business. The advertisement should convey all the necessary information and tell people what is unique about your business. You can run advertisements on Google and social media.

However, you should also target TV because there are many people who still watch TV ads and are inspired by them to buy something. A TV advert production company can help you create quality advertisements showing the essence of your business and getting people to your doors.

Have Social Media

It is so necessary that your restaurant business has social media accounts. When you add nice photos to social media and add music, hashtags, and captions, you have a chance of reaching a larger audience. Also, you can run social media advertisements only when you have social media. Moreover, it is a great place to add reviews and connect with your customers on a personal basis.

Do Influencer Marketing

Restaurant owners can collaborate with food bloggers and influencers to promote their cafes. These bloggers and influencers have a lot of followers and engagement. With their reach, you can target new customers who might believe a review from their favorite influencer more than an ad or your alluring posts.

Sponsor events or host one

Sponsoring local events, like a charity one where you provide dessert or some snacks. Hosting a food festival or event in your restaurant can help you get your business in front of people.

Strategies to Increase Your Restaurant Sales

Strategies to Increase Your Restaurant Sales

One of the main goals when you open your restaurant is to earn money. So, once you have successfully strategized your plan to attract diners to your restaurant, you must focus on increasing your restaurant’s sales.

But how do you plan this strategy to increase your sales? Here you will find some of the effective tips to increase your restaurant’s sales. 

Convert Your Customers Into Promoters For Your Business

People notice how you behave with them even before your restaurant food to gauge if they wish to stay and eat. Since you have already started attracting more diners to your restaurant with the above-listed marketing tips, now make these customers your promoters.

If your restaurant wants to spread its reputation in the community, try improving your customer service. This way, when you treat your customers with valuable recommendations and good service, they will spread the word about your restaurant in the community. 

Friends and neighbors will hear about your restaurant’s service and food and thus visit your restaurant. This will help increase not only your customers but also your sales.


One of the easiest ways to increase your restaurant sales is through upselling. Your restaurant might be doing great business, but you can still upsell your customers to make more purchases from you. Like enticing your diners with exciting menus or new desserts or drinks of the season. 

You can also offer free samples of dishes, which will make them try them and help increase their chances of ordering that certain dish. Try recommending dishes that your customers might not have tried earlier; this way, you increase your sales.

You can also recommend drinks with their choice of dishes, which will enhance their experience of the dish while increasing your sales. Your employees, especially your servers, should be skilled in how to upsell your menu to customers. This way, you can easily increase your restaurant sales.

Improving Your Table Turnover Rate

You will find that some customers take leisure time to dine. This leads to more customers waiting in line to dine. Making your customers wait too long can affect your restaurant’s sales and reputation. 

Some are there at your restaurant because they are hungry or were recommended by your customers to try your place. In this case, you can neither sit these customers at your restaurant nor ask your dining customers to leave. 

You can solve this dilemma only if you try improving your table turnover rate. This means preparing and serving your customer’s orders quickly. You can also strategically increase your table number while keeping the movement space in mind. 

Ensure that you quickly clear your tables as soon as your customers leave to help the next customers to the table. Keep your serving quick but efficient to improve your table turnover rate.


Competition is tough in the restaurant industry, and if you want to shine and stand out, you need more than just a beautiful ambiance and good food. Sure, delicious food is the key to keeping people coming back because that is the main purpose of a restaurant—to serve quality food.

However, you also need to target new customers, which you can do only via marketing. So, use the above marketing and promotional strategies to increase your restaurant’s sales.

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